Scientific: Muscicapa striata

Cymraeg: Gwybedog Mannog

A rather unobtrusive breeding summer visitor to open woodland, parkland and bushy gardens.

First arrival, Gwenffrwd, 12 April Approximately 200 birds lived on the Reserve (many in nest boxes) with average fledgling rate of 6:1 per nest At least 2 pair lived in an Oak copse on edge of open-cast coal site at Carway.

First and last, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 16 April and 26 August 333 pairs aided by provision of nest boxes, bred on the reserve, rearing c.1600 young. Extension to South-east. further proved by pair nesting in a box at Fforest, Hendy, rearing 8 young. Also present at a small Oakwood near Carway.

First, Tywyn Burrows, 20 April, main arrival, c7 May, last, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 20 September.

First, Llanwrda, 10 May, last Gwenffrwd Reserve, 18 September. Passage of 26 near Llangennech, 10 September.

First, Trebeddrod Reservoir, Furnace, 8 May; last Upper Lliedi Reservoir, 14 September.

First, Llangennech, 20 April, main arrival mid May, last, Llandovery, 19 September.

First, Castle Woods, Llandeilo, 2 May, last, Llandovery 23 September.

First arrival, Llandovery and Rhandirmwyn 13 May; last Cilycwm 18 October.

First arrival Pembrey (2) 20 April, last (2) Castle Woods, Llandeilo 29 September.

First recorded on 9th May with 1 at Castle Woods, Llandeilo.

A pair bred in a garden at Llwynhendy (in a hollow apple tree) where the species had not been seen before.

The first spring record was 2 birds at Castle Woods, Llandeilo on 15th May; an autumn record was a singleton at St. Clears on 17th September.

The first spring arrival was 1 at Furnace Pond on 7th May. The only breeding record received was of 3 pairs at the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve. The last record of autumn was of a family group near Morfa Bychan on 17th September.

The first spring record was 1 at Pilroath on 5th May. Two pairs bred at both Gelli Aur and Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve. More breeding season records are needed.

Four pairs bred at the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve and in the Pembrey/Burry Port area. Also bred at Gelli Aur, Llandeilo, Pentrepoeth, Taliaris, Llanmiloe and Cwmbach, Whitland. The last record of the year was of 2 at Penclacwydd on 25th September.

There were 4 at Dinefwr Park on 16th May.

Two territories and 2 pairs counted in the Middleton Hall area.

Breeding season records came from Gelli Aur (2 pairs), Taliaris, Pembrey and Pentrepoeth (Idole), with nesting confirmed at the first site with 2 adults and 2 young seen. More reports are needed for this species.

The only breeding season record was of 1 at Carreg Cennen House, Trap in July. Autumn pasage records were of 5 at Tygwyn, Ffairfach on 4th September, 3 at Laugharne on 17th and 1 at Ffordd y Wagen, Pwll on 23rd.

1 on 19th May at Capel y Maen, Gwynfe, was the first record. There were 2 at Pwllau, Taliaris on 9th June. Also on the 9th a nest with 4 eggs was found at Carmarthen Leisure Centre. At Ffosddu there were 2 on 15th June. A car park near the River Usk at Glasfyndd was the location of a single on 1st July, and nearby on 20th July there was another. Successful breeding occurred in a garden at Penybanc, and at Glan Ddu, with young seen on 25th July. Also on 25th July there was a single at Ffrwd Melin, Pentrecwrt. Two or three pairs were located at Dinefwr Park and Castle Woods.

First on 5th May, at Brechfa. 2 seen on 16th: 1 at Gelli Aur, the other at Ffosddu. A bird reported to Migration Watch from Llandeilo on 21st; similarly, 1 from Broad Oak on 26th. Other records from near Newfoundland, Salem; Rhandirmwyn; near Edwinsford bridge; Pen y Ddinas; Pwllau, Taliaris; Pilroath and near Llanwrda. A maximum of 5 were recorded, at Pwllau, Taliaris on 4th August. At Ffosddu a pair got as far as producing eggs but the nest was abandoned for no apparent reason. No confirmation of breeding was received.

2, Dinas, 9th May. 1 at Dinefwr Park on 29th. 2, Bancyffordd, 6th June. Two counts of 7, one at the millpond, Dinefwr Park on 22nd August, the other at Rhydcymerau on 26th. Last, at Rhydcymerau on 10th September.

Recorded from 5 sites including 5 pairs from Dinefwr.

Reported from 7 sites from where two pairs were definitely nesting. A group of at least 10 on migration Cynghordy September 5th.

Only 9 breeding territories established at the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve. Only 4 more pairs recorded elsewhere.

Reported in the breeding season from 15 sites. An amazing estimate of c100 at Cynghordy August 26th obviously on migration.