Scientific: Phasianus colchicus

Cymraeg: Ffesant

Pheasants are regularly reared and released by local shooting groups in varying parts of the county, but unless augmented by further releases populations are not self-maintaining and soon expire.

Recorded in many localities in small numbers. 1 in Llanelli Town centre during early January snow..

Locally resident in small numbers, supplemented by releases.

Locally resident augmented by releases.

Small local population, augmented by releases; 1 Castle Woods, Llandeilo, 18 September was first record for reserve, .

Reported from 7 districts.

Male, all white (not albino) near Llanfynydd 21 October.

Regularly seen around the Witchett Pool and at Broad Oak, where numbers were much reduced from previous years.

Regularly seen around the Witchett Pool and at Broad Oak.

A male at Cynghordy on 7th June was the first in the area for 4 years. Singles at Tyddyn, Llangadog on 24th October and 5th November were the first in the area in 8 years.

Birds were noted at Broad Oak and Taliaris.

Recorded at Broad Oak, Taliaris, Llanfynydd, near Edwinsford, Morfa-uchaf, Ferryside, Witchett Pool, Ffrwd Fen, Ashpits Pond, Dolau Fan, Burry Port and Cencoed-uchaf.

Two males were seen at Cwm Howell. Nr. Llannon on 13′” of January. At Pendacwydd. where this is a very scarce species, one female was recorded from 8th October to 21st November, two females between 1st and 19th December, and four females on 20th December.

At Penclacwydd, where it is very scarce, a female was in residence from 20th January to 26th June and again from 11th October to 31st December. 6 in a fallow field near Telpyn Point on 11th November. Also recorded March to October inclusive at Pwllau, Taliaris.

Regularly seen in the Talley and Taliaris areas. Singles at Co1ston Farm, Llanmiloe House and Three Lords all April 13th and Penclacwydd January 1st-February 5th.

Penrhiwgoch July 15th, Capel Dewi August 1st and on the beach at Tywyn Point September 22nd. Regular around Talley Lakes.

Numerous in the Talley area and also reported from Garth near Ammanford May 11th.

Reported from Talley, Taliaris, Salem, Llangadog, Llyn Lich Owain, Ffordd y Waren and Pwll.