Scientific: Carduelis cabaret

Cymraeg: Llinos Bengoch

A breeding resident. Mainly found in young conifer plantations in upland regions.

Present during breeding season, Rhandirmwyn and Tumble. Winter maxa. 22, near Tywyn Point, 14 February; 30, Rhandirmwyn, 9 November.

1 or 2 pairs bred, Gwenffrwd Reserve, where recorded in small numbers every month except in January. Probably bred in conifer plantations elsewhere. Much lower winter counts than usual, with a maximum of 6, Llandovery, 8 January.

Present and presumed breeding at Crychan Forest, Pontarllechau, Rhandirmwyn and Cwm Cathan, near Pantyffynnon. Few records of winter flocks. Maxa, c50, Crychan forest, 4th; 21 near Blaen Wysg (Usk) Reservoir 17 November. 2, near Dinefwr Ponds, 25 November, was first record for Castle Woods, Llandeilo.

Singing males in breeding season at Crychan Forest, near Gwenffrwd Reserve, Llyn Llech Owain and near Blaen Wysg (Usk) Reservoir maxa, 45, Crychan Forest; 35, Rhandirmwyn, March; 10, Witchett Pool, 8 December; Party of 9, with Crossbills, Pembrey Forest, 28 September.

Recorded all months of the year, in small parties of 2-10. Present during breeding season in small conifer plantations near Gweunydd Cochion, Tumble, Llwynteg (Llannon) in the South as well as the extensive conifer blocks in the North and mid-county. Maxa, 12 Pembrey Forest, 12 January; 35, Gwenffrwd Reserve, January 60 in April 20 in June.

Breeding locally in conifer plantations throughout country. Flocks of c50 Gwenffrwd Reserve, September; c120, near Llyn Brianne, 29 December.

Winter flock c40, Derwydd, September.

Winter flock, c.50, Rhandirmwyn, September.

Present and bred in small numbers from Rhandirmwyn and Llanybydder to Llanelli and Ammanford, scarcer in the Westuary A single Mealy Redpoll feeding with Linnets near Blaen Wysg (Usk) Reservoir, 6 October.

Present during bs at Rhandirmwyn, Caeo, Tumble and Cynwyl Elfed.

There were breeding season records from the extensive conifer plantations of Caeo Forest in May and June, Crychan Forest in June and the Brechfa-Abergorlech area. It was also noted in smaller blocks of conifers and rough ground/scrub such as Gweunydd Cochion, Tumble in May, Llwyn Teg, Llannon and Penyrheolddu, nr. Ammanford in May.

Spring passage records were 7 at Pendine Burrows on 3rd March; 6 at Ginst Point on 14th March and 2 at Pembrey on 18th April. Autumn passage saw 8 at Pendine Burrows on 22nd October.

Eight birds at Pembrey Harbour on 22nd March were probably on passage, otherwise records refer to breeding localities c.20 at Gweunydd Cochion, Tumble 4th April; Mynydd Llanybydder Forest – “numerous” on 11th May; Fforest Plantation 13th August or wintering parties e.g. the 12 at Cynghordy on 28th November. The breeding sites refer to rough vegetation with willow/birch scrub or young conifer plantations.

Present during the breeding season at Garreglwyd (plantation), Witchett Pool (scrub) and near Llangennech Saltmarsh (scrub), Llyn Llech Owain (plantation), Crychan Forest (plantation) and Cynheidre (scrub). It also bred in plantations near Rhandirmwyn, and at Llangadog and Cynghordy.

The most noteworthy winter count was of 24 birds at Gelli Aur on 15th February.

The only sizeable counts were of 23 at Halfway, Llandovery on 22nd January and 30 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 14th October. An individual that flew over Penclacwydd on 31st July was the 3rd record for the site.

The only notable counts were of 10 in the Gwenffrwd valley on 28th January and 70 at Cynghordy on 21st December. Several were heard calling at Merlin’s Hill, Abergwili on 5th December.

At Cwm Nant Ifor near Rhandirmwyn only 2 pairs bred because of the advancing maturity of the surrounding conifers. A flock of 20 was noted in the breeding season at Bancyffordd on 10th May.

Outside the breeding season records were of 2 in Pembrey Forest on 23rd February, 1 at Penclacwydd on 8th March, 3 at Llanmiloe on 7th September, 1 at Penclacwydd on 8th November, with 8 there on 14th December.

Two pairs bred at Gwenffrwd colonising a new oak plantation. In the first winter period 8 were noted at High Street, Llanelli on 7th January and 12+ at Tywyn Point on 9th In the north west of the county 4 were seen at Banc-y-Ffordd on 13 July and the last record of the year concerned a small party of 6 at Cynghordy on 30th December.

The only noteworthy flocks consisted of 10 at Cynghordy on 10th February and in November; 8 near Taliaris on 11th and 17 at Rhydyrhach, Broad Oak on 15th.

There were 2 at Penclacwydd on 16th January and 22nd February. Records of single birds were received from Taliaris in May, October and December, Gwynfe in May and Witchett Pool in May.

Near the start of the year 2 were at Usk on 15th January . There were 2 or 3 at Dryslwyn on 25th January, and 6 or 7 at Cilsan Bridge on 28th March. A single bird was recorded at Penclacwydd, in the Millennium Wetlands on 11th September. 1 was at Pwllau, Taliaris, where it is now rare, on 12th November. And on 27th December 1 was recorded at Cwm Hiraeth.

Three early year birds, on 10th January, near Cynghordy. A hiatus until the breeding season when 4 seen at Bancyfford on 8th May; a singing male on Marros Mountain and 1 at Cwmllwyd, Gwynfe, both on 23rd June. They bred at Usk Reservoir and Halfway Forest . 2 at Penclacwydd on 2nd August. In a strange coincidence of dates 15 were at Cwm Hireath from 4th to 9th November; 1 overflying Pwllau, Taliaris on 9th and 15th and up to 4 at Penclacwydd from 15th to the end of the year.

3 at Penclacwydd on 10th January. 7 in Pembrey Forest on 23rd February. 3, Tan-y-lan, Llandybie, 6th March. 2, Gweunydd Cochion, Tumble, May. Singles over Brownhill Farm, Llanwrda on 6th and Banc Farm, Brechfa Forest on 14th. 1, Usk Reservoir, 26th May and 8, Brechfa Forest, 29th. 2 at Cennen Tower on 25th June. A pair at Kidwelly on 10th August. 1 feeding in willows at Rhydcymerau, where ‘…very uncommon lately…’ on 15th November. 1, Pwllau, Taliaris, 18th. 1, Burry Port, 30th.

2 Co1ston Farm April 30th and single Cynog’s Well April 30th & June 25th. At Cynghordy 10 December 25/26th.

Two Llanarthne July 26th, 3 Pendine November 29th and Four Kidwelly Quay December 14th. A maximum of 11 Penclacwydd November 13th and 10 Dryslwyn Bridge December 13th. A potential breeding bird at Betws Colliery June 8th.

20 Crychan Forest January 28th. Reported in smaller numbers from a further 6 sites.

Reported in winter from a number of sites. Potential breeding birds were in the Crychan Forest in June.