Scientific: Recurvirostra avosetta

Cymraeg: Cambig

1, mid April Coed Marsh, Llansteffan; 2, Laugharne, end July-early August.

1, Gwendraeth estuary, 14 October.

Penclacwydd and Morfa Bacas area: 1 from 22nd to 28th January. The first record since October 1984.

One at Loughor Bridge from 23rd January – 8th February was the first record since January 1992.

Three records constitute the first showing of this species since 1998, the only previous occurrence in the last ten years. On 9th March 2 were discovered at Black Scar, Llansteffan. Penclacwydd had a single on 15th April, on 13th & l4th May and from 20th to 24th of the same month. A single was at Liansteffan on 19th October.

Single at Llansteffan January 22nd – February 20th. Llansteffan again September 30th.

Single North Dock, Llanelli January 30th and 2 there January 31st. Single at Penclacwydd February 11th and Gwendraeth estuary December 29th. A single returned to Llansteffan September 22nd-October 8th.

The now regular bird commuted between Kidwelly and Llansteffan January 19th – February 5th.

The usual bird on the Tywi estuary seen from Ferryside January 4th and then from Llansteffan January 24th, December 10th and 21st.