Scientific: Asio flammeus

Cymraeg: Tylluan Glustiog

A regular winter and passage visitor favouring coastal areas.

Singles, Trostre, 16 October and several reports, November-December, Pembrey-Morfa Cydweli-Tywyn Point.

3, Bynea, 30 January and early March; 1, near Tywyn Point, 10 April; 1, Penclacwydd, Machynys, 2 May.

2, near Trostre, mid February.

1, Pembrey, 16 January 4th and 5 February (2). 1, Penclacwydd, Llwynhendy, 30 March. Singles, Pembrey Saltings, October-December; Machynys, 23 October.

Singles, Pembrey Burrows, January/February; Penclacwydd, 8th, 20 April; Gwenffrwd Reserve, 26 April & 18 May, Pembrey Country Park, 22 May; Pembrey Burrows, 3 October.

Up to 6, Penclacwydd/Machynys area, Feb-March last one seen 23 April; 1 there, 18 November. 1, Pembrey Saltings, 28 March.

Odd breeding seasonsightings on Mynydd Tair Carn, 6 May, Rhos, Llangeler, 17th and Johnstown, 30 July. Two, regular, Penclacwydd/Penrhyngwyn February/March last seen 20 April first autumn arrival, 12 September 2 present November/December.

Seen in good breeding habitat during bs Rhos Llangeler and near Rhandirmwyn. 1, Gweunydd Cochion, Tumble, 11 April; Pendine Burrows, 19 May. Up to 3 wintering Machynys/Penclacwydd WWT area, one, Laugharne/Pendine Burrows.

Singles, Penclacwydd, February April and early May; Mynydd Llangyndeyrn 17 March. 1 or 2 regular Penclacwydd and up to 3 at Burry Port October-December.

In the first winter period 2 were regularly seen near Cefn Padrig in January with 1 there on 2nd February. One remained in the Pembrey Salting’s/Country Park area from 25th March to 3rd May.

Recorded at Penclacwydd up to 10th May and from 9th December, maximum of three seen in March.

The only records were: 1 at Bynea on 2nd January; 2 at Penclacwydd in March, with 1 remaining to 14th April and 1 at Penclacwydd on 30th August. After the regular reports from coastal areas in recent years, 1993 was disappointing for this species, and represents the worst showing since 1985.

As in 1993, there was another disappointing showing for this species with only four sightings; A single bird was seen in the first winter period hunting over open land in Crychan Forest on 2nd February, whilst later in the year birds were recorded at Wood end, near Ginst Point on 13th November, Cynghordy on 2nd December and Llyn Llech Owain on 16th December.

Following the trend of recent years there were few sightings of this diurnal species; the most notable was of 2 at Carmel on 23rd February. The others were of single individuals in the Morfa Bacas – Penclacwydd area from 14th January to 26th April; and the Machynys – Penclacwydd area: 1 from 18th November to end December. One was found grounded at Hebron, Cilmaenllwyd 20th October and taken to New Quay Bird Hospital and released at Hebron in late November.

In the first winter period there were singles at Ashpits Pond on 1st -2nd January, at Ffarmers in February and Penclacwydd on 23rd January, with 3 there on 23rd February and 1 on 4th April.

In the second winter period there was 1 at Penclacwydd on 1st and 9th November, with possibly the same bird being seen at Machynys on 16th and at Penrhyngwyn on 20th December. The only other record was of 1 at Witchett Pool on 16th December.

In the first winter period there were records at Penclacwydd from 26th January to the 21st April, with 7 on 8th March being the best count. The only other record was of 4 at Penrhyngwyn on 26th January.

In autumn there were singles at Penclacwydd on 3rd October and 19th November, highest counts were four in February and seven in March.

Other records were of 1 at the Usk Reservoir on 25th January, 1 at Penrhyngwyn on 3rd March, 2 at Penrhyngwyn on 21st September and of single birds at Banc-y-Lord on 6th October and Morfa Bacas on 22nd December. Regular sightings at Penclacwydd spring and autumn.

Single birds were noted at Usk Reservoir on 10th January at Ginst Point in January and at Machynys in March and July. Penclacwydd fared well with sightings up to June, five in February and three in March, November and December also recorded threes.

The only record outside Penclacwydd was of 1 at Usk Reservoir on 23rd October. Four birds reported at Penclacwydd Jan – Mar.

2 at Machynys on 16th March. 1 there on 21st. Good records again from Penclacwydd with three January and February and four in March.

Individuals at Penclacwydd on 19th March and 12th April. 1, Mynydd Llanfihangel-rhos-y-corn. 10th October.

Burry Port October 20th. Maximum of 4 at Penclacwydd in March.

Three records: Machynys Point May 12th and Penclacwydd May 15th and 2 December 15th.

Singles at Penclacwydd October 28th and November 4th, Llyn Lech Owain November 27th and Gwendraeth December 15th.