Scientific: Aix galericulata

Cymraeg: Hwyaden Mandarin

A rare, but increasingly regular visitor.

1, Pembrey Country Park, 31 July. 2nd record for county.

6 flew into Trecynllaith Fish Farm, Glanaman and stayed for the day, 16 November.

A male at Penclacwydd on 3rd and 6th May was only the fourth county record, the last being in 1990.

A female at Penclacwydd on 30th – 31st December was the fifth county record.

A record year, with 4 records. At Penclacwydd a female remained from 30th December 1995 – 17th April, a male on 12th March and a female from 30th October – 31st December. A pair was at Llandeilo on 11th April with a male seen on 19th.

At Penclacwydd a female was seen on 2nd and 8th January and 7th August. There were a series of sightings in the Llandeilo area with pair on 7th January; a male on the Tywi near Castle Woods on 11th – 12th April, a male at Dinefwr Ponds on 27th, with a juvenile there on 12th July. It seems likely that breeding occurred in the area. Finally a female was at Tygwyn, Ffairfach on 6th December.

The only records were of a pair at Dinefwr Ponds on 24th May and a female on the Tywi near Tygwyn Pond, Ffairfach on 18th December. This former vagrant has now been recorded annually since 1994.

All records were from Penclacwydd with a female from 9th – 21st October, a pair from 22nd – 3rd November, with the male remaining to 14th. This former vagrant has now been recorded annually since 1994.

A male was at Conwyl Elied on 17th October. At Penclacwydd there was a female from 12th October to 31st December. These two appearances maintain the annual occurrence of this species, since 1994.

A single record, from Penclacwydd, of a female first seen on New Year’s Day continues the series of annual sightings since 1994.

A drake and a duck at Penclacwydd from 13th January to 12th March. and a drake and 2 ducks there from 13th March to 27th April.

Four unringed birds not from the collection at Penclacwydd February 6th.

Up to 3 not from the collection at Penclacwydd all year.

Three Penclacwydd January 15th and thereafter a male until May 14th

Two males at Penclacwydd January 4th, pair Bishop’s Pond, Abergwili February 2lst and pair throughout February at Penclacwydd.