Scientific: Gavia immer

Cymraeg: Trochydd Mawr

Irregular passage/winter visitor to Carmarthen Bay and estuaries.

1, in summer plumage, off Tywyn Point, 6 April.

2 in Burry Inlet, off Burry Port, 17th; 3 off Penbrey 23rd; 4 off Cefn Sidan Sands, 17th, 6 there 25th February, could have included same birds and is the largest total ever seen in the county. Single off Salmon Scar Point, 4th; off Ginst Point, 8 December.

2 adults regular off Burry Port, January, 3 on 6-12th; 2 off Cefn Sidan, 5 March, 19 May, 3 there, 29 November. 1 off-shore near Amroth, 8 October.

Single, off Burry Port, 7th then regularly through January., there 2nd; off Cefn Sidan, 6 and 20th, 1, Cefn Padrig, 24 February; Cefn Padrig, 20 March.

1, off Cefn Sidan, 8 January, 4 there, 25 February, singles again 5th, 11/12 mar; off Penclacwydd WestWestT. 6 June. single, gale-blown, Parc Howard, Llanelli, 30 October; off Burry Port, 23rd; flying inland, Pwll, 31 December.

2 (1 juvenile) off Burry Port/Pembrey, 3 January; adult off Salmon Scar Pt, 7 January then regularly until 25 March. Singles, off Cefn Sidan, 19 October; off Burry Port 27 October and 30 December.

Singles, off Tywyn Point, 13 January; off Cefn Sidan 1st (2) and 22 March; off Burry Port 9th and another in summer plumage off Cefn Sidan 24 April; off Pembrey Harbour 28 December.

A poor year with only two records, both in the first winter period. Cefn Sidan: 1 on 21st February; Penclacwydd: 1 adult summer on 22nd April.

An immature stayed between Pembrey Harbour and Cefn Padrig: from 20th November into 1994. At Burry Port: 3 on 19th December, probably included the above individual. A bird picked up in an emaciated condition at Llanelli Beach on 22nd December was taken to Penclacwydd, but later died there.

There were 3 records of 5 birds: singles at Cefn Padrig on 27th February and Burry Port on 1st December and 3 at Cefn Sidan on 29th.

There were 4 records of single birds at Burry Port on 19th January and 12th February, Telpyn Point on 3rd February and Salmon Scar on 21st December.

Records for the first winter period were of 1 at Burry Port on 4th January, with 2 there from 6th – 25th; singles at Penrhyngwyn on 25th January, Burry Port on 8th March and Cefn Padrig on 3rd April.

In the second winter period there were singles at Telpyn Point on 1st November, Cefn Padrig on 5th, Burry Port on 7th and Penclacwydd on 8th.

The only record in the first winter period was of 1 off Penclacwydd on 6th – 7th February. Records for the second winter period were of singles at Pembrey Harbour on 14th November, Burry Port on 5th, 11th and 24th December, with 2 there on 25th and singles at Cefn Sidan on 14th and Cefn Padrig on 24th. Finally, off Penclacwydd there were singles on 27th and 29th with 2 on 31st.

The only records were of singles at Burry Port on 1st and 9th January, with 2 there on 4th and 2 off Penclacwydd on 2nd.

Two records of this species: 1 seen from Penclacwydd, on the estuary at high tide on 15 January the other on the Upper Loughor 5th December.

As with the previous species, three records: 1 at St. Ishmael on 27th October; other 2 seen at Burry inlet from Penclacwydd, one each on 9th January and 10th November.

Singles at Cefn Padrig January 1st, Burry Port January 11th, January 17th & February 25th, 2 Penclacwydd estuary January 26th and 3 at Burry Port February 7th.

One the breakwater, Llanelli May 24th. Two Burry Port November 12th and then 3 November 16th & 17th and 2 again November 18th – 27th.

Possibly three individuals: Salmon Scar January 22nd – February 5th, Penclacwydd December 3rd to 15th and Burry port Harbour December 7th.

All records as follows: Burry Port January 2nd & 13th, Carmarthen Bay Caravan Camp January 14th, Burry Port February 20th, St, Ishmael March 17th, Cefn Sidan May 16th, Penclacwydd November 15th, 2 Burry Port December 1st, St. Ishmael December 6th, Cefn Padrig December 12th, 2 Pwll to Burry Port and a single off Pembrey Country Park December 16th, Pwll December 17th-23rd and Burry Port Harbour December 30th & 31st.