Scientific: Uria aalge

Cymraeg: Gwylog

Regularly recorded in small numbers in Carmarthen Bay and outer estuaries. Most records September to November. Occasional records from other months.

4, from boat off Pendine, 14 June; 1 in winter plumage swimming off Burry Port, 11 October; 2, picked up dead, Morfa Bychan, 4 October.

1, off Burry Port on several dates, 28 September – 30 October; 4, off Ginst Point, 19 October; 1, off Salmon Scar Point, 3 November 2, picked up dead, Cefn Sidan, 21 April.

1, Cefn Padrig, Burry Inlet, 3 January; small numbers, Carmarthen Bay, from boat, 22 July; 3, of Ginst Point, 21 September; 1, probably oiled, inshore, Burry Port/Pembrey, 29 October – 22 December.

Ones and twos recorded off shore and outer estuaries, September/October.

1 off Cefn Sidan Sands, 3 April; singles found dead January and September; 1 St Ishmael 28 December.

Present, off Cefn Sidan outside breeding seasonin small numbers. Single, off Burry Port, 26 November; off Pendine, 15 December.

Singles off Burry Port, 14 January; Cefn Sidan, 15 September. 6 off Pendine Sands, 30 March. 1 off Cefn Sidan, 22 April was of the bridled form. 7 found dead, oiled, Cefn Sidan, 19/20 February.

Singles off Burry Port and 2 corpses found Cefn Sidan January.

Cefn Sidan: 1 on 15th June and 3 on 16th; 1 on 26th September. Salmon Scar Point: 1 on 18th October Llansteffan: 1 on 8th November.

In the early winter period singles were noted off Telpyn Point on 24th January and Pendine on 13th February.

Late summer/autumn records were 1 off Cefn Sidan on 21st August, with 2 there on 22nd and 1 off Marros on 15th October.

The only records were of 5 off Telpyn Point on 17th April and 2 off Cefn Sidan on 13th May.

A poor year with only 3 records of single birds at Cefn Sidan on 17th April and 1st May and Ginst Point on 6th May.

There were only 3 records: a heavily oiled bird at Burry Port on 24th February. In Carmarthen Bay, 8 were seen from a boat on 1st September, with the last record of the year being 1 at Morfa Bychan on 16th November.

There were 5 records of single birds at Telpyn Point on 28th March, Cefn Sidan on 31st March, 6th and 19th October and Telpyn Point on 26th October.

The only record was of 5 at Telpyn Point on 31st January.

The only record was of 2 off Cefn Sidan on 13th October. In December during stormy weather there were up to 100 auks (Guillemots and Razorbills) off Telpyn Point on 10th and 12th.

1 at North Dock on 2nd February; 1 Kidwelly on 7th; 5 at Cefn Sidan on 28th April and 1 Telpyn Point on 9th November.

Penclacwydd September 15th and Burry Port October 20th.

Ragwen Point September 18th.

A single at St.Ishmael December 5th was the only record received.

Cefn Sidan April 16th, Salmon Scar Point September 30th and off Pembrey Country Park November 3rd several were noted in a group of c200 auks.