Scientific: Turdus torquatus

Cymraeg: Mwyalchen Y Mynydd

Rare breeding summer visitor on upland crags in the north east. Occasional coastal passage records.

First arrival, Gwenffrwd, 10 April Only a few breeding pairs, mainly on Mynydd Du.

Ads and newly fledged young, Cwm Clydach, near Pont Clydach, 2 June; female at nest, near Llyn y Fan Fach, 31 May. 1, singing, Troedrhiwbylchau, near Rhandirmwyn, 19 June.

2 nesting pairs in Mynydd Du (Black Mountain) foothills, above Cwmllynfell, 5 May and Brynaman, 7 May.

Singing male, Mynydd Du, 4 May, pair with female on nest 11 May.

First, 3 males, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 22 April Possibly 2 pairs bred in the vicinity of the reserve. Nest with 4 young, Mynydd Du, 18 May.

Male, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 9 June; Burry Port 26 September.

Female, on passage, Trichrug near Bethlehem 24 April A pair near Llyn y Fan Fach; singing male, near Llanddeusant, 1 May.

Females, Mynydd Tair Carn isaf, 3 May; Afon Twrch near Cwmllynfell 28 July.

Male, Tywyn Point, 1 April.

3 Dinas Reserve 26th. Singles, Morfa Bychan 6th; Llyn y Fan Fach 13 October.

The first arrival was a male seen at the disused limestone quarries at Clogau Bach, Mynydd Du on 4th April.

During the survey of the breeding birds Mynydd Du 8 pairs were located. One pair was in the disused quarries at Foel Fawr, another in the upper reaches of the Pedol and 2 on the Carmarthenshire length of the Old Red Sandstone cliffs above Llyn y Fan Fach. Two pairs in Cwm Twrch actually nested on rock outcrops on the Breconshire side, but their territories included parts of Carmarthenshire. All pairs were associated with steep rocky breaks in topography with growths of heather, bilberry and other vegetation.

An adult male at Cwm Pedol on 24th April provided the earliest spring record whilst another was noted at Foel Fawr, Mynydd Du, on 28th April. Autumn-passage birds were recorded at Cynnant, Cynghordy: 3 on 28th August and a singleton feeding amongst hedgerow hawthorns at Llwynhendy on 1st September

The sole breeding season record was of 2 birds in the upper reaches of Cwm Pedol on 25th June. Six moved through Cynnant, Cynghordy on 31st August.

The only records of this scarce species were singing males at Garreg yr Ogof on 29th April and Llyn y Fan Fach on 30th and a female at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 29th May.

A male at Bannau Sir Gar on 6th April provided the first spring record. The Carmarthenshire part of Mynydd Du held 8 pairs/territories (and 2 others just over the border in Breconshire). The last bird of the year was 1 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 9th October.

There were 4 records: a singing male at Garreg Las, Mynydd Du on 16th June, 1 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 5th July, a male at Blaen y cylchau, Mynydd Du on 18th September and 3 on Mynydd Llanllwni on 27th.

The only record was of a singing male at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 16th March and 10th April.

All records follow: – In April, there were single males at Cefn Carnfadog on 5th, Cynghordy on 15th and Foel Fawr on 29th and a pair at Llyn-y-Fan Fach on 16th. An RSPB survey revealed at least 1, possibly 2 territories at Bannau Sir Gaer in May. There were 2 on Mynydd Du on 17th October.

The only spring record was of 2 males at Brest Cwm Llwyd, Mynydd Du on 22nd March. There were 2 records of autumn passage birds: 4 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 23rd September and a male at Pont Clydach, Mynydd Du on 26th October.

One reported at Foel Fawr Quarries, Mynydd Du on 3rd July. A second, at Cynnant, on 20th October.

A better year for this species, with a total of seven records. First up, 1 at Penrhyngwvn on 29th March. A pair was on the Mynydd Du on 19th April. At Foe! Fawr Quarry, a male on 12th May. A pair feeding chicks at Llyn y Fan Fach on 29th June and a family group of at least 5 birds at Garn Fach on 4th July. On their return, an immature at Morfa Bychan on 19th October and 3 at Brest y Fedw on 22nd.

Just one record, a single at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 2nd and 4th April.

Three Cynghordy September 28th and 4 considered to be different birds September 30th.

Females at Mynydd Du March 24th and August 1st. On October 8th Cynghordy and 3 October 15th Banc Melin and a single Carn Cennen.

Only noted on migration: Myndd Myddfai September 10th & 16th and Cynghordy 4 September 26th and 2 October 13th.

Sadly this species could now be extinct as a breeding bird in the county. Passage birds as follows: Garreg Lwyd male April 20th, female/immature Cynghordy August 24th, Garreg Lwyd 2 August 26th, Herbert’s Quarry, Mynydd Du 3 October 7th, Pwll October 8th and Garreg lwyd October 21st.