Scientific: Corvus corax

Cymraeg: Cigfran

A widespread, online if localised resident breeder; commoner in the uplands of the north and east.

5 breeding pairs known in Llangennech-Pembrey belt. A “tame” individual, Cross Hands, 22-27 November.

Flock of 21, Mynydd Isaf, Near Glanaman, 30 December.

30+ at rubbish tip near Ammanford, 29 February c60, post Christmas, feeding, 31 December.

Nest in a quarry near Drefach, held eggs 28 February.

20, Mynydd Mallaen, 6 September; 35+, feeding, Llandyfran Rubbish Tip, Llandybie, 11 December.

c40, Mynydd Du, 7 May.

32 Ragwen Pt, 25 February.

Two pairs bred on the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve, but only 1 was successful rearing 3 young. Ten breeding pairs were counted during the Mynydd Du Survey, 5 on crags, the rest on trees. Most were in the Carmarthenshire part of Mynydd Du.
A group of 22 were seen at Blaenau, near Llandybie on 11th October.

Pairs bred at Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve, Cwm Pedol, Cynghordy (2 pairs) and on `The Graig’, Pwll.

A scattering of other records, but 22 on the Tair Carn Ridge, Mynydd Du on 24th August and 20 near Llyn y Fan Fach on 3rd September are noteworthy.

Noteworthy counts were 20 at Dryslwyn on 14th April, 12 over Mynydd Duon 14th September and 48 on the Tair Carn Ridge (Mynydd Du) on 26th September. Bred near Salem, where a young bird with an adult was seen in June.

Three pairs were resident on the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve. Over 40 were at a dump of sheep carcasses at Esgairdawe on 7th March.

Four pairs bred on Mynydd Du. A flock of 24 was at Foel Fawr on 29th August.

A group of 14 was noted at Garreg Lwyd on 9th April and 19 at Tair Carn Ridge on 10th August.

Two pairs bred at Gwenffrwd. Notable gatherings on Mynydd Du were of 62 at Craig-y-sawrwg on 7th Augustand 24 at Garreg Lwyd on 5th September.

A large gathering of 62 at Carn Goch on 24th January. Nests with young were found at Llanwrda in a pine tree on 26th May, Stradey Woods and Maesdulais Quarry, Drefach on 7th and 18th May respectively.

A pair bred at Crwbin raising 3 young. Notable flocks were of 35 at Garreg Lwyd and 17 feeding on a sheep carcass on the Mynydd Du mountain road, both on 28th August, 15 at Cwmllwyd, Gwynfe on 25th October and 25 at Waunlwydfach 9th November.

Regular sightings at Penclacwydd with 5 in August and 4 in December, 3 seen Upper Loughor in May.

The 12th January found 11 ‘…thermalling with Lesser-black Backed Gulls…’ at Pwllau, Taliaris. A nest with young was located at Maesdulais quarry, Drefach on 24th April. Highest number observed was a remarkable 70+ at Craig Sawrwg, Mynydd Du, on 3rd September. Breeding was proved at Carnfadog and Llangynog quarries. Two counts, of 30 and 32 respectively, came from Garreg Lwyd on 16th August and Tair Carn Ridge on 18th September. 13 were over Beili-bedw, Llanddeusant on 5th September. Highest count at Penclacwydd was 4 in April.

40 at Llanllwni on 31st March. A pair at nest, Dinas on 29th May. 25, Blaenllynfell, Mynydd Du on 12th July. 5 near Cam Pen-y-clogau on 18th October and 4, Brest Cwm Llwyd on 22nd. Penclacwydd regular sightings with highs of 5 in March and 4 in November.

Pairs bred: Camfadog Quarry, Mynydd Du; Gain Bica Quarry, Drefach – 3 young fledged: Llangynog Quarry – 5 young fledged, and Craig Carreg Cennen.

Seven breeding pairs reported. A gathering of 28 Garreg Lwyd in August.

Eight breeding pairs reported. At Mynydd Du 25 were together August 20th & September 17th.

A late summer gathering of 20 at Garreg Lwyd August 29th. Four records of breeding pairs received.

Only three breeding sites reported but there must be many more. Gatherings of 38 Garreg Lwyd July 7 and 20 Llyn y Fan Fawr August 17th.