Scientific: Phalacrocorax aristotelis

Cymraeg: Mulfran Werdd

Uncommon non-breeding resident usually seen in the west of the county.

Singles, Tywyn Point, 2 and 7 June. (? – unreliable)

1, Ragwen Pt, 17 February, 3 on 26 April; immature, off Penrhyngwyn, 7 September; 28 counted, Carmarthen Bay, from boat 24 June.

Singles off Cefn Padrig, 5 January; off Gilman Point. 29 March from boat, of Pendine 22 July.

Singles off Burry Port 25 November; Ragwen pt, 16 December.

3 Morfa Bychan 27 January; 2 off Telpyn Point 25 February, 1 on 12 May.

Ragwen Point: 1 on 29th February and 6th March. Telpyn Point: 1 juvenile on 20th September Pendine: 1 on 6th November. A typical set of records, all from the west.

Both records were from the west. Gilman Point: ad. on 14th February and Ragwen Point: immature on 27th December.

All records were from the west; Ragwen Point: 2 (1 adult, 1 immature) on 13th February; 2 on 18th December; Pendine: 1 on 5th March and Telpyn Point: 3 on 21st August

As usual all records were from the west of the county with 3 at Telpyn Point on 6th January and 1 on 30th. Records for Ragwen Point were 1 on 30th and 2 on 4th February.

As usual all records were from the west with singles at Telpyn Point on 28th January and 6th October, Marros on 10th November and Ragwen Point on 15th December.

There were 2 records of single birds from the west of the county at Marros on 3rd February and 7th September.

All records were from the west; with 1 at Telpyn Point on 7th January, with 4 there and 5 at Pendine on 1st November.

The only record was of an imm. off Burry Port on 31st October.

There were 2 typical records from the west with singles at both Telpyn Point and Ragwen Point on 21st February.

A single only, recorded from Ragwen Point on 19th February.

Two records, of 1 bird from Telpyn Point on 6th January and 5 from Morfa Bychan on 18th November, were the only ones received.

Single off Ragwen Point December 17th.

Telpyn Point January 25th, Pendine January 29th, Burry Port Harbour March 12th, Towyn Bach August 4th and Salmon Scar December 17th.