Scientific: Larus glaucoides

Cymraeg: Gwylan yr Arctig

Rare winter visitor.

A first winter bird, Llangennech, 11 February Third record for county.

1, 2nd winter plumage moulting into summer plumage, Llangennech, 4th and again 18 March. Second record for county. Record circulating.

A first winter individual at Carmarthen rubbish tip, Llanddarog on 17th February was the first since 1987.

A 2nd winter individual at Sandy Water Park, Llanelli on 9th April was the eleventh species of Gull to be recorded at this site.

There were 2 records: a 3rd summer at Cydweli Quay on 27th May and an un-aged bird at Cefn Sidan on 10th July.

A record year for this species with at least 4 different individuals. A 1st winter bird was picked up in an emaciated condition at Upper Robinson Street in Llanelli town centre on 5th January but later died: the bird has been preserved. This was followed by 2 1st winters at Carmarthen rubbish tip, Llanddarog on 7th January, with 1 there on 9th and a 1st and 2nd winter thereon 15th. Finally there was a first year bird at Burry Port on 5th April. This former vagrant has now been recorded in four of the last five years.

Penclacwydd March 22nd-25th.

Sandy Water Park first winter January 2nd -5th & February 17th, same Cefn Sidan February 17th and from the north of the county another first winter just south of Crymych (inside Carmarthenshire boundary) March 19th.