Scientific: Tryngites subruficollis

Cymraeg: Pibydd Torchog

A spring and autumn passage migrant with occasional winter records.

3, near Llangennech, 22 Sept; 8, Morfa Cydweli, 21 October.

3 Females, Pembrey Airfield, 16 October.

1, Witchett Pool, 16 September; 3 (1 male), Morfa Cydweli, 22 September.

2, Morfa Cydweli, 15 September; 1, Cydweli Quay, 5 & 10 October; 5, Pembrey, 18 October; 3, Cefn Sidan Sands, 29 December is first December record for county.

Female, Laugharne, 13 April – spring records are scarce. 2, Morfa Coedbach, Cydweli, 27 August; female, Pembrey Old Harbour, 4th; 1, Morfa Coed yr Ynn, Ferryside, 27th & 28 September; Tywyn Point., 4 October; 4 (2 male), Pembrey Airfield/Morfa Cydweli, 14 November.

Several early winter vagrants, male with Fieldfares, Tywgyn Pond, Ffairfach, 8 January; 2 males, Pembrey Airfield, 4th, 1 on 5 February, 3 males, 9 March A notable April passage through Morfa Coedbach, Cydweli, began with 3 males, one with a perfect ruff, 5th, 4 none with ruff, 6th, 3 males, 14th, 42+, 15th, c70 on 18th was considerably larger than the others. The previous highest county total was c24, Pembrey Airfield, September 1974. The autumn passage began with an early juvenile Penclacwydd, 22 July, then between 8 September-22 November, several sightings of 2 at Coedbach, Morfa Cydweli and Pembrey Airfield, with 4 there, 22 December.

Singles, Morfa Coedbach 3rd; 21 February; Penclacwydd on 7th; Banc y Lord, 28 August.

Singles, Penclacwydd WWT, 5 & 6 May and 16 September (2); Cefn Sidan, 27 August; juvenile Ginst Point, 24 September

Singles, Penclacwydd WWT, 28/29 mar and 25 April. Banc y Lord, 22nd. 2 on 24 July. 1, Cydweli Quay, 17 August and 23 September. 4, Penclacwydd WWT, 8th. 1, Burry Port, 10-24 September 3 Morfa Coedbach, 6th. 1, Pembrey Airfield, 27 October.

2 Tywyn Point 13 January. At Penclacwydd, male 23 March 2nd and 23 April 23-30th also female 30 May, singles in August September and October; singles Cydweli Quay 6th; Llangennech 8 August.

Recorded on spring passage between 18th April and 19th May. Penclacwydd: 2 on 18th and 4 on 21st April, 1 on 3rd and 3 females on 18th to 19th May. Banc y Lord Pond: 3 females on 19th May (additional to the Penclacwydd birds). Recorded on autumn passage from 24th August Penclacwydd: juvenile on 24th to 25th August, juvenile 6th to 7th September and 1 on 18th November Cydweli: 1 on 28th August Coed Farm, Ferryside: 1 on 20th November. Ginst Point: female on 3rd September. East Marsh, Ginst: 1 on 20th September.

Records involved a minimum of 24 birds. The only spring bird was present at Penclacwydd from 20th March into April.

Autumn passage birds started appearing at Penclacwydd in August, with a maximum of 5 birds recorded that month. A new Centre record was set on the 11th when 17 were counted on the scrapes. A couple of these birds lingered into October Three other sites attracted autumn Ruff: Tygwyn Pond, juvenile from 22nd August to 26th; Llandeilo-abercywyn: 3 on 19th September and Pembrey Airfield: 2 on 21st September.

At Penclacwydd the first birds arrived in April with a female there on 21st. A minimum of 10 were recorded there in May with 2-3 birds remaining through the summer. Autumn numbers were low with a maximum of 7 in September from which a single bird lingered until 8th November. Other sites where singletons were seen were: Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach on 22nd July and Ginst Point on 6th November and again in December.

At Penclacwydd spring passage was noted from 22nd March with 1, increasing to 8 by 31st. The April max. was 8 on 12th, decreasing to 1 by 3rd May. The next record was 1 on 14th June, with 2 breeding plumage males on 24th. The peak autumn count was of 8 on 9th – 10th September; with the last record being of 1 on 12th November

The only other records were of singles at Bevan’s Pond on 11th August and Pembrey Country Park on 18th October.

The first spring passage record was of 2 at Penclacwydd on 11th February, with a maximum of 3 on 26th March and 2 on 16th May.

Autumn passage was noted at Penclacwydd from 23rd July to 18th October with 5 recorded in September. The only other record was of 1 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 23rd November.

Records from Penclacwydd in the first winter period were of 3 from 25th -28th January, with 2 remaining to 14th February The only spring passage record was of 1 from 3rd – 5th May. Autumn passage was noted from 20th July; with the best count of 4 on 3rd October and the last of 1 on 13th October.

The only other records were of 1 at Cydweli Marsh 1 on 19th August and 6 at Machynys on 20th September.

At Penclacwydd in the first winter period there were 2 on 14th January Spring passage started with 2 on 21st March, increasing to 9 on 25th, with 2 remaining to 2nd April. These were followed by a male from 26th – 28th May, with another on 21st – 22nd June. Autumn passage was noted from 27th July to 6th November, with the best counts being of 4 on 6th September and 7th October.

The only other record was of 1 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 10th January.

Records from Ginst Point were of singles on 9th and 24th January, 7th February and 20th November, with 3 on 28th December. Highest count at Penclacwydd was 5 in July.

Main recording at Penclacwydd was July – October with a maximum of 7 in August. The only other record was of 1 at Ginst on 2nd December.

Small numbers at Penclacwydd July – October, away from Penclacwydd, there was a record from Ginst Point, of a single on 11th November.

Penclacwydd early part of the year two most months, no sightings in May, summer period high count was 4 in September. Three other records: the first, a Reeve, from well inland at Dinefwr Ponds on 4th August, the second, a juvenile, at Upper Loughor on 9th and the third at Kidwelly on 9th September.

2 at Kidwelly on 22nd August; 3 there on 24th; 1 at Llandilo-abercowin on 5th September and 1 at Kidwelly on 28th. Few sightings at Penclacwydd this year with the highest count of 4 in September.

Kidwelly Quay August28th. At Penclacwydd 2 August 15th, 4 August26th, 3 August 31st, 3 September 2nd, 5 September 3rd, 3 September 19th and 4 September 23rd.

Male Kidwelly Quay May 15th and Machynys Golf Club Ponds August28th. At Penclacwydd July 26th – September 11th.

The key site for this species was Coed Bach, Kidwelly. Birds were present from September 17th (3) right through to October 29th with a maximum of 14 September 16th. A wintering bird was there December 31st. Elsewhere 2 were at Penclacwydd August 15th and 2 there September 15th & 17th. Another was at Pentre Davis May 30th.

A scattering of records, from coastal sites during migration periods. Wintering at Coedbach revealed by singles there January 5th-February 3rd and December 30th.