Scientific: Rissa tridactyla

Cymraeg: Gwylan Goesddu

Recorded annually on the coast in variable numbers. Most regular January to March during periods of strong south-westerly winds. Present off Cefn Sidan in summer.

Small numbers offshore, Cefn Sidan, summer.

Imm, possibly with signs of oiling, River Tywi, Dryslwyn, 29 January. 56, off Pendine, 14 June.

1 Ginst Point, 13 October.

3, from boat off Pendine, 22 July

Maximum c200, offshore Cefn Sidan, 15 August. Juvenile found exhausted inland, Pencader, 31 August taken to New Quay Bird Hospital, released 6 September.

1, Pendine Sands, 23 March; 50+ off Cefn Sidan Sands, 20 and 29 August. 1immatureon beach 2 August.

84 flying W after strong winds, Burry Inlet, off Penclacwydd, 11 March; 6 off Pendine Burrows, 11 October.

1, Burry Port Harbour, following gale, 10 February; 9, Cefn Sidan, 22 July; 3 oiled corpses, Cefn Sidan Sands, 19th, 5 on 20 February.

1 St.Ishmael 5 January; 82 Upper Llwchwr estuary19 March; 1 Salmon Scar Point 11 April.

Loughor Bridge: 92 on 13th March, probably same Burry Port: 76 flying west on 13th March. Salmon Scar Point: 2 on 21st March. St. Ishmael: 1 on 12th May. Cefn Sidan: 3 on 29th June. Pembrey Harbour: juvenile on 26th Aug. Penclacwydd: juvenile on 27th to 28th October and 21st November. These records occurred following strong south west winds.

There were 3 records of single birds, at Burry Port and St. Ishmael on 16th January and Telpyn Point on 24th January.

There were 4 land-based records: an adult winter at North Dock, Llanelli on 5th January; 13 at Cefn Sidan on 26th April with 3 there on 3rd August and 1 at Sandy Water Park on 11th December.

Boat trips in Carmarthen Bay produced 4 between Cefn Sidan and Telpyn Point on 26th June and 10 between Telpyn Point and Ginst Point on 21st August.

The only record was of 1 at Sandy Water Park/Old Castle Pond from 13th- 16th February.

The only record was 1 seen from a boat in Carmarthen Bay, on 1st September.

There were 3 records in February of 6 at Burry Port on 12th, an immature at Penclacwydd on 20th and a 1st winter at Pendine on 25th.

There were 4 records; singles at Penclacwydd on 1st January, Burry Port on 4th and Salmon Scar on 7th March and 5 at Pendine on 1st November.

There were 2 at Cefn Sidan on both 8th August and 15th October. In December during a period of stormy weather there were c.200 at Telpyn Point on 10th with c.100 there and 3 at Pendine on 12th. There was 1 over the Tâf Estuary on 29th.

One record, of 20 birds, at Telpyn Point on 21st June.

1 at Cefn Sidan on 16th January; an adult at Llanelli Beach on 2nd February and a first winter at Pembrey Saltings on the same day; 3 Burry Port on 5th; 1 at Cefn Sidan on 28th April and 2 at Penclacwydd on 12th July.

2 off Pembrey on 29ih April.

Six Cefn Sidan April 8th, single Burry Port August 17th and 2 adults August 25th and an immature there September 12th.

Off Cefn Sidan August 9th then a scattering of individuals through December at coastal sites

All records: Sandy Water Park January 17th, Burry Port July 30th, Cefn Padrig December 2nd and 5 there December 9th.