Scientific: Anthus spinoletta

Cymraeg: Corhedydd Y Dwr

A scarce spring passage migrant and rare autumn/winter visitor along the coast.

One was at Cydweli Quay on 7th January and again on 15th February. A bird in summer plumage was at Penclacwydd 6th April.

The only records were of 2 at Ffrwd Fen from 1st – 28th January and again in the second winter period from 10th December to February 1996.

Up to 3 remained at Ffrwd Fen from late 1995 to 20th February.

Autumn passage records were 1 at Penclacwydd on 25th September and 2 at Pembrey Harbour on 27th October.

The were 4 records of single birds during the early winter period: at Commissioners’ Bridge on 13th January, Cydweli Quay on 18th and Penclacwydd from 19th – 22nd January and on 1st February

Exceptional numbers were noted in the early winter period in the Ffrwd Fen area, with 1 on 9th January, 5 on 18th February, 10 on 21st and 14 on 5th March.

The only record was of 2 at Ffrwd Fen on 2nd January.

A disappointing year, with the only record being that of 3 at Pendacwydd, on 21st March.

In the last ten years the bulk of records have come from the winter, and this year was no exception: singles, at Kidwelly on 19th February and Banc y Lord on 24th December.

Opposite Castell-du March 17th and Penrhyngwyn November 16th.

Opposite Castell-du January 6th, Pembrey Airfield & 3 Banc y Lord March 13th and Afon Lliedi November 26th.

Three or maybe 4 January 3rd and 2 February 3rd Coed Bach, Kidwelly.

A number of records as follows: Coedbach January 22nd with 2 there January 23rd, Penclacwydd February l4th, Banc y Lord 2 in summer plumage March 22nd & 23rd with a single there March 27th, Carmarthen December 11th and Coedbach December 14th.