Scientific: Emberiza schoeniclus

Cymraeg: Bras Y Cyrs

A breeding resident. It occurs throughout the county, but is most common in the wetlands and low-lying rushy pastures of the coast.

Maxa. winter flocks, 44 near Bynea, 28 November with 21, 28 December..

17, Bynea, 22 January; 16 on 19 February and 20 November; 22 on 13 December.

Exceptional flock of c12o, near Llanelli, 28 January; 56, Pembrey, 21 April.

133, Gweunydd Cochion, Tumble, 13 February 82 there, 28 November.

10, Pembrey Saltings, 10 February.

22 ringed, Llangennech reedbeds, up to 6 September.

37 ringed, Ffrwd Nature Reserve .

38 ringed at Ffrwd Fen Nature Reserve . 34, Pendine Burrows, 10 December.

Flock of 24 Pembrey Harbour 2 February.

A group of 20 were at Myndd Sylen on 8th January.

Eighteen breeding territories were located in the Pinged area. Twenty birds were noted on stubble fields at Llandeilo-abercywyn on 26th December.

A total of 170 singing males/pairs were located between Penallt and Hendy. Other records were of 70 singing males/pairs on the Tywi floodplain between Llandovery and Carmarthen and males/pairs at Garreglwyd (2), Glanrannell Bridge (2), Crugybar, Bwlchygroes, Llansawel, Gelli Aur, Talley Lakes, Llanpumpsaint, Beacon Bog (2), Cynghordy, Llanfynydd, Tywyn Burrows, Cwmgwili and Llannon.

A large gathering of 150 in young conifers was observed at Rhos on 9th January. Counts from stubbles at Llandeilo-abercywin were; 12 on 25th January, 7 on 9th February and 10 on 9th March. Other records included 20 at Cydweli Quay on 7th January, 37 at Gweunydd Cochion on 22nd November and 17 in the Cynnant valley, Cynghordy on 22nd December.

Aggregations of 64 at Gweunydd Cochion on 12th January; 20 at Witchett Pool on 24th January and 48 at Penclacwydd on 11th October provided the more notable records.

In the Carmarthenshire section of Mynydd Du, there were 25 breeding and 6 non-breeding records.

Noted as common in the breeding season at Witchett Pool.

During the first winter period 28 were seen at Middleton Hall on 15th February

The only systematic breeding season counts undertaken were at Penclacwydd with at least 6 territories recorded, with another 6 at Ffrwd Fen, 3 at the Ashpits Pond – Horsebox Pond area and 2 at Rhydcymerau.

At least 16 males held territories at Penclacwydd in the breeding season. Elsewhere pairs or males were sighted at Milo, Llannon (2 pairs) near Trap and several sites along the Tywi Valley. The largest flock logged was of 32 birds at Machynys on 31st January.

Counts of territorial males were of at least 16 at Penclacwydd and 15 at Witchett Pool on 4th May. There were breeding season records from Glyn Tai Pond (2 males on 8th May); Soar; Polyn near Nantgaredig; near Llansawel Quarry and Talley Lakes. An ad. and juvenile were seen at Capel Isaac on 13th July. There was a female at Cae’r Blaidd, Brechfa on 7th November.

Singles occurred at Brickworks near Cynghordy. and Cynnant, on 10th February and 5th March respectively. In the breeding season 3 males held territory at Gilfach lago, near Saron on 3′” April. On 12th June 2 singing males and a family group were at Ro Fawr. Near the Tywi oxbows, at Llandeilo. 2 or 3 pairs made use of the gorse and willow scrub. An individual was noted in the autumn at Ffosddu.

Five records: 40 at Penclacwydd in March. where later on c13 males held territories : a male, the first bird for 9 years on 1st’ April, at Pwllau, Taliaris; a pair at Kymer’s Canal Pond on 6th May and a male east of Morfa roundabout on the same date.

At Kidwelly on 19th February 20+. 2 pair at Carreg Sawdde Common, Llangadog on 30th March. A pair at Ffosddu on 30th June and 2 males at Tygwyn Pond on 8th July. 2 near Pwll fishing lake on 23rd November and 6 at Rhydcymerau on the dame date. 2, Llanybydder, 27th November. At least 14 males held territories at Penclacwydd.

25 Gweunydd Cochion February 14th and 14 Kidwelly September 1st. Regular at Taliaris feeding station. Fourteen pairs bred at Penclacwydd. Elsewhere 23 singing males found at 13 sites.

Three pairs at Marros Mountain/Marros Sands area and 6 singing males at Kidwelly May 15th. A further 36 pairs reported from 18 sites. Of these 14 pairs were at Penclacwydd and 11 pairs were at Pembrey Country Park.

4 singing males on territory at Penclacwydd April 28th. Assemblies of 15 Kidwelly Marsh January 3rd and 30 Cynnant, Cynghordy December 3rd.

Small groups noted throughout the winter months with 8 being the maximum at Pwll Sewerage Works December 13th. Reported from six potential breeding sites.