Scientific: Anthus petrosus

Cymraeg: Corhedydd Y Graig/gors

A resident breeder, nesting along the coast in both natural and man-made sites.

A few pairs on rocky parts of coast.

2 pairs, Wharley Point – Craigddu, 16 April: 1, Laugharne, 14 January.

Territorial pair, Marros, 26 May; 2, Burry Port Harbour, 17 October. Two there, 25 August were Water Pipits.

5, Ragwen Pt, 5 January. Family party, Pendine, 29 August regular Burry Port, autumn, maximum 6 on 8 October.

Singles, Pembrey, Burry Port and Cefn Sidan Sands, Feb-April Breeding pairs, Dolwen Pt and Salmon Scar Point; 1, Scott`s Bay, Llansteffan, 31 December; 2, Banc y Lord, 28 March were Water Pipits.

3 pairs, Salmon Scar Point/Ferryside, 22 April. 1, Pembrey Harbour, 23 January; Burry Port, 15 August, 2, 27 October.

1 in a boggy field near Llandovery, 20 October. 3 pairs, Pendine area, April, seen Cydweli-Wharley Point.

Nested Burry Port Harbour and probably at Cydweli Quay and at St.Ishmael. 3 pairs Amroth/Telpyn Point, 6 June.

Singles, Banc y Lord, 17th; Penclacwydd WWT, 23rd, 2 on 29th, 3 on 30th; 2 Penallt, Cydweli, 25th, 5 on 26 March. Single, Banc y Lord, 3rd and 7 November.

Pair with young Wharley Point 15 July; 17 Morfa Cydweli 3 March.

The only breeding season records received were from Pembrey Harbour on 9th May and Wharley Point, Llansteffan on 21st May.

The only other records received were of 2 at Scott’s Bay, Llansteffan on 25th February and 1 at the Sandy Water Park on 16th October

Few records submitted, but included 1 on 14th January and 3 on 12th March at Penclacwydd, up to 2 birds regularly at Scott’s Bay, Llansteffan “in early part of year”, 1 at Cydweli Quay on 30th November and 8 at Morfa-uchaf, Ferryside on 15th December. A pair had a nest at Wharley Point, Llansteffan on 7th May. It would be useful to have a breeding season census of this species.

A pair bred on the cliffs west of Llansteffan Castle and a pair were at Cefn Padrig all summer and probably bred. Another pair were present at St Ishmael on 10th April. Singles were seen at Laugharne on 8th January and 23rd December.

Systematic breeding season counts were: 9 pairs from Amroth to Marros; 2 pairs at Ragwen Point; 5 pairs from Wharley Point to Craig Ddu; an individual holding territory at Ferryside and single pairs at Pembrey Harbour, Burry Port Harbour and Cefn Padrig.

There were 7 territories between Wharley Point and Llansteffan on 1st March. Elsewhere pairs bred at Pembrey Harbour (2), Burry Port Harbour (2) and Cefn Padrig.

Two pairs were seen feeding young at Telpyn Point on 28th June.

At least 4 breeding pairs were counted at Burry Port harbour with 1 or 2 pairs at Pembrey and a pair at Cefn Padrig. A group of 6 was noted at Telpyn Point on 1st November.

A pair at Ragwen Point on 5th August were feeding recently-fledged young.

There were 5 at Burry Port Harbour on 21st August.

2 at Kidwelly on 22nd March; ‘…several…’ pair south of Laques Fawr on 8th May.

A singing bird heard at Burry Port Harbour on 21st May. 3 at Kidwelly on 5th November and 2 at Pembrey Old Harbour on 30th December.

Noted at Burry Port and Kidwelly in September One singing Llanelli Beach May 1st.

15 Telpyn Point and 2 each at Kidwelly Quay and Salmon Scar January 10th, then singles Afon Lliedi February 1st, Kidwelly Quay February 7th, Pembrey Old Harbour August 19th and Afon Lliedi again November 26th. Three pairs on territory at Telpyn Point May 15th.

Reported from 8 potential breeding sites with nesting confirmed at one.

All records from coastal breeding areas.