Scientific: Phoenicurus phoenicurus

Cymraeg: Tingoch

A breeding summer visitor in the open upland oak-birch woods of the north and east. Small numbers occur on passage along the coast.

First arrival, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 10 April A good year, 21 pairs nested in CBC plot, Gwenffrwd Reserve, c.f. 9 in 1976. Last record, Ginst Point, 31 October.

First and last, Rhandirmwyn, 15 April & 30 August

First arrival, Castle Woods, Llandeilo, 15 April, last, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 6 September.

First arrival, Garn Goch, Bethlehem, 7 April, last Gwenffrwd Reserve, 17 September 1 pair per 1.5 hectares of suitable woodland similar to 1984.

First, Llandovery, 21 April; last, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 11 September. Pair bred in nest box, Gelli Aur Country Park.

First, 3, Bethlehem, 14 April, last 2, Pembrey Forest, 4 October. 6 pairs, near Llanarthne, where not previously found, also more Common, Betws. 1 singing, Tywi estuary, Croesyceiliog, 14 June. Pair, near Drefach, Llanelli, 7 May.

First arrival, Gelli Aur; Llandovery, 10 April; last immature Pembrey Forest, 22 October. Pair feeding young, Llansteffan, 23 May indicates further extension of range to S.

First arrival Llandovery 16 April last there 17 September.

First, Llandovery, 23 April, last, Rhandirmwyn, 1 September.

First arrival, Pendine Burrows 1 March an early record. Main arrival mid-April

First spring record was at Gelli Aur on 8th April.

Noted during the breeding season in ‘upland’ Carmarthenshire down to the woods flanking the Amman valley, Gelli Aur and with a regular pair near Drefach being the most southerly. An estimated 30 pairs bred on the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve.

First spring record was at Castle Woods, Llandeilo on 8th April.

The earliest spring record was 1 at Maesycrugiau on 11th April. A passage female was at East House, near Ginst Point on 6th October.

Seventy pairs bred at the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve, a pair utilised a nest box at Gelli Aur and 2 pairs bred at Ty’n-y-Waun, Myddfai.

The first spring record was a passage bird at Old Castle Pond, Llanelli on 8th April. A total of 23 pairs were located in a sample plot count at Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve (cf 21 in 1994).

The first bird of the year was a male at Esgairdawe on 11th April. A sample plot count at the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve recorded 19 pairs (cf23 in 1995). There were 20 breeding records for the Carmarthenshire part of Mynydd Du and at Gelli Aur 2 pairs bred in nest boxes fledging 12 young.

The first spring record was from near Rhandirmwyn on 8th April. A sample plot count at Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve recorded 23 singing males (cf. 19 in 1996).

A male on 4th April at Cynghordy was an unusually early arrival.

The first bird of the year was sighted at Ffairfach on 8th April followed three days later by another at Dinefwr Ponds on 11th. Eight pairs were counted on a sample plot at the Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve, where the 8-year mean was 8.4 pairs.

The first record was of 1 in woodland below Carreg Cennen on 10th April.

Breeding summer visitor to the open up/and oak-birch woods of the north and east. Small numbers at the coast on passage.

First three birds of the year were: at Dryslwyn on 6th April; Llandeilo on 8th and Dryslwyn again on 9th (Migration Watch). On 15th the male of a pair at Dinefwr Park spent some of its time attacking a Robin and Blue Tit.

A female at Carreg Sawdde Common, Llangadog on 30th March. 1 at Rhydcymerau – 3 pair bred there – on 14th April. Singles at Llandeilo on 15th: Lanlas on 17th and near Rhiw-ddu, Gwynfe on 18th. Maximum of 3 at Dinas on 9th May and Glanrannell Park on 12th. 1, Talley Lakes. 2, Dinefwr Park, on 17th and 18th May respectively. A pair bred at Pentre-Gwenlais Quarry, Carmel, seen on 3rd July. A number of juveniles – 3 or 4 near Tygwyn Pond on 8th July. 5 passage birds near Blaengorlech, Brechfa Forest, on 14th August and a female last at Rhydcymerau on 14th September. Seen only in July at Pwllau Taliaris). A pair bred at Craig Cwmclyd, Mynydd Myddfai.

Several pairs at the RSPB Dinas reserve. Several breeding pairs also at Dinefwr and Castle Woods, Llandeilo. Elsewhere at Cynghordy clutches of 3 with 6, 3 with 7 and 2 with 8 eggs were found.

Eight clutches from Cynghordy produced at least 33 young. Males singing Castell Craigyrwyddon, Crychan Forest April 12th and Cwm Golau May 26th. Several pairs nesting at Dinefwr and Castle Woods, Llandeilo.

At the RSPB Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve 65 breeding territories were located.

The first for the year was a singing male at Cilsan Bridge April 10th. Widespread as a breeding bird but very few records received. The last migrant was at Carmarthen Bay Caravan Park October 21st.