Scientific: Puffinus puffinus

Cymraeg: Aderyn-Drycin Manaw

Common summer visitor to Carmarthen Bay, mostly May – October. Storm blown individuals occur inland.

Single juvenile. recovered following September gales, at Llandovery, Cilycwm, Caeo amd St. Clears.

Single storm blown juveniles, found Cefn Sidan and Cydweli 3 & 5 September, were nursed and later released.

15, of Pendine, 12 August 11 on 19 August.

Frequent off Ginst Point, May-July. Heavy continuous passage off Tywyn Point, 10 June.

Small numbers seen from boat off Pendine Sands 22 July; 3 off Cefn Sidan, 20 August 2 wind-blown imatures found alive, inland, Llandeilo, 3rd Rhandirmwyn 4 September later released Llyn Brianne; 1 found dead Cefn Sidan Sands, 4 August.

Regularly seen off Cefn Sidan Sands, May/August up to 1000, 26 July, c300, 15 August. Storm-blown individuals found Bancyfelin, 5th and Llandovery, 9 September were released respectively at Aberarth and Llyn Brianne, the latter after being ringed. Following the high winds of 12 September a further 6 were recovered in the Carmarthen/Llandeilo area and released at Burry Port and Llansteffan. 1 off Cefn Sidan, 15 August was identified as being of the West Mediterranean, Balearic race, ssp. mauritanicus , the first for the county.

Flocks fishing offshore Cefn Sidan, July-September, c200, 2nd, many hundreds 28 August. Storm-blown juvs found inland Carmarthen, Llangadog, Llandovery, Cwmann, Felinfach, Llandeilo and Trapp 2-14 September.

Regular May-August off Cefn Sidan, 17 on 3 May. Storm-blown individuals found 30 August – 3 September Cynwyl Elfed, Carmarthen and Trimsaran. Single off Penclacwydd, 1 September; Llandovery 26 October, released on Llyn Brianne.

Up to 50 regularly off-shore Cefn Sidan and Pendine Beach, May-September Juvenile picked up alive, near Trimsaran 30 August.

First off Cefn Sidan, 24 April, then fairly regular in small numbers; several off Burry Port, after gales 22 August.

Good numbers noted off Cefn Sidan: 834 flying east on 14th May, 280 flying west in 1 hr. on 15th. 2920 moving west in 1.5 hrs. on 16th and 1021 in 1.5 hrs. on 29th June. Burry Port: 35 on 11th July.

About 10 juveniles were brought in to Penclacwydd in August/September after persistent but not particularly strong south west winds. These included a group of 3 from Llandovery, with others from Brechfa and between Cydweli and Bynea. Singles picked up at Carmarthen on 3rd September and Pencader on 4th were taken to New Quay Bird Hospital and released at Aberarth, Cardiganshire.

Small numbers noted off Cefn Sidan from late May, but the first notable count there was not until 18th July when 58 passed in 15 mins. Numbers peaked in August with 3600 on 1st and 1500 east in 1 hour on 17th. The last record was of 1 on 19th September.

The first record of the year was of 30 at Cefn Sidan on 23rd April. Counts at this site were lower than in recent years with maxima of only 22 on 23rd May and 25 on 24th July. The highest count of the year were the 129 seen from a boat in Carmarthen Bay on 21st August.

In September single wrecked birds were juveniles at Furnace on 4th and near Capel Isaac on 13th. and 1 at Sandy Water Park 28th, with 1 freshly dead on road in Pontyates on 11th.

The first spring record was of 3 at Cefn Sidan on 17th April. Numbers at this site were lower than normal with the only significant count being of 21 on 1st May.

No large concentrations were noted, the only count received was of 11 seen from a boat in Carmarthen Bay on 1st September.

The first spring record was of 2 off Cefn Sidan on 22nd April. The best counts from Cefn Sidan were of 300 flying east in 15 mins. on 19th July, 1500 flying east in 1hr. 45 mins. on 20th and of 200 offshore on 5th August. Between 6th and 10th September 8 wrecked birds were brought into Penclacwydd, 7 of which were released successfully.

The only records were from Cefn Sidan with 58 on 9th July and 150 on 30th.

The only records were: from Cefn Sidan – 800 flying east 6.45-6.55am on 29th May, 350 on 28th July and 200 on 8th August and Telpyn Point – 27 on 16th July.

One picked up at Cynghordy on 2nd September was released at Ginst Point on 3rd.

12 were seen at Telpyn Point on 21st June. An unusual record concerned 1 picked up dead at Broad Oak on 16th September.

In spring, 2 noted at Cefn Sidan on 28th April. Autumn produced a number of inland sightings, one apparently even managing to find its way through the catflap of a house in Llandeilo in the first week of September. Single birds turned up at Llandovery twice and Cynghordy once in early September. One of these was later released at Pendine. Lastly, a wanderer found a mere 60 metres from the middle of Llangadog at 9pm on 10th September was taken to Penclawdd, Gower and let go there the same day.

Two Cefn Sidan April 8th and 50 Pembrey Country Park August 19th.

The largest offshore count was 3,000 Cefn Sidan August 9th. Storm driven individuals were rescued at Llandeilo, Carmarthen, Llanarthne, Llandovery, Llanboidy, Llanelli and Kidwelly after September storms.

250 offshore Cefn Sidan May 1st and c600 there June 4th. One grounded at Llandeilo September 16th was taken into care and later released on the coast.