Scientific: Rallus aquaticus

Cymraeg: Rhegen Y Dwr

A secretive denizen of swamps and fens, with its breeding stronghold in coastal areas. There is a marked increase in winter.

Breeding at Burry Port and present in breeding season near Trimsaran and Pontyates. Influx noted in January at Pwll, Pembrey and Tywyn Point, 1, Dinefwr, 18 February.

Present during breeding season on River Gwendraeth Fawr, near Spudder’s Bridge, Cydweli. 1, found dead, Cross Hands, January. Ones and twos, at waters near coast and on Tywi up-river to Llandeilo. Probably under-recorded, further records would be of interest.

1 Witchett Pool, 15 April – may have bred; none seen Burry Port area during breeding season. 1, Laugharne, 17 & 24 March. Late year singles at Witchett Pool, Dinefwr, Dinefwr Ponds, Dryslwyn and Morfa Cydweli.

Pair brought down 2 broods, Burry Port. 2 Tywyn Burrows, 23 February. Singles, November-December, Trelech, Llangennech, Witchett Pool, Ffrwd, Pwll, Ynys-uchaf and Tywyn Burrows. 3 at latter site, 25 December.

Present breeding seasonWitchett Pool; 1, Ashpits Pond, Burry Port, 9 April; Tywyn Burrows, 4 January; 2 Pwll, 17 February. 1 Pembrey Saltings, 10 March. Ashpits Pond, November-December singles, near Llandeilo, February; Bishop’s Pond 3 October; Dinefwr Ponds, 14; 2 Ffrwd Fen 5 October.

Singles, Witchett Pool, 15 March Porthyrhyd, Llanwrda, 16 April Pwll, 4 May, but no evidence of breeding. Several winter sightings, 3, River Gwendraeth fach, Llangyndeyrn, 17 January; 5, Ffrwd Fen, 14 February; 1 near Derwydd, November.

Bred Llanelli area. 7 caught and ringed, Llangennech reedbeds, 23 July-3 September.

Present breeding season Penclacwydd WWT, Dryslwyn and Witchett Pool. Winter sightings of up to 6 at Ffairfach, Penclacwydd, Upper Lliedi Reservoir, Ffrwd Nature Reserve, Carmarthen, Llangennech, Pembrey, Spudder’s Bridge (Near Cydweli) and Witchett Pool.

Seen during breeding seasonat Witchett Pool, near Cydweli and Bishop’s Pond. 4 seen regularly Penclacwydd WWT end September. 3, Witchett Pool, September. 3 ringed at Llangennech reedbeds.

Present during bs Witchett. Early year singles at Pentregwenlais, Gelli Aur and Spudder’s Bridge (2); 1 Ffairfach; up to 9 Penclacwydd, December.

Present during the breeding season at Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach, where a pair were seen from 23rd to 24th June and at Pentre Parr Oxbow, Ffairfach: 2 on 29th April. Also recorded at Witchett Pool and Machynys Ponds.

Records for the first winter period included Horsebox Pond, Pwll: 1 on 3rd January, Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach: 2 on 29th January and 3 on 9th February, Ffrwd Fen: 2 on 20th March and at Brynhelyg, Llangain: 1 wintering.

Records from the second winter period were at Ffairfach: 1 on 31st October, Glynea Pond, Bynea: 1 on 27th December and Cydweli Marsh: 1 wintering. Recorded in both winter periods at Penclacwydd with a maximum of eight seen in January.

Breeding was confirmed at Glynea Pond, Bynea, where a juvenile was flushed on 1st July.

In the first winter period single birds were noted at Cydweli Marsh in January/February and at Old Castle Pond on 16th February It was also recorded at Witchett Pool in January.

Records from the autumn and second winter period were at Pentre Parr Oxbow, Ffairfach: 1 on 10th October, 3 on 14th November and 1 on 9th December; Marros:1 on 15th October ; Penallt: 1 on 16th October, Machynys Ponds: 1 on16th to 17th November. Single calling birds were heard at Ffrwd Fen and Techon Marsh, Llwynhendy in November and Ashpits Pond, Burry Port and Llangennech Reedbeds in December.

Recorded in both winter periods at Penclacwydd with four recorded in February and six in March.

In the breeding season calling birds were heard or pairs were seen at Penallt, Glynea Pond, Ashpits Pond, Machynys Pond and at Ffrwd Fen where breeding was confirmed by the sight of 2 downy young chicks on 20th June.

Records outside the breeding season originated from Pontnewydd, Pentre Parr, Bishop’s Pond, Talley, Dinefwr Ponds and Ro Fawr. Concentrations noted were 4 at Ffrwd Fen on 28th November and at least 6 birds were wintering from October to December along the Tywi-side marshes from Pentre Parr to Llandeilo railway station. Numbers at Penclacwydd were lower than 1993.

Regular winter visitor at Penclacwydd with a maximum monthly count of four in December.

In the first winter period singles were noted at Dryslwyn on 24th January and 9th March, Penallt on 19th February and Talley on 24th.

Records for the second winter period were 2 at Ro Fawr, Dryslwyn on 19th November and 1 at Llandeilo on 7th December.

A minimum of 18 breeding pairs were located in a survey of south-east Carmarthenshire. See Carmarthenshire Birds 1995 pages 48 – 53.

There were singles at Llandeilo on 2nd December and Kymer’s Canal on 22nd. Monthly maximum counts of four in December at Penclacwydd and three in February at Witchett Pool.

There was 1 at Kymer’s Canal on 22nd February. Good counts at Penclacwydd with five in October and sevens in November and December.

Present in the breeding season in reed-swamp north east of Ffos-fach, Bynea.

Wintering records included 2 at Ashpits Pond on 23rd January and 6 on 4thDecember and singles at Kymer’s Canal on 16th November and 30th December. High counts in the late winter period at Penclacwydd including eight in January and nine in March.

Other records were of 2 at Old Castle Pond on 7th February, singles at Cydweli Quay on 20th September, Dryslwyn on 13th October, Pentre Parr, Ffairfach on 16th, Sandy Water Park. on 22nd, Old Castle Pond on 13th November and Ashpits Pond on 11th December and 3 at Kymer’s Canal on 5th December. Highest counts at Penclacwydd were fourteen in both November and December.

Breeding season records were of 3 calling at Witchett Pool on 5th May and of 4 calling at the Ashpits Pond on several dates.

Records for the first winter period were of 1 at Cydweli Quay on 2nd January, 2 at Banc-y-lord on 13th February, 5 at Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach on 29th and 1 at Kymer’s Canal on 5th March. In August there were single passage birds at Dinefwr Ponds on 10th and 14th. The only other record was of 1 at Pontiets on 17th October. Again high counts at Penclacwydd with the highest being 14 in January and 11 in December.

The first bird was at the millpond. Dinefwr Park on 5th January, followed the next day by 1 on the Kymer Canal. Two in February, on the 13th at the south side of Bane y Lord, and 1 at Ginst Point on 21st were the only other early year records. A calling bird was heard at Ffrwd Fen on 11th June and the last was at Ginst Point on 23rd December. Regular sightings at Penclacwydd with highs of 11 in January and 16 in December.

The usual suspects, all singles except the last: Gelli Aur on 19th January; Bishop’s Pond on 15th May and 30th September; Kidwelly on 22nd October; Millpond, Dinefwr Park on 23rd and the maximum, of 10, at Ffrwd Fen on 17th November. Penclacwydd again recording high counts over winter with 16 recorded in January, February and December, 13 in April and 14 in November.

A handsome count of 10 at Ffrwd Fen on 3rd January. Kymer’s Canal at Kidwelly could only produce a maximum of 2, on 6th January. Five singles followed; at Rhydcymerau on 19th January; in Purple Moor-grass, at Cynnant on 30th March; squealing at Dinefwr Ponds on 16th June; outside the kitchen window, during a cold snap, at Ffosddu on 24th October! and at the Gwendraeth Estuary on 3rd November. Highest counts at Penclacwydd were 15 in January, 12 in February and 18 in December.

Pwll fishing ponds March 1st and calling at Penclacwydd and Berwick Roundabout in April and Ashpits Pond in June. Co-ordinated counts at Penclacwydd produced 18 January, 15 February and 16 in November & December.

Two Ferryside March 18th and then singles at Kidwelly October 3rd, Sandy Water Park November 25th, Banc y Lord November 7th and Talley November 26th. Up to 2 at Penclacwydd January 4th-March 28th and the same from November 27th–December 18th. Impressive counts from Penclacwydd produced 19 in February and 18 December.

Most records were from Penclacwydd where 17 were reported December 15th. Regular twos and threes over winter at Witchett Pool.

Fourteen reported from 13 sites. No breeding records received. Seven recorded at Witchett Pool in February.