Scientific: Aythya marila

Cymraeg: Hwyaden Benddu

An uncommon but regular winter visitor along the coast with occasional inland records

1 female, Witchett, January.

Male, Witchett Pool, 23 January – 19 February, 4 there, 20 Nov; 5 (2 males) Machynys, and 1 male, Upper Lliedi Reservoir, 15 November; 3, Tywi est., 22 November.

Male, Witchett Pool, 22 April, female, Lliedi Reservoir 17 November; male, Talley, 27 December.

Large increase, 32 off Penrhyngwyn, 3 February, 20 on 6th, 13 on 22 March; 2, Ginst Point, 24 February, 3 on 8 December; female, Upper Lliedi Reservoir, 11 August; Talley, 14 September.

27, Witchett Pool, 18 January; 29 off Telpyn Point., 2 February 16, off Burry Port Harbour, 10 March; 1, Gwendraeth estuary 16 March.

Female, Lliedi Reservoir, 18 January & 15 February; Raft of 35, off Burry Port, 15th, 22 on 19 February, 5 (2 male), 20 March. Male off Cefn Sidan, 15 June, an unusual date. 1, off Ginst Point., ; Witchett Pool, 8th; 17, off Cefn Sidan, 29 November. Inland, female, Blaen Wysg Reservoir (joint county), 13 September.

Female, Talley, 5 January-19 February; rafts of 30 off Burry Port, 2 February: 35, Tâf est 14 September; 14, off Cefn Sidan, 13 November, 19, 14 December. Single male, Cydweli 18 September; Witchett, November; female Llyn Pencarreg, 9 November, 4 on 15 November, male, December; male, River Tywi, Dryslwyn, 23 November.

c20, 1st, c10, off Cefn Sidan, 2 January. Singles, January/February at Llyn Pencarreg, Witchett Pool and River Tywi, Dryslwyn. 6, Burry Inlet, 23 November; duck, Penclacwydd, November, 2, 7 December; drake, off Tywyn Point, December.

Single female off Penclacwydd WWT, January-March, again off Telpyn Point, 15th; 2, Sandy Water Park, 25 October; 8, Witchett Pool, 13 November rising to 14 in December.

88 off Ragwen Point 11 February was the highest number ever seen in the county, previously c50 Witchett, 13 January 1974. 22 Witchett 7th; 6 off Morfa Bychan 27 January; female Penclacwydd all March, 2 on 9 September present at Witchett from 16 oct to end December with maximum 14, 4 November.

The first were 2 at Witchett Pool on 13th Jan, with 11 off Penclacwydd the following day. At Machynys Pond in February, a male was present on 9th, with a pair there on 22nd A male was present at the Upper Lliedi Reservoir at least from 23rd to 29th February. Four were in very rough surf along with Common Scoters at Cefn Sidan on 21st March ; then in April a male moved between Penclacwydd, Old Castle Pond and Machynys Pond from the 10th to 22nd.

Late year records were 3 at Witchett Pool on 19th October, 4 on 25th November and 3 on 9th December. There was also a male at Loughor Bridge on 2nd December and4 female s off Llansteffan on 13th December.

A poor year for the species with only five individuals involved. The first record at Witchett Pool was of 2 birds on the 4th January. A male was off Penclacwydd from 1st to 6th March. A female at Penrhyngwyn Pond on 24th December was joined by another on the 27th.

A string of sightings of single birds occurred in the first half of the year starting with female s (possibly the same individual) at Cefn Padrig and Lower Dafen River both on 5th January; and Neville’s Dock on 8th January. In March individuals were seen at Llansteffan on 5th and Penrhyngwyn on 17th. The peak count was also that month at Burry Port when 24 were recorded on 19th. In April 2 males were at Penclacwydd on the 8th and the last spring record was of a single bird off Cefn Sidan on the 27th May.

The second half of the year saw only one record of 3 birds (1 male, 2 females) at Llansteffan on the 3rd December.

In the first winter period, records from Pendine were 5 males on 8th January and 1 male on 26th February. All the other records were of birds on the Burry Estuary off Penclacwydd : 2 on 25th February and 3 on 14th March. These were followed by a female on 15th June, a male on 7th October and 2 males and a female on 31st December.

Records for the first winter period were: 6 at Pendine on 11th February; a female at Cefn Padrig from 27th February – 3rd March and 35 at Burry Port on 2nd March.

Records for the second winter were: a male at Cydweli Quay on 14th December and 9 (5males, 4 females) at Usk Reservoir on 28th December .

The only record was of 12 (1 male, 11 females) off Penclacwydd on 23rd January.

All records were from Penclacwydd, with 4 on 1st January, 1 on 16th and 15 on 5th February.

Records for the first winter period were of 2 fems. at Marros on 7th February, 3 fems. at Morfa Bychan on 7th March, a male at Penclacwydd from 8th – 24th March, together with 7 fems. on 23rd. In the second winter period there were singles at Penclacwydd on 19th October and Machynys on 22nd-23rd, 3 at Ashpits Pond on 17th November, with 4 there from 27th – 11th December. Other records included 3 at Pendine on 12th December, 5 at the Power Station Pond, Burry Port on 24th and 5 at Cydweli Quay on 29th.

In the first winter period there were 9 off Penclacwydd on 1st January, with 17 there on 2nd. On the Gwendraeth Estuary there were 6 at Cydweli Quay on 1st January, 9 at Salmon Scar on 2nd and 16th with 6 on 13th February and 9 at St. Ishmael on 5th March. At the Ashpits Pond, there was 1 on 23rd January and 5 on 25th February. Elsewhere, there were 8 at Cefn Padrig on 15th February and 5 off Pendine on 21st. The only other records were of singles at Penclacwydd on 29th August and the Ashpits Pond on 19th and 29th September.

Penclacwydd highest count was 7 in May. 1 female was at Ginst Point on 1st January: 1 male and 2 females at Telpyn Point on 3rd January and 1 female on Penrhyngwyn Pond on 3rd November.

19 at Cefn Sidan on 10th January; a pair at Sandy Water Park on 9th February and a female at Llyn Pencarreg on 27th December. Present at Penclacwydd Jan-Mar, high of 4 in February.

Llyn Pencarreg had a an immature drake and a duck from the beginning of the year until 9th January, the duck remaining until at least 1st February. The only other site where the species was noted was Penclacwydd, when on 1st December 5 were on the Estuary.

Single May 4th and then 2 females Penclacwydd estuary October 20th and a single there November 7th. Two females at the breakwater November 13th and 13 including 2 males Penclacwydd estuary November 23rd.

Two at Penclacwydd Jan 1st, 5 there January 17th and a single March 31st. A drake at Talley Lakes February 6th – April 2nd a pair Llanelli beach May 7th.

Four (2 males, 2 females) Telpyn Point December 19th.

Female Salmon Scar Point March 7th. Male Llanelli Beach September 27th, Cefn Padrig September 30th — October 6th and a female there November 11th.