Scientific: Tringa ochropus

Cymraeg: Pibydd Gwyrdd

A regular passage and winter visitor along the coast and mid-Tywi valley.

Early year wintering singles on the River Tywi at Carmarthen, near Dryslwyn, Dinefwr, Llandeilo, also Upper Lliedi Reservoir. Only passage record, 1, Machynys, 9 September. Late year wintering, 3 Pembrey, 11 December.; 1, Lliedi Reservoir, 11 December.

1, Llanelli, 12 February; Dryslwyn, 19 February. Single autumn passage, River Gwendraeth Fawr, Pontnewydd, 25 July. Up to 3 wintering late year, at Lliedi Reservoir Llanelli, Morfa Coedbach, Cydweli, Llangennech, Bishop’s Pond, Pontyates and Dryslwyn.

Overwintering in January 1 at Llangennech, Morfa Coedbach, Morfa Cydweli, 2, Llanelli, Pontyates. Singles, Lliedi Reservoir, 16th and Laugharne, 21 March; 2, Banc y Lord, Cydweli, 17 April Singles, Dinefwr Ponds on 7 dates, 11 July – 22 September at Llanedi, 27 July; 5, Commissioners’ Bridge, Cydweli, 2 December.

Overwintering, all February dates; 4 Upper Lliedi Reservoir, 2, River Gwendraeth Fawr, below Pontyates; River Llwchwr, Llangennech. Spring passage, 3, Llangennech 19 April; 1, Pantyffynnon Sewage Works near Ammanford 23 April. Autumn passage, 3, Llangennech; 1, Upper Lliedi. both 5 Sept; 1 Banc y Lord, Cydweli, 13 October. Up to 4 overwintering Lliedi Reservoir 3, Commissioners’ Bridge, Cydweli, 9 December; 2 regular all winter at this site. Singles, Llangennech, 27 November; Cydweli 29 December.

Ones and two`s wintering (January-early March). River Llwchwr and Pantyffynnon Sewage Works, Tywi at Castle Woods Llandeilo, Gwendraeth Fawr at Cydweli, and Upper Lliedi Reservoir, where 3 out of 4 present were ringed. spring passage under way by 28 March with 4, near Cydweli; 1, at a trout farm at Mynydd-cerrig. Return passage began with 1, Upper Lliedi Res; 1 July; 2 on Bynea, Morfa Cydweli and Ferryside. Two wintering (late November-Dec) Commissioners’ Bridge, Cydweli and Tywi at Pont Cilsan.

Up to 3, early year overwintering, Lliedi Reservoir River Llwchwr, Llangennech, Cydweli. 1, River Tywi, Llandeilo/Ffairfach, 2, Cilsan, 14 March. Spring passage hardly discernible except for possibly 3, Commissioners’ Bridge, Cydweli, 3rd and 1, Felinwen 10 April. Autumn passage began in August with 3, Banc y Lord, 7th; 1, Ferryside, 8th, 2, Penclacwydd, 10 August, then several along River Tywi, August-October, with maxa 5, Commissioners Bridge, 25th; Tywi estuary, 28 October & 5 November. 1, overwintering Llangennech, 22nd, 3, Commissioners’ Bridge, 27 December.

Seen in Tywi valley every month except May 1-3 overwintering Nantgaredig, Llansteffan, Ginst Point., Lliedi Reservoir, Llangennech, Cwmann and Dinefwr Ponds. One seen, Upper Lliedi Reservoir 26 November had been colour-ringed there in January 1985 9). On spring passage (Apr), 2, Morfa Cydweli, 1 Castle Woods Llandeilo, up to 3 at several locations on autumn (June/August) passage.

Wintering (November-February) birds at Banc y Lord/Morfa Coedbach (2); River Gwili, Hendy (3); Cynwyl Elfed, Dryslwyn and Ffairfach. 1 on spring passage, Dryslwyn, 10 May and up to 5 on autumn passage 22 June – 24 September at Stradey Woods, Llanelli; Morfa Cydweli, Penclacwydd, Dryslwyn, Ty Gwyn and Dinefwr Ponds.

Up to 4 on passage (July-October) at several sites on the coast. 7, Tâf estuary, August. 4, Cydweli Quay, 29 July and 25 August, inland at Dinefwr Ponds, Dryslwyn, Llangadog and Brechfa. Over-wintering (December-February) birds on every estuary, 3, Witchett Pool, January/February and inland, 2, Rhosmaen, 3 February 1 Llyn Pencarreg, 18 December.

Overwintering (January/February) along Tywi at Pilroath, Pont Cilsan, Dinefwr Ponds. Ffairfach and Cwm Ifor also Banc-y-Lord and St. Clears and again November/December seen at Llansteffan, Ferryside, Witchett, Cydweli, Penbre, Llanegwad, Dryslwyn and Ffairfach. First of autumn Banc-y-Lord 26 June. 3’s and 4’s at Penclacwydd, Dryslwyn and Dinefwr Ponds in July.

Early winter records were; Commissioner’s Bridge: 1 on 2nd January; Dryslwyn: 2 on 4th February; Ferryside: 2; Morfa Bach: 2; Carmarthen: 2 and Abergwili: 2.

Recorded on spring passage, at Pantyffynnon: 1 on 19th March; Commissioner’s Bridge: 2 on 20th April and Penclacwydd: singles in March and April.

Autumn passage records from 4th July with 2 at Banc y Lord, with of 3 there on 23rd. Other records were; Morfa Ferryside: 1 on 19th August; Penclacwydd: 4 in September ; Commissioner’s Bridge: 1 on 10th to 11th July; Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach: 1 on 10th Oct and Llys-hendy, Ffairfach: 1 on 30th October.

Late winter records were; Commissioner’s Bridge: 1 from 8th November to end December; Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach: 3 on 9th December and Llandeilo: 1 on 31st December.

Early winter records were 2 at Commissioners’ Bridge in January and February.

Recorded on spring passage, at Ffairfach: 1 on 26th March and Rhosmaen: 1 on 28th April.

A strong autumn passage was noted in the Tywi Valley from 12th July with 2 at Dryslwyn, increasing to 5 by 9th August; 1 at Dinefwr Ponds on 12th August and at Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach: 1 on 23rd July, a maximum of 6 on 12th to 13th August, with 3 on 2nd September and 1 on 10th September and 19th October. Along the coast records included 3 at Banc y Lord: 3 on 19th July, 1 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 26th August and at Penclacwydd: singles in June and September, with 2 in August.

Late winter records were; Commissioners’ Bridge: 2 in November and December; Banc y Lord: 3 on 22nd December, Pilroath: 3 on 28th December and Ffairfach: 1 on 10th and 18th November.

Early in the year there were single wintering birds at Commissioners’ Bridge on 9th January; Dryslwyn on 10th; Llandeilo-abercywyn on 25th January and 9th February; Ffairfach on 3rd February and Pilroath on 16th January, with 2 there on 10th February. Passage was noted in March with 2 at Llandeilo-abercywyn on 9th and 3 at both Pilroath on 10th and Commissioners’ Bridge on 14th. The last spring record was 1 at Pilroath on 10th April.

Autumn passage was noted from 30th June with 2 at Banc y Lord. The best autumn counts were 4 at Banc y Lord Pond from 8th – 10th July; 3 at Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach on 22nd July; 4 at Llyn Llech Owain on 7th August; 4 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 18th August and 25th September and 2 at both Dinefwr Ponds on 3rd August and Llandeilo-abercywyn on 15th September. Singles were recorded at Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach; R. Cennin, Ffairfach, Dryslwyn, Upper Lliedi Reservoir and near the B + Q, store Carmarthen. Records from Penclacwydd were 1 in June, with 2 in July – October and 1 in November/December.

Other late year records were 2 at Ro Fawr on 1st December with singles at Llandeilo on 22nd November; Ffairfach on 28th December and Commissioners’ Bridge and Llangennech in December.

In January records of wintering birds were 2 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 1st; singles at Tygwyn, Ffairfach on 2nd, Llandeilo on 12th, Dryslwyn from 12th – 24th and 2 at Ro Fawr on 24th.
Numbers on autumn passage were lower than in 1994. The first record was of 1 at Penclacwydd from 2nd – 3rd July; followed by singles at Banc y Lord Pond from 12th – 14th and Ffairfach on 30th. There were 2 at Penclacwydd from 31st – 2nd August. Other August records were of single birds at Llansawel on 15th, R.Dulais, Taliaris on 18th, Glynea Pond on 18th – 19th and 27th, Banc y Lord Pond on 19th, Dinefwr Ponds on 20th, Llandeilo on 21st and the source of the Loughor on 28th. There were 2 at Pembrey Airfield on 21st October.

In December wintering birds were 2 at Tygwyn, Ffairfach on 7th and singles at Commissioners’ Bridge on 16th and Dryslwyn on 27th.

Records for the first winter period included 2 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 12th January, with 1 there on 11th February, 2 at Llangennech on 4th February and 1 at Dryslwyn on 18th. The only spring passage record was of 1 at Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach on 6th April.

Autumn passage was noted from 17th July with 2 at Cilsan Bridge. Other July records were of 1 at Penclacwydd from 25th – 27th and 3 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 29th. August records included 2 at Upper Lliedi Reservoir on 2nd, 1 at Dinefwr Ponds on 5th, 2 at Cydweli Marsh on 14th, 2 at Cydweli Quay and 3 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 20th and 1 at Newchurch, Carmarthen on 26th – 27th. Other autumn records were of singles at Pontnewydd on 3rd September and Ro Fawr on 29th October.

Single wintering birds were at Commissioners’ Bridge on 23rd November and Upper Lliedi Reservoir on 31st December

Records for the first winter period were of singles at Upper Lliedi Reservoir on 1st January and Morfa-uchaf, Ferryside on 18th and 3 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 13th.

Spring passage records were of singles at Penclacwydd on 12th April and Llanegwad on 19th.

The first autumn passage record was of 1 at Dryslwyn on 3rd July, with 1 at Pibwrlwyd on 10th, 2 at Dinefwr Ponds on 12th, 4 at Dryslwyn on 23rd and 2 at Ro Fawr on 27th. Other autumn passage records included 2 at Penclacwydd on 7th August, with 4 on 13th, singles at Pibwrlwyd on 14th and Cydweli Marsh on 19th and 2 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 29th; with 1 at Cydweli Quay on 21st and 27th September.

The only late winter record was of 2 on the River Teifi at Lampeter on 5th December.

In the first winter period there were singles at Commissioners’ Bridge on 10th January and Rhydcymerau on 28th.

There was 1 at Penclacwydd on 3rd June, 3 at Dinefwr Ponds on 12th July, singles at both Banc y Lord and Commissioners’ Bridge on 31st July and 4th August, Glynea Pond on 1st August and Pibwrlwyd on 3rd. Other August records were 3 at Cydweli Marsh on 8th – 9th, 3 at Morfa-uchaf, Ferryside on 18th and 1 at Llangennech on 29th. In September there were singles at Penclacwydd on 25th and Hendy on 29th, with further singles at Llandeilo on 19th October and Penclacwydd on 18th October and 7th December.

In March there were 2 at Banc y Lord on 16th and 1 at Dinefwr Ponds on 26th 1 on 31st, with 2 there on 14th April. Autumn passage records in July were of singles at Dinefwr Ponds on 22nd and Dryslwyn on 26th, with 2 at both Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach on 28th and Dinefwr Ponds on 29th. In August there were 7 at Dinefwr Ponds on 8th with 2 there on 9th and 1 on the Tâf on 23rd.. In September there were 3 on the Gwendraeth Fawr at Pont Spwdwr on 7th, 1 at Glynea Pond on 10th and 2 at Dinefwr Ponds on 12th Records for the second winter period were of singles at Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach on 14th December and Ginst Point on 28th.

In the first winter period there were singles at Llangennech on 3rd January, Commissioners’ Bridge on 16th, Cydweli Quay on 20th February, Llandeilo on 23rd, Dinefwr Ponds on 31st March and Commissioners’ Bridge on 23rd April. Return passage was started with 1 at Usk Reservoir on 30th June. In August there were 3 at Pibwrlwyd on 8th, 1 at Dinefwr Ponds on 10th, with 2 on 14th and 18th and 1 on 23rd and 1 at Penrhyngwyn on 25th. There were singles at Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach on 10th September and Pontiets on 17th October and Ty Picca, Dryslwyn on 14th November, with 2 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 20th.

The Green Sandpiper emerged as number one species in terms of records submitted -28, from 15/16 localities All reports except five featured 1 bird, the remainder 2 each. At least half of the sightings were of overwintering birds. The listings are: in January, Pibwrlwyd on 3rd: Pilroath – 2 – on 14th; Pembrey Airfield on 19th; Dinefwr Ponds on 20th and undated appearance/s on the Tâf Estuary 2. February’s dates were: 4th at Llangennech; 17th at Abergwili and 19th at Llandeilo. The two individuals seen at Commissioner’s Bridge on 10th March and near Pibwrlwyd on 14th of the month may or may not have been passage birds. At Dinefwr Ponds 2 on 10th August reduced later to 1 on 1st September. Presumably it was the same bird seen later, on 12th December at Llandeilo Bridge and on 26th December, at the Ponds for a second time. Other dates were: 22nd August at Pwll Fishing Lakes; 29th at the River Usk: the same day at Cydweli Quay; 1st September, again Cydweli – but 2 birds this time and Ginst Point on 21st October. Those at Dryslwyn on 14th December, Banc y Lord on 22nd December, Ginst Point on 28th December and Dryslwyn on 29th December were unquestionably here for the duration!

Eclipsed this year as most recorded species, there were, even so, more than a few brought to the recorder’s attention. A selection follows: 6th January supplied the year’s first, at Kidwelly; 1 downstream from Commissioners’ Bridge on 17th February: 2 Morfa Bach on 3rd March; 1 at the confluence of Gwili and Towy on 10th; 1 Dinefwr Ponds on 25th; 1 Dryslwyn 7th April and 1 near Tygwyn, Ffairfach on 16th. Autumn Passage got going with 1 at Dinefwr Ponds on 6th July, a maximum there of 6 on 11th August: 4 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 9th September and 2 Bishop’s Pond on 30th. An interesting report was of 5 at Pilroath on 4th November.

Two overwinterers, one at Dryslwyn on 13th February the other at Pontantwn, on the Gwendraeth Fach, 15th February. On 17th March 3 presumed spring passage birds on the Towy at Carmarthen. Singles, Ro-Fawr, on 12 July and Typicca on 25th June [also at Typicca: 2 on 30th July and a single on 12th August]. On 30th July 4 at Pentre Davis [1 here on 30th October]. At Commissioners Bridge. where the species was present most of the year, a maximum of 5 was seen on 3rd August. An equal number at Dinefwr Ponds on 17th August. 1 at Wharley Point on 28th of the month, maximum at Kidwelly was 3 on 30th. Singles on the Gwendraeth Fach. 18th November; present most of the year at the confluence of the Gwili and the Towy and at Cilsan on 28th December. A maximum at Banc y Lord of 2 on 24th December. 22 at Penclacwydd in August.

Two Banc y Lord January 6th, Commissioners’ Bridge, Kidwelly January 11th, Hendy March 9th, 5 Commissioners’ Bridge July 7th and 10 there August1st. Penclacwydd August 15th, 5 Pentre Davis August 20th and again Commissioners’ Bridge September 14th & November 8th, 2 Ty Picca December 3rd and Dryslwyn December 6th.

Banc y Lord January 14th, Dinefwr January 16th, Cilsan Bridge February 20th, Llandeilo­aber-cowin February 21st, Kidwelly Marsh March 13th, 2 Gelli Aur April 15th, 4 Dryslwyn July 14th, Banc y Lord August 19th, 2 Carmarthen & single Banc y Lord October 3rd, Commissioners’ Bridge October 6th & December 4th and Pentre Davis on the same date.

Up to 2 birds wintered in the Twyi in both periods. A sprinkling of migrants elsewhere with Commissioner’s Bridge, Kidwelly the prime site. 8 were there August 20th.

Ten birds spending the winter from 9 sites in the Tywi and Teifi Valleys. This species starts returning from its northern breeding haunts far earlier than any other wader and 2 Banc y Lord June 12th were certainly following this pattern. Eleven were at Commissioner’s Bridge, Kidwelly September 2nd.