Scientific: Oceanodroma leucorhoa

Cymraeg: Pedryn Gynffon-fforchog

The first record since 1998 was of a single bird at Salmon Scar Point on 2nd February.

1, and later, 2 off Burry Port, 4 September. Last recorded in 1976.

1, found with broken wing, near Penclacwydd, 29 October; 2, Cefn Padrig, 21st and 23rd; 2, Burry Port, 21st; 1, 23rd; 2, 25th; 1, Penrhyngwyn, 21st, 4 23rd; 1 Penclacwydd, 24th; 6, St.Ishmaels, 24 December.

The only record was of 1 at Burry Port on 12th May, during a south-westerly gale. This was the first since 1989 and the first in spring since at least 1967.

One picked up dead at St. Ishmael on 15th February was the first since 1992.

Tremendous gales in early December brought unprecedented numbers into the Burry Inlet some being driven well inland. All records as follows: Burry Port harbour – 3 December 4th, 2 December 5th, 60 December 6th and 8 and then 20 December 7th. Llansteffan – December 7th. Machynys – 17 December 7th. Penclacwydd – 4 December 3rd, 3 December 5th and 9 December 15th. Afon Leidi, Llanelli December 7th. Neville’s Dock, Llanelli – December 7th. St.Ishmael 4 December 5th. Loughor Bridge 6 December 5th. Carmarthen – single flying over the Pensarn roundabout December 5th. Obviously some of these records will refer to the same birds so it is difficult to gauge the total involved.