Scientific: Calidris melanotus

Cymraeg: Pibydd Cain

One at Penclacwydd from 25th – 27th July was the second county record, the first was in July 1977.

Records from Penclacwydd in September, and one or more birds: 7th, 9th, 25th & 27th, with the bird on the 25th independently reported in the Penclacwydd wild bird records. Birdguides gives the bird on the 25th as a juvenile. Unprecedented numbers were reported in Britain and Ireland in 2003, as documented in ‘Pectoral Sandpipers in Europe: vagrancy patterns and the influx of 2003’ by Alexander C. Lees and James J. Gilroy in British Birds. December 2004. The article points up the difficulties of determining the origin of the birds concerned. Debate is to be encouraged but written opinion elsewhere, without evidence or explanation, asserting that the bird/s were ‘…probably both Siberian origin…’ serves little purpose. It would be better if as a prerequisite, the appropriate rarity description form was completed and submitted.

The two previously accepted records date from 1977 and 1996.

Juvenile Coed Bach Kidwelly September 12th-24th, September 26th and October 10th -11th Curlew Sandpiper Calidris ferruginea Pibydd Cambig Scarce passage migrant particularly in August.

Coed Bach was again the place for this species with a single September 8th-16th, 2 September 17th, 4 September 18th, 2 September 24th and a single October 15th & 21st. One at Penclacwydd August 15th.