Scientific: Larus delawarensis

Cymraeg: Gwylan Fodrwybig

Adult, Burry Port Harbour, 20 February, first record for the County.

1, 2nd winter plumage, Cefn Sidan Sands, 8 July. Second record for county. Record circulating BBRC.

Singles, 2nd winter, Cefn Sidan 2nd; Sandy Water Park, 17 March. Subject to acceptance to WRAG.

Sandy Water Park, Llanelli: adult on 1st to 2nd January, presumed same 22nd to 26th February and 2nd March, possibly same on 17th October. Adult-summer on 14th April. North Dock, Llanelli: 2 adults-summer on 17th April. At least three individuals in the best ever year for the species. There had been four previous records, all since 1986.

An adult was seen on a flooded field alongside the A40 west of Carmarthen on 10th February. Last recorded in 1992.

A good year for this species, with a 1st winter/summer at Sandy Water Park, Llanelli on 4th May. This was followed by a 1st summer bird at Penclacwydd on 15th, 19th and 27th -28th June and also at Sandy Water Park, Llanelli. On 30th June – 1st July; with a different 1st summer individual at Penclacwydd on 17th June.

A 2nd winter was at Sandy Water Park, Llanelli from 26th December – 13th January 1996.

A 2nd winter first seen at Sandy Water Park on 26th December 1995 was seen intermittently to 24th February.