Scientific: Tringa erythropus

Cymraeg: Pibydd Coesgoch Mannog

A spring and autumn passage migrant to estuaries, with occasional winter records.

2 Gwendraeth estuary, 6 October

3, wintering, Laugharne, 9 January; 1, Pembrey, 4 February then none until: 1, Cydweli Quay, 4 September; 2 in partial summer plumage, Penrhyngwyn, 14 September; 8, Cefn Sidan, 1 October; 1 on 26 November; 1 on 8 December

1, Laugharne, 6 January and 24 February; Machynys, 29 August; 4, Llwchwr estuary, 5 September; up to two, Laugharne, 11 November – end December.

2, Laugharne, 20 January; Morfa Cydweli, 15 September

Singles, Machynys and Penrhyngwyn, 8-22 March; 4, Pembrey Saltings, 2nd; 2, Cydweli Quay, 27 September; 1, Ginst Point. 19 October; 3, Llansteffan, 21st, 1, 27th; 1, Machynys, 28 December.

2, Penclacwydd, 25 March, the only spring record. 1, Morfa Cydweli, 10th, 3 on 12 August. 8 September; 1 Penclacwydd, 1 September; 4, Laugharne, 28 October; single, 1 December.

Singles Ginst Point, Llansteffan, 24 January; Cydweli, 27 July, 18 September; 3, Laugharne 4 November.

2 regular, Penclacwydd, March – 7 May, by when in full breeding plumage, again 22 & 25 August 8 on 18 September 1 in December; 1 Witchett Pool, 15th; 3, Cydweli Quay, 28th, 1, 30 December.

Early year singles, Cydweli Quay, Ginst Point and Penclacwydd WWT, 6 there, 30 March and 25 April late year singles, all estuaries. 5 Penclacwydd WWT, 8 September 3 on 19 October.

1-3 recorded all months except June, maxa 5 Penclacwydd August 15 in September 6 in October, ones and twos in Carmarthen Bay estuaries.

Good showings for most of the year at Penclacwydd, twos and three most months with high counts of 11 in September and 9 in October. The only other records were; Laugharne: 1 on 17th and 2 on 18th January, Penallt, Gwendraeth Estuary: 2 on 18th January and 1 on 14th March, Loughor Bridge: 1 on 17th Mar and Morfa-uchaf, Ferryside: 3 on 6th September.

Two birds each month Jan – Apr at Penclacwydd, 1 in May, 6 in Jul and Oct, highest count was 10 in August. Away from Penclacwydd single birds were seen at four other sites: Ginst Point on 1st February; Laugharne on 26th September; Penallt on 5th December and Salmon Scar on 21st December. A poor year for birds wintering with no more than 3 staying in each winter period.

A very good year for the species at Penclacwydd with a new September peak of 28 birds on the scrapes, climbing from 5 in August with 21 still there in October, reducing to 4 in November. The only other records were singles at Llansteffan on 12th February and on the north Gwendraeth on 14th March.

Present nearly all year at Penclacwydd with highest counts of 17 in September, 14 in October and 8 in November. The only other record was of 1 at Salmon Scar on 10th December.

Recorded every month at Penclacwydd with highest counts of 26 in September and 22 in October.

Penclacwydd had records every month except June with the highest counts again in September and October with 19 and 15 respectively.

Not such a good year at Penclacwydd but still had records every month except May with the highest counts of 8 in September and October.

Records every month at Penclacwydd with 3-5 most months, highest count of 12 in September and October. Inland there was 1 at Dinefwr Ponds on 28th August.

Single on the Tâf in September, every month again at Penclacwydd with high counts of 6 in November, 7 in February and October, 10 in September and 12 in August.

High early year counts of 8 in February and March at Penclacwydd, late year counts of 5-7 September to December. Away from Penclacwydd, singles were recorded at Laugharne on 23rd September, 28th October and 17th November.

Recorded every month at Penclacwydd, generally 3 – 5 with a high of 7 in September. Away from Penclacwydd, a single at Kidwelly on 26th October.

Kidwelly 1 on 12th July. 11 at Penclacwydd on 17th September.

Up to 3 wintered at Penclacwydd between January 4th and March 26th. Singles from June 27th with a maximum of 6 October 3rd and 26th. Still 5 November 21st and 2 still present December 22nd.

At Penclacwydd regular on migration with a peak of 8 in October. One Kidwelly Quay October 6th.

Increasingly present in winter with singles at Laugharne Jan 29th and Llansteffan January 19th with up to 6 Penclacwydd January 22nd – February 15th and 4 December 26th. Small numbers of migrants thereafter in March and April and then again from August to November.

One at Penclacwydd February 1st and 4 there March 1 lth show that this species is wintering regularly within the county. Other sightings included:

Penclacwydd April 15th, St. Ishmaels June 4th, Coedbach August 27th, 3 Pwll September 1st, Kidwelly Quay September 27th, 10 Penclacwydd October 2nd and Kidwelly Quay October 12th.