Scientific: Actitis hypoleucos

Cymraeg: Pibydd Y Dorlan

Breeding summer visitor, cure occasionally overwinters. Found near suitable rivers, i.e. with shingle or boulder covered banks, in the central, northern and eastern parts of the county. Common on the coast on passage April/May and July/September.

Singles wintered near Dryslwyn & Lliedi Reservoirs. 1st arrival, Rhandirmwyn, 26 April but main influx from 6 May. Autumn passage: 5, Cydweli; 3, Burry Port on 28 July. Single, wintering, Lliedi Reservoirs, 11 December.

Breeding on main rivers, one pair nested at Llyn y Fan Fach, 1650 ft above sea level, 31 May. First arrival, Rhandirmwyn, 14 apr, last seen there 4 August. No coastal data submitted for either passage. Wintering; 2, Pembrey, 8 February; 7 on 28 February; 2, Pontyates and Dryslwyn; 1 Burry Port and Lliedi Reservoir at end of year.

Breeds on main rivers and upland waters. Singles overwintering Lliedi Reservoir and Laugharne. First arrival, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 11 April; maximum spring passage, 8, Dryslwyn, 23 April and Llandeilo, 5 May. On autumn passage from 11 July – 25 September with maxa 16, River Tywi, Pibwrwen, 14 July; 22, Gwendraeth estuary, 28 August.

1 overwintering, River Tywi, Dryslwyn, 18 February. pair bred at Lliedi Reservoir first for this site. First spring arrivals 3, Upper Lliedi Reservoir, 19 April, last Tygwyn Pool 13 Oct.

First arrivals, 4, River Tywi, Llandeilo; and Rhandirmwyn, 15 April where probably 3 pairs nested on or near the R.S.P.B. reserves; Breeding suspected by a stream at an open cast coal site near Penygroes, 25 June. Return passage began with 1, Burry Port, 1st; 2, Penbre Saltings, 5th, 7 on 11 July; with a maximum 11, Cefn Padrig, Burry Port, 2 August; the last, Pwll 14 September. Two, wintering, Upper Lliedi Reservoir, 1 November.

Breeding noted along River Tywi, from Llanarthne to above Llandovery. 2, wintering, Lliedi Reservoir, 13 January. First arrival, 1, Ffairfach, 11 April, passage up to 17 May, when 1 at Cynheidre Colliery Lagoon. Return passage July, when 20 at Pilroath on 12th, last, Pembrey Saltings, 28 October. Singles wintering laugharne, November/December, Cydweli Quay, 22 November.

Bred River Tywi between Nantgaredig to above Llandovery also on mid Teifi. first arrival, Llandeilo, 10 April, return passage, 20, Commissioners’ Bridge, Cydweli, 27 July; 39, Llansteffan, 29 November. singles overwintering, Laugharne, Pwll and Lliedi Reservoir

Bred, rivers Tywi, Teifi, Gwili, Cothi, Amman and Twrch. First arrivals, 2, Upper Lleidi Reservoir, 17 April; return passage, 13, Penclacwydd, 12 July, last Ty Gwyn Pond 18 September. Overwintering, 2, Ferry Pt, Llansteffan, 27 February; 1, Abergwili, 13 December.

First, Cydweli, 14 April. 24 on return passage there, 11 July. Believed to have disappeared from Cynwyl Elfed stretch of River Gwili due to mink predation. 1 over-wintering, Morfa Cydweli, 6 December.

57-58 breeding pairs on River Tywi between Llandovery and Carmarthen. 1st arrival Dryslwyn 10 April. Overwintering January/February Cydweli (2) and again December at Cydweli, Ffairfach and Llansteffan.

First recorded at Ffairfach: 2 on 14th April. Bred at Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve (2 pairs), Llyn y Fan Fach, and along the Twrch (1 pair) and upper Usk (3 pairs); both joint county records with Breconshire. Breeding was also noted along the Tywi, but no full survey was carried out.

Recorded at Penclacwydd from 21st April to 16th September. Noted along the coast on autumn passage from 10th July with 1 at Commissioner’s Bridge and 4 at Cydweli Quay and a maximum of 14 at Cydweli Quay on 12th July. Wintering birds were noted at Burry Port: 3 on 4th and 1 on 26th December.

First recorded at Penclacwydd on 9th April, where a pair bred on the lagoon rearing 4 young; the first breeding record for the centre. At Dryslwyn a nest with 4 eggs was found in a hayfield 200 yards from the river.

Birds were noted on the coast at many sites right through the summer. A maximum of 7 were noted at Cydweli Quay on 7th July, Penrhyngwyn on 21st July and Ashpits Pond, Burry Port on 12th September. A wintering individual was seen at Pilroath on the 28th December.

Fifty two pairs bred along the river Tywi, between Carmarthen and Llandovery. The birds bred in clusters with 6 pairs along a 1.5 km. stretch near Llandeilo, but with none on a 3.5 km. sector immediately upstream (3 pairs occurred on a shingle shoal 200 metres long). Five pairs bred on the Cothi, 2 pairs on the Cennen at Derwydd and 1 pair bred on the Sawdde. One pair bred at the Usk Reservoir and single pairs fledged 3 young at both Penclacwydd and the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve.

In the first winter period there were 2 at Llandeilo-abercywyn on 9th February and 1 at Pilroath on 10th March. The first spring record was of 1 at Llandeilo on 11th April.

Return passage was first detected at Cefn Padrig with 3 birds there on 25th June building up to 9 during July. Smaller numbers of birds were seen all along the coastal strip through the autumn with last 2 at Cydweli Quay on 24th September.

The first spring record was of 1 at Llandeilo on 8th April. At least 6 pairs bred on the Twrch/Cothi in the Pumpsaint area, 2 pairs at the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve and 1 pair at Penclacwydd.

Recorded on autumn passage along the coast from 12th July with 3 at Pembrey Salting’s, 5 at Cydweli Marsh on 13th and 15 at Banc y Lord on 14th. A group of 12 were moving downriver at Llandeilo on 15th.

A wintering bird was at Llangadog Common on 26th December.

The first spring record was of 1 at Dinefwr Ponds on 30th March, with 8 at Upper Lliedi Reservoir on 21st April being the best spring count.

Two pairs bred at both Usk Reservoir and Penclacwydd.

Recorded on autumn passage along the coast from 7th July with 4 at Sandy Water Park, 1 at Upper Lliedi Reservoir on 13th, 4 at Cefn Padrig on 16th, 7 on 29th and 15 on 12th August. The last autumn record was of 1 at Upper Lliedi Reservoir on 15th September.

Two pairs bred at Penclacwydd, with 1 pair fledging 2 young, 3 pairs on the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve and 5 pairs were reported from the Upper Cothi- Afon Twrch area.

Passage records included 9 at Burry Port on 15th July, 14 at Talley Lakes on 25th, 14 at Carmarthen on 14th August and 4 at Cydweli Marsh on 19th.

Three pairs bred at Gwenffrwd with 1 pair at Penclacwydd.

The only winter record was of 1 at Laugharne on 1st February. Spring passage records were of 3 at Cydweli Marsh on 26th April and of 4 at Cefn Padrig on 8th May. Autumn passage records included 6 at Cefn Padrig on 26th July and 2 at Ashpits Pond on 10th August, 1 at Sandy Water Park on 12th September, and 3 at Llandeilo-abercowin on 25th.

Two pairs bred at Penclacwydd. Spring passage records included 1 at Cefn Padrig on 3rd April, 2 at Sandy Water Park on 18th, with 3 there on 22nd. Records for the second winter period were of singles at Laugharne on 19th November and 4th and 29th December and Cefn Padrig on 29th.

A pair attempted to bred at Penclacwydd, 2 – 3 pairs were on the Tywi near Carmarthen on 21st May and 2 pairs on the Cothi at Edwinsford on 26th June. In the first winter period there were singles on the Tywi at Llangadog on 17th January and the Tâf Estuary from January – March. The first spring record was of 2 at Dinefwr Ponds 8th April. Autumn passage records included 3 at Dinefwr Ponds on 28th June, 1 at Usk Reservoir on 30th, 2 at Cydweli Quay on 9th July, 2 at Dinefwr Ponds on 10th August and 1 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 11th November. In the late winter period the was 1 on the Tâf Estuary in December.

Like the previous species, the Common Sandpiper occasionally stays for the winter, and this was certainly true of the first four birds recorded, at Cefn Padrig on 7th January. Cydweli Quay on 15th Commissioner’s Bridge on 24th and Commissioner’s Bridge again on 20th February. One seen at Commissioner’s Bridge on 10 March might have been the same bird as the last two. The Sandy Water Park record of 21st April was almost certainly an immigrant. A pair was at the Golf Course Pond, Machynys on 26th May. On July 9th a minimum of 8 were noted at Usk. There were 2 at Laugharne on 19th August, 1 at Usk on 7th October and I recorded on the Tâf Estuary in the same month. An individual on the Tywi, at Carmarthen, on 21st November was probably an overwinterer. One pair definitely bred along the Usk river and possibly two more pairs did likewise. Present at Penclacwydd from April to September with a maximum of six in May.

Usually singles, there was a maximum, at Usk Reservoir, of 4 on 14th July. First winter records came from the Towy, at the Halfway Inn and Commissioners’ Bridge, on 1st January. 1 was on the Towy at Carmarthen on 27th March. Other spring birds were at Dryslwyn on 9th April; Llandeilo on 16th (Migration Watch); Penclacwydd on 19th; Usk Reservoir on 21st, where 2; Sandy Water Park, with 3 on 22nd; 2 at Kidwelly on 28th and 3 displaying at Usk Reservoir on 4th May. Remaining sightings were of 1 at Dryslwyn on 1st June; 1 Edwinsford Bridge on 9th; 1 Abergwili on 15th and 1 North Dock on 11th August. Last recorded at Penclacwydd on 10th September.

Singles, overwintering, seen at Commissioners’ Bridge between 12th and 25th January; one on 3rd February and the same or another on 19th. A single there on 25th of the month may have been a spring passage bird. 3 at Kidwelly on 29th April were probable spring arrivals. Early autumn passage produced a maximum at Kidwelly of 9 on July l2th. About 10 at Dinefwr Ponds on 7th. A single was at Cwmihiraeth on 8th September.

A wintering bird at Gwendraeth Fawr January 9th. Breeding pair on the river near RSPB Dinas Reserve May 16th & June 19th. Good wintering numbers around the coast overwinter, maximums of Gwendraeth 104 in January, Tywi 245 also in January, Tâf 368 in March, smaller numbers along Cefn Sidan and Pendine sands.

Six Kidwelly Quay July 14th. Wintering birds at Commissioners Bridge January 14th and Pentre Davis February 27th & 2 December 4th. Breeding at Pentre Davis April 24th.

Breeding records were only received from Gwenffrwd and the Tywi Valley. Otherwise scattered records of migrants but is small numbers. Up to 3 birds wintered in the Tywi in the early part of the year.

Nine different birds reported spending the winter in the county. The only breeding rport was of a family party at Dolgarreg June 26th.

The earliest migrant reported was at Penclacwydd March 14th.