Scientific: Turdus iliacus

Cymraeg: Coch Dan-aden

A winter visitor, more regularly found in lowland situations.

Winter flock max 1000 Llansawel, 29 January; 200, Dryslwyn, 5 January. First arrivals at Pwll & Gwenffrwd, 8 October, 180, Gwenffrwd, 20 October.

Early year maximum, 420, Meinciau, 23 January. Last seen, Rhandirmwyn, 11 April first autumn arrivals, Rhandirmwyn and Stradey, Llanelli, 21 October Late winter maximum, c.900, Porthyrhyd, Llanwrda, 23 December.

Large flocks and passage movements, Tywi valley, c1500 at ratio of 3:1 Redwings to Fieldfares flying West 9th, c2000 and c3000 12th & 13th; c2000 flying West, Pontargothi, 14 February; c3000 flying North, Abergwili 13 December. First arrivals, 8 Gwenffrwd Reserve, 3rd, larger movement of 70 on 7 October. 400+, Llanwrda, flying South, 8 October.

2650+, Tywyn Burrows, 12 January Many died, Llanelli – Tywyn Point area during January snow. First arrival, Gwenffrwd Reserve 12 October. 100+, Dryslwyn, 23 November.

196 Furnace, 5th; 200+ Dryslwyn/Gelli Aur, 8th; c50 Gwenffrwd Reserve, 17 February; last seen Llandovery, 19 April. First of autumn heard flying at night over Llandeilo, 10th; c1500, flying West Porthyrhyd, Llanwrda, 20 October.

Last departure, 5 Upper Lliedi Reservoir, 8 April, first autumn arrival, Rhandirmwyn, 4 October. Maxa c60, Laugharne Burrows, 13 January c750, flying West, Carmarthen, 10 December. An albino, Llandovery, 20 December.

Early year maxa, c400, Fforest 4th; c800 Broad Oak, 9th; c200, Llanfynydd, 28 February; c1500 flying E at dusk, Carmarthen 16 February; last 8 Rhandirmwyn, 20 March First of autumn there again 12 October, maxa c120, Llanegwad, 14th; c200, Dryslwyn, 25 October; c250, Llanarthne, 12 December.

125, Pontargothi 10th; c.150, Abergorlech, 25 January. Passage over Llwynhendy & Llandeilo 8th; c100, Rhandirmwyn 11 October.

Last and first, Llandovery, 10 March and 24 September; c200, Rhandirmwyn, 25 October; c300, Pontynyswen, 15 November; c300, Morfa Cydweli, 2 December.

Last Cynghordy, 11 April, first Llandovery 6 October. Large influx to coastal areas during snow 7-13 February. 140 Pendine Burrows 12 February.

The largest counts in the first winter period were c100 at Cilsan Bridge on 4th February; 150 near Ragwen Point on 8th February, 147 at Pendine on 3rd March and 100 at Penybryn Farm (south of Bynea) on 4th March.

The first arrival of the autumn was 1 at Pembrey Country Park on 4th October. This was followed by c25 at Llandyfan and others heard calling at Castle Woods, Llandeilo on 7th October At Pendine there were 80 on 6th November.

Recorded up to 5th March with 220 at Ginst Point and 70 at Ffrwd Fen. Other records were 68 at Ginst Point on 4th January and 120 on 8th February; 80 at Llansteffan on 14th February and 150 at Ffairfach on 2nd March.

The first of the autumn were 70 at Rhosmaen on 12th October. These were followed by several small flocks including 30 at Banc y Lord on 24th October; 30 at Rhandirmwyn on 30th October; 31 at Ginst Point on 4th November and 70 at Bethlehem on 16th November. The largest flocks were 150 at Llandeilo on 30th November with 300 there on 16th December; 80 at Dryslwyn on 12th December; 100 at Banc y capel on 15th December; 350 at Llangadog on 24th December and 90 at Llangain on 28th December.

Maxima recorded in the early winter period included: c.150 at Pontnewydd on 4th January; 230 at Llangadog on 6th January and 200 at Ffairfach on 20th January. A nocturnal spring passage was heard at Salem on 7th April and the last spring record was on 30th April at Cynghordy.

The first autumn arrivals were 30 at Ffosddu farm, Salemon 11th October. Birds were widespread throughout the county by mid-October. Notable numbers were seen at Cynghordy in late November including c 500 on 23rd.

The larger flocks for the first winter period included 400 at Carmarthen on 7th January, 220 at Ginst Point on 9th January and 150 at Llandeilo on 10th February.

Second winter period records were 60 at Cross Hands on 30th October and 50 at Ferryside on 11th December.

In the first winter period notable flocks included 200 at Cynghordy on 8th January and 400 there on 30th. There were 3000+ at Pembrey Airfield during cold weather on 11th February.

The only sizeable flock in the second winter period was of 200 at Penybanc, Llandeilo on 19th December.

In the first winter period, the only notable count was of 230 at Brook Farm, Pendine on 16th Jan.

A large influx was noted over Taliaris on 13th October, with 960 birds flying west during a 2 hour spell. Hundreds of birds were constantly flying westwards in flocks of 50 – 100, between Pont Abraham and Llandeilo on the same date.

The largest flocks noted were of 250 at Llangadog on 20th February and 200 at Rhandirmwyn on 5th Nov.

The only notable flocks were of 100 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 6th January and 130+ at Glan Gwendraeth on 2nd February. The first arrivals of the autumn were noted over Llanelli and Hendy on 15th October.

Counts for the first winter period were of 200 at Cynghordy on 13th January, 32 at Cilsan Bridge on 26th. In April there were 40 at Taliaris on 1st and 20 at Hermon on 3rd. The first autumn record was from Penclacwydd on 9th October. There were 150 at Llangadog on 10th November. A Westward movement was noted at Taliaris following snow on 28th December.

An interesting report featured 3 birds roosting – at about 5am – in the middle of a road, half a mile on the Talley side of Cwmdu on 25th February. There was only one other first winter record of the species, of 150 at Cynnant on 17th March. In the autumn the first flock was noted flying overhead, at Llandyfaelog, on 18th October. First birds at Pwllau, Taliaris were on 22th October.

Three observations from one pair of eyes! 150 near Llansadwrn on 24th January. Last seen in the first half of the year of the year at Pwllau, Taliaris, on 15th March. 100 returning birds south east of the same place on 7th October. 100 at Penclacwydd in November.

In January 100 at Llanerchindda, Cynghordy on 29th. Three February counts, of 47, 30 and 70, at Pembrey Airport Road on 3rd, Commissioners’ Bridge on 19th and Bancyffordd on 20th respectively. Last of the spring, anywhere, were at Rhydcymerau on 23rd March. The first autumn immigrants, 12 at Cwmhiraeth, and at Pwllau, Taliaris, on 12th October. A day later at Rhydcymerau, with c40. At Llandeilo on 20th October c60 fed on Yew berries in the churchyard. 50 were at the sewage works, Kidwelly, on 3rd November, c20 there on 5th. As with Wood Pigeons and Fieldfares, so too with Redwing. ‘scores’ flying east along the coast for 2 hours early morning, at Tyrwaun. Pwll. Two flocks of 100 at Llangadog on 23rd December and, finally, 150 at Rhandirmwyn, on 29th.

From 2nd to 4th November several thousands passed through Penclacwydd.

100 Cynghordy February 23rd, 70 Taliaris March 1st and 76 Penclacwydd December 16th.

65 Talley January30th, 98 Cilsan Bridge February 6th and 200 there December 11th. A movement described as “several hundred” at Laugharne October 16th and finally 300 Llangadog December 28th.

Large counts included 100 Dryslwyn Bridge January 3rd, 200 Pen-y-Banc November 1st, 100 Cynnant, Cynghordy November 3rd and 200 Crychan November 16th.

Largest groups reported were c250 Edwinsford January 15th and Llyn Llech Owain October 16th.