Scientific: Lagopus lagopus

Cymraeg: Grugiar

A much declined resident breeder confined to a few upland heather moors.

Only 1 record received, 2, near Rhandirmwyn, 12 December..

1 pair nested near Rhandirmwyn, flock of 12 early September quickly decreased to 2-3, whether due to dispersal or predation, is not known. A few present, Mynydd Llanllwni – Llanfihangel Rhosycorn, autumn. Party of 5, Mynydd Du, 11 December.

A few present, Mynydd Llanllwni – Llanfihangle Rhosycorn, autumn; 3, Mynydd Mallaen, 24 January; 3 near Rhandirmwyn, 11 February.

Very scarce, 2 Mynydd Mallaen 12 January; 2 Rhandirmwyn area, February 1 in April September & December. “Peregrinated” remains found on moorland in June. No young seen; 2 Mynydd Llanybydder, 12 October.

Evidence of fresh droppings indicated small numbers present on Mynydd Du, 5 April; Mynydd Llanllwni, 16 May and 2 June Party of 6 Mynydd Mallaen, 11 July; three records of 2 birds, two of 1, near Rhandirmwyn, May-November.

Ones and twos seen in two areas also a covey of 24 on another upland moor in early October

Small numbers on two northern moorlands. Unusual sighting, of one bird beside a dual-carriage road, near Dafen, 6 March.

Two sightings involving small numbers, in North Carmarthenshire.

c30 on a northern moor, 7 August Single records of 2-3 birds at two other localities.

1 shot, Mynydd Du, August is the only record.

There were records from three upland sites. Site A: 6 on 28th September and 2 on 30th December; Site B: 1 on 25th May. Site C: 2 on 10th February .

A single bird was heard calling at an upland site in late June.

There were records from Site A: 1 on 8th May. Site B: at least 4 were flushed by dogs in May/June.

There were 3 sightings of single birds atone upland site.

Only record was of fresh pluckings of this species (the work of a Peregrine) at Garreg Lwyd on 13th April.

Fresh droppings were reported from ‘above Clogau Mawr’ in early October. This provides the slimmest evidence that the species is maintaining its tenuous foothold in the county.

Seen regularly in October and early November from two sites at which there were 5 at one October 12th.

Pairs seen at 2 sites on March 24th and a single at another May 2nd.

Reported from one mountain site December 28th.

Two at one upland site August 28th and another there November 1st. It is heartening that we still appear to have a very small population of this uniquely British species in the county.