Scientific: Regulus regulus

Cymraeg: Dryw Eurben

A common resident breeder in all types of woodland. Birds are more widespread in winter, foraging at sites where they do not breed.

West B.S. produced following scattered counts, 40, Caeo forest, 19 December; 30, Llandovery area, 23 December.

10, Pembrey Forest, 26 October.

c25, near Blaen Wysg (Usk) Reservoir, 12 October.

Numbers dropped steeply in the North following the cold spell ending 7 February During January between 1 and 10 were recorded daily, Gwenffrwd Reserve, then only 2 records of 3 and 2 on 9 & 10 March; thereafter there were just 6 records, all singles, and all in April. None seen, Llandovery after cold January/February spell.

Flock of 10, Cynheidre, 9 February.

Eleven breeding territories were counted in 265 hectares of pastoral farmland with dense, well-timbered hedgerows and scrub at Pinged.

A total of 29 were recorded singing in Brechfa Forest. See Wren for details.

A noticeable passage of birds was recorded at Llwynhendy – Penclacwydd in mid-October.

A small party of 20 counted at Abbey Woods, Whitland in the spring

The only notable record was of 10 wintering at the sewage farm at Cydweli Quay on 16th December.

An enchanting record concerned a juvenile which was observed feeding off a spider’s web at Blaenau, on 29th May.

Two pairs bred at Penclacwydd, seen there all months apart from May, highest counts in the year were 15 in January and 12 in February.

A little bird, not telling anybody, went about its business collecting feathers and cobwebs from a stone wall, at Laughame. As Dylan Thomas might have written. This on 30th May.

Seen every month at Penclacwydd, highest counts were 5 in May and 6 in September.

6 counted at Llyn Lech Owain on 11th February. 2 each, at Bancyffordd on 20th February and Pembrey Country Park on 6th July. Highest reporting month was 7 in August.

Three pairs bred at Penclacwydd. Elswhere 34 singing males reported from 16 sites.

33 breeding territories reported from 13 sites.

14 breeding territories were established at the RSPB Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve. Elsewhere breeding behaviour only reported from 2 more sites.

A count of 30 at Kidwelly Quay January 21st was the most significant received.