Scientific: Pandion haliaetus

Cymraeg: Gwalch Y Pysgod

A scarce spring and autumn passage migrant with occasional mid-summer records.

1, flying up Tywi, Rhandirmywn, 30 March.

1, Mynydd y Garreg, 26 August.

Singles, River Cywyn, near Meidrim, 4 April; Rhandirmwyn, flying North, 21 April; Witchett Pool, seen to catch a large Grass Carp, then harried by the resident Marsh Harrier as it flew towards the Tâf estuary, 15 August; 2 Laugharne Burrows/Tâf estuary, early September.

Singles, Lliedi Reservoir 6-10 April took 2 trout per day; Brianne Reservoir (Joint County) present 16 June – 8 August.

Singles passed through Upper Lliedi Reservoir, early April; Morfa Coedbach, flew up Gwendraeth Fawr Valley, 16 April; Rhandirmwyn, 4 May.

Singles, Witchett Pool, 24 April; Danffosgaer Fish Pond, Pont ar Sais, 30 July; Burry Inlet, Burry Port, seen to catch fish, then flew over to North Gower, 30 August.

Singles, Llanddarog, 2 April; Talley, late April; Witchett Pool/Ginst Point, 3 and 7 May, 28 June and 3 July; Gelli Aur, 15 July and possibly same individual in the afternoon, River Gwendraeth Fach, Llandyfaelog.

Singles Morfa Cydweli 10th; Cefn Sidan 13th; Loughor Bridge 21 April; Lower Lliedi Reservoir 6 May. On return passage, Tywyn Point 12 July; Witchett Pool, Talley and Johnstown, August; River Tywi above Ffairfach 14 September.

There were three records: Llangennech: 1 on 23rd June, presumably the bird seen at Penclacwydd.; Penclacwydd : 1 from 23rd June to 10th July, Llwyndrissi Trout Fisheries, Alltwalis: 1 in mid-summer. Recorded annually since 1990.

There were two records. There was one at Llwyndrissi Trout Fisheries, Alltwalis in April, the second successive year that one has been noted here. The second bird was noted on the Gwendraeth Estuary on 9th May.

There were five records (2 in 1994), probably of just 3 birds. The first was at Penclacwydd on 1st September, with 1 at Usk. Reservoir on 2nd September. A bird seen at Coch y Barlys, Llangain on 5th September was presumably the same as that seen at Scott’s Bay, Llansteffan on the same date and again two days later.

A bird passed through Dinas Reserve on 22nd Apr being followed by two others at Penclacwydd on 3rd June and 28th July.

Singles were at Llandeilo on 27th Mar, Pendine on 7th May, Danfforddgaer Trout Pool from 17th – 20th June and at Cydweli Marsh from 3rd – 7th September.

The only record was of 1 at Llandovery on 27th April.

There were a total of 3 spring records in May, singles at Usk Reservoir on the 1st, over Parc Howard, Llanelli on 9th and Penclacwydd on 27th.

Autumn records of returning birds were of singles at Ynys-y-borde near Llandovery on 3rd September, Taliaris on 8th, Croesyceilog on 29th and 1 Cydweli Marsh on 3rd – 4th October.

There were two spring records – one at Mynydd Llansadwrn on 18th April and one at Blotwedd, Mynydd Llanllwni on an unspecified date. The first autumn record was one on 5th September on the River Tywi with one at Taliaris on 21st September. There was then a cluster of records in early October with two at Witchett Pool on 2nd, one at Ty Gwyn, Ffairfach on 3rd and one at Ty Mawr Fish Ponds, Capel Iago on the 4th and 5th.

There was one spring record of 1 at Dinefwr Ponds on 9th April and 3 autumn records of singles at Burry Port on 29th September, Witchett Pool on 1st October and Tygwyn, Ffairfach on 3rd.

There was only one record: 1 at Cynghordy Post Office on 10th May.

Four records of probably just one bird: Penclacwydd and Penrhyngwyn on 28th August, a bird staying at Penclacwydd until 31st and 1 south of Trostre Works on 1st September.

A bird carrying a fish, past Wharlev Point towards Laugharne, watched on 28th August. At 10.35 on the 8th September at Kidwelly Quay a large commotion in the estuary — every bird in flight inc. Herons. I scanned br a couple of minutes looking [or kestrel. peregrine falcon. I noticed one of the few crows dipping down to a large bird in characteristic fashion — OSPREY! It languidly made it’s way up the Gwendraeth it saw me and flew east to Commissioners’ Bridge disappearing over sewage farm conifers. This verbatim description from Neil Lewis clearly showing his surprise, delight and abandonment of the rigours of the written word are one of the things that make this report this worth writing. One in the same tree as a Kite and a Cormorant, eventually attacked by the Kite, was seen to fly from Cilsan towards Drysiwyn, on 20th September. At Penclacwydd individuals noted on 29th/30th September and 11th October.

A very late bird being chased by a Raven Pentre Davis November 29th.

Five reported: Machynys May 1st, flying west over Forge Quarry, Cynwyl Elfed May 3rd, Upper Lliedi Reservoir May 14th, Usk Reservoir May 26th & September 7th and Carmarthen May 30th.

Banc y Lord September 13th.

Ffarmers April 16th, Penclacwydd August 31st, over Pembrey Country Park September 3rd and Newcastle Emlyn September 30th.