Scientific: Coccothraustes coccothraustes

Cymraeg: Gylfin Braff

A rarely recorded, presumed resident, and doubtless overlooked species, with a concentration of recent records from the mid-Tywi valley.

2, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 27/28 May.

Male, came to garden, near Llandovery, 21-30 April.

1 in a garden, Llandeilo 15 September; male, near Llandovery, 14 December.

12-13, near Llandovery, January.

Male, near Rhandirmwyn 16th; Pontynyswen 26 June.

There was one record of a single bird regularly coming to feed at a bird table at Penybanc, Llandeilo from 22nd April to early May. All the 10 records since 1975 have been from the Tywi valley.

There was one record of a single bird regularly coming to feed at a bird table at Penybanc, Llandeilo in April and May.

Apart from 3 birds feeding with Chaffinches at Cynghordy Hall, during a period of freezing weather on 14th -15th February, all the other records come from the species’ most regular Carmarthenshire locality – Penybanc, near Llandeilo. Here, at least 2 birds were involved in a series of sightings from 26th February to 14th May.

A male at Penybanc, Llandeilo from 30th May – 6th June was seen to regularly bring food to a nest of Greenfinches. This species has now been recorded annually in the village since 1992.

There were 2 records of 1 at Llangadog on 23rd March and 4 (2 immature) at Cynghordy on 13th August.

The only record was of 2 at Cae’r Blaidd, Brechfa on 20th February.

An excellent year for records for this species with a juvenile seen at a rural garden at Pontynyswen in June ( where an adult was reported in 1991), with a pair only a short distance away at a neighbours garden in October (and also in October 1997). These sightings suggest a small breeding population in the heavily-wooded Cothi Valley. Likewise, the reports of 1 near Llandovery in the Gwydderrig Valley at Ynys-y-borde on 31st May with 2 (1 a juvenile) there on 17th August indicate that Hawfinches may have also been overlooked in this remote area. The record of a male in a Ffairfach garden on 6th July and of 1 heard in the churchyard in Llandeilo on 19th December will probably relate to the same individual that was seen in September at nearby Penybanc (and observed here in recent years). A pair was seen at Cwm Fferrws, Tycroes in the autumn.

A solitary male built a nest in a garden near Penybanc, Llandeilo but did not attract a female. On 8th May an individual, probably the male mentioned above, arrived at another nearby garden and was later joined by a second bird but it was unclear as which sex it was. A pair reappeared during the spring at Pontynyswen but there was no evidence of breeding, the third year in a row that birds have been seen there (although the first record stems from 1991, when a juvenile bird was seen). A new record has emerged from 1997 that of 2 birds in the autumn at Cwm Fferws, Tycroes.

The only record was of 1 at Taliaris on 10th December.

Llandovery provided the three records: 1 on 19th January; 2 on 20th January and 1 on 25th May.

Near Llandovery July 27th.

Five near Llandovery December 13th.

Two Rhosmaen February 1st.