Scientific: Clangula hyemalis

Cymraeg: Hwyaden Gynffon-hir

A scarce winter visitor to the coast with occasional inland records.

1 female, Gwendraeth estuary, 1 & 14 April; 1 female, Dryslwyn, 9-28 November; 2 offshore near Amroth, 28 November.

Male, off-shore Pendine, 2 May. 1st winter female, offshore Pembrey, 4-17 November.

Female off Burry Port, 5 November; Gwendraeth estuary, 30 November until 31 December.

Single females, off Tywyn Point., 12 January; off Burry Port, Tywyn Point., Gwendraeth Est, 9 – 23 February (possibly 2 there); off Telpyn Point., 2 February; male, off Burry Port, 2-9 March.

Male in winter plumage, Llyn Brianne (joint county), 24 April. Female, Pembrey Country Park and Cydweli Quay, 9 and 31 October; 1st winter, Duport Pond, Llanelli, 27 November-end December; 3, Ginst Point, 4 December.

1, Sandy Lake, Llanelli, 1st; 2 immatures, 22 January – party of 8, 9 February – 2 immature drakes, 11 & 19 March were all in the Gwendraeth est; 1 off Tywyn Point, 5 March; 1 off Cefn Sidan 5th, 10 including a drake in full breeding plumage, 6 May, a late date and the largest party ever recorded in the county.

Singles, River Tywi, below Dryslwyn, 8 November, 11th; Llanarthne, 29 December; off Burry Port, 10 November; off Ragwen Point, 3rd; 2 on 16 December.

Ones and twos off coast with maximum 8 off Pendine 12 May. Single, River Tywi Llanarthne 4 January; a female Penclacwydd 14 November was the first record for this site.

The only record was of 4 birds with Common Scoters off Cefn Sidan on 4th April

A total of 5 birds recorded. Three adult males were off Pendine on 13th February, and 2 female s were present in the Gwendraeth Estuary off Penallt on the 28th November and again on the 28th December.

A single bird at Pendine on 6th April was the only record for the first half of the year. The two records for the second half were at Tywyn Point on 6th November and 1 at Marros on 20th December.

The only record was of a female at Machynys from 29th December to January 1996.

The only record was from Machynys, where the female present from 29th December 1995 remained intermittently to 16th March.

The only record was 1 at Pembrey Harbour on 15th February and 8th March.

There were 3 records: 3 at Marros on 7th February and 2 on 7th March and a male at Machynys Pond from 3rd – 8th December.

The only record was of a juvenile or female at Usk on 4th November.

There was 1 at North Dock from 14th to 28th January, and 4 at Pendine on 9th November.

Female off Telpyn Point February 15th, Ashpits Pond December 2nd–11th which then commuted to the Pwll fishing pond December 17th.

Pwll Fishing Pond February 2nd-5th.