Scientific: Athene noctua

Cymraeg: Tylluan Fach

Very local breeding resident with most records emanating from the coast and Tywi Valley.

Pair reared 2 in a factory roof, Bynea, pair present Burry Port. Singles at Talley, 25 January; Burry Port, 3 November, and Abergorlech, 4 December.

No breeding records. 6 winter records from the coastal strip, Llansteffan – Bynea, also 1, Mynydd Sylen, 13 February.

Bred Mynydd Sylen and near Bynea, present near Pontargothi, April-May singles, Pembrey, 19 January & 29 September; Llansteffan, 29 February near Rhandirmwyn, 26 September. Birds found injured near Llanfynydd, 11 Jan.

Bred Burry Port, present in breeding season, Trostre/Llwynhendy locality. 1, Llanegwad, 19 May. 1, Mynydd Sylen, 16 June.

Probably numbers increasing in its South-east base, and expanding into the Tywi valley. 4 individuals calling at dusk, near Llannon, 20 March; pair bred, Llanegwad; regular all months, near Llandovery; 1, Abergorlech, 10 March. Other sightings at Bynea, Machynys, Pwll, Burry Port, Pembrey and Mynydd Sylen.

Nested, Dryslwyn; present b.s., near Cydweli, Llanegwad/Pontargothi where 1 found dead 23 April. 2, Pembrey Airfield, 24 January. Singles, Morfa Coedbach, 15 March; Castle Woods, Llandeilo, 20 November.

Local but probably increasing in the Tywi valley where up to 5 pairs present in Dryslwyn area. 1, Llandovery, 2 January; juvenile Llanddarog 2 August.

Nested Bynea/Llwynhendy area and Dryslwyn, where a young bird found at nest in early September; breeding seasonsightings near Llandovery, Gwynfe and Llangadog indicate further extension up Tywi valley. An injured bird found at Pencader taken to New Quay Bird Hospital.

Extension of breeding range indicated by sightings at Cwm Miles, Login (and young), Llangyndeyrn and Talley.

Pair bred Ffairfach, pair Bynea 5 April; single Ffrwd Fen Nature Reserve 12 May; Rhosmaen 6 June, Maenor Deilo 14 August.

Single birds noted at the following localities: Ffairfach on 28th April, Tir Morfa Fawr Farm (Llwynhendy) on 28th April, Bynea on 19th July, Machynys on 22nd September, Pendine Burrows on 6th October, Cydweli Quay on 13th October and Pembrey on 4th November. The usual spread of records from this species’ established strongholds in the county.

Two birds were present at Bynea on 10th February A pair was flushed from an oak tree at Rhosmaen on 26th April and, since these birds were seen throughout the summer, it is likely that they bred in this area. Birds were also noted at Pinged during the spring. Individuals were seen at Witchett Pool on 3rd November at Machynys on 20th November. This is a typical spread of records for a species which favours lowland areas of the county.

A pair used a nest box for the first time at Tir Morfa, Penclacwydd, where two young were ringed on 31st May and breeding was also confirmed at a derelict house near Idole. Sadly, this house has now been renovated and the nest site lost, but nest boxes have been erected to provide alternative accommodation. A bird was heard calling from an orchard in Llwynhendy on 20th February presumably in the process of establishing a territory and birds were also noted at Cydweli Quay on 2nd March and Machynys on 27th May. A bird was also flushed from a barn near Rhosmaen on 29th May and it is likely that breeding occurred at this site also.

No confirmed breeding records were received although birds were noted throughout the year at Machynys and 1 was in suitable habitat at Manoravon Farm, Bethlehem on 8th August, with another in Bethlehem on 28th October. Two were heard calling at Llwynhendy on 9th October. Recorded at Pendine in November

Two birds in separate territories were seen in the Dryslwyn area on 5th June. A pair was present throughout the breeding season at Pembrey and singles were noted at both Penclacwydd and Machynys from January – April.

Bred at Bynea, Pembrey Country Park and Ffarmers. Noted also in the breeding season north of Ffarmers at Nantyllyn and Rhosmaen. One was at Penclacwydd in January.

The only records received were those of 1 pair that probably bred near Rhosmaen on 12th March with a singleton at the same place on 7th April, (close to a probable nest hole, 1 at Pembrey on 18th June and 1 at Trostre on 10th August. Singles were also seen at Llangadog Common on 2nd October, where the species has been noted in previous years in the breeding season and at Penclacwydd in November and December.

Few reports of this species for 1999 – just three from the following sites: a single bird at Plas Uchaf, Tycroes on 7th June – a new locality, young heard calling for food near Ty Picca on 11th July and individuals at Penclacwydd in January, February (2) and December (2).

At Penclacwydd 2 were present from January – March, with 1 in November and 2 in December. Other records were of singles near Llansawel on 16th June and the Cydweli by-pass on 19th July.

One record of this unobtrusive species was the only received. Along the Cwmdu-Talley road on 11th June.

Four quizzical eyes, two birds, one site: Penclacwydd, where occasional from October to December.

Butts, Machynys October 30th.

A pair reared 3 young at Rhosmaen.

Only reported from Penclacwydd and Llanegwad. The latter was the first record in the lower Tywi for many years.

The only record received was of one at Penclacwydd throughout the year.