Scientific: Alca torda

Cymraeg: Llurs

Regularly recorded in small numbers in Carmarthen Bay and outer estuaries. Most records September to November. Occasionally recorded in other months.

2, site swimming offshore, try Cefn Sidan, 27 October and Pembrey, 4 December.

5, Ginst Point, 19 October; 1, off Burry Port, same date. 2 immatures, Burry Port, 22 October.

Small numbers, Carmarthen Bay, from boat, 22 July; 1, off Cefn Sidan Sands, 21 September.

Small numbers off shore Cefn Sidan and Telpyn Point, Apr/November.

1 off Telpyn Point, 10 April, 2, Burry Port, 7 November; 1, St. Ishmael, 29 December.

1, off Pendine Burrows, 11 April; 3, Cefn Sidan, 16 October.

11 off Cefn Sidan, 11th. 6 on 15 September up to 17 off Telpyn Point, 19-22 October. 7 oiled corpses, Cefn Sidan, 19/20 February.

1 oiled corpse Cefn Sidan 3rd; off Burry Port 7 January. Several from boat off Pendine July/August.

Cefn Sidan: 1 on 27th and 28th September, 3 on 17th October and 2 on 18th. Salmon Scar Point: 1 on 16th Oct and 18th. St. Ishmael: 1 on 18th October. Pendine: 1 on 6th November. A typical set of autumn records.

A poor year with only 2 records: 1 off Burry Port on 26th March and 2 off Cefn Sidan on 17th October.

Four were seen from a boat in Carmarthen Bay between Cefn Sidan and Telpyn Point on 26th June and 1 was seen at Telpyn Point on 8th October.

There were only 2 records, of 7 seen from a boat in Carmarthen Bay, on 1st September and 1 at Pendine on 6th October.

There was 1 spring record of 2 at Marros on 23rd March. Autumn records were of 2 at Cefn Sidan on 6th October and 1 on 19th, 2 at Telpyn Point, 3 at Morfa Bychan and 1 at Burry Port on 26th, with 6 at Cefn Sidan and 10 at Pendine on 1st November.

The 3 records were all from the west, with singles at Telpyn Point on 31st January and 18th April and 2 at Morfa Bychan on 21st March .

The only record was of 12 off Cefn Sidan on 15th October.

The only record was of 2 at Cefn Sidan on 20th February.

4 birds at Cefn Sidan on 9th October was the only record received.

The first ever record from Penclacwydd was of 2 on the estuary from 15th to 17th October.

Burry Port Harbour January 2nd and 11th, Cefn Padrig January 29th, 5 Telpyn Point March 27th and 2 there April 17th, Carreg-fach September 28th and finally 5 Burry Port October 20th. A bird picked up at Pembrey Burrows July 6th and taken to Gower Bird Hospital died in care. It had been ringed on June 14th 2004 at The Brisons, St.Justinians, Cornwall.

Pendine September 18th.

Single Off Burry Port Harbour May 30th and then after horrendous gales in late November and early December up to 2 were noted between Pendine and Llanelli.

Five at Telpyn Point January 25th, Penclacwydd October 14th, St. Ishmael October l5th and offshore Pembrey Country Park November 3rd most of c200 auks were described as being of this species.