Scientific: Falco subbuteo

Cymraeg: Hebog Yr Ehedydd

A scarce spring and autumn passage migrant with occasional mid-summer records.

Dinefwr Ponds: 1 on 15th July. There have been other mid-summer records in recent years, but with no evidence of breeding. Recorded annually since 1975.

Imm, Morfa Cydweli, 15 September; 1 Porthyrhyd, Llanwrda, 29 September; Swiss Valley, 23 October.

1, possibly 2 near Llandeilo, 21 July-6 August and seen to “buzz” animmatureperegrine..

Single ad, first seen Cefn Sidan, 24 April then possibly same bird, Pwll/Tywyn Point. area irregularly, June/August.

Singles, Pendine, 17 April; near Llyn Llech Owain, 21 May; Castle Woods, Llandeilo, 9 and 15 July; Gwenffrwd Reserve, 25 & 25 June.

Singles, Pwll, 1 May; Penclacwydd WWT, 27 September.

Singles, Penclacwydd WWT, and Rhandirmwyn in May; Pendine, 13 September.

Single, Burry Port 7 March an early record; Penclacwydd 27 August; near St.Clears 7 September.

There were 9 sightings, by far the most for a single year in the county (1 in 1992). It was first seen at Pembrey Forest on 24th April, there were further records of single birds at Penclacwydd on 27th April and 17th May ; Ffairfach on 8th May; Whitemill on 23rd May; Witchett Pool on 15th June, Crugybar on 29th June; Penrhyngwyn on 1st August and finally at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 2nd September.

So far there is no suspicion of territory holding let along breeding, but observers are requested to bear such possibilities in mind when they encounter Hobby in the breeding season.

First seen at Cynheidre on 30th April, singles were also seen at Llyn Llech Owain on 4th June, Dolaugwynion, Llandovery on 6th July and Horeb, Five Roads on 14th July – this bird was a first year female which was picked up injured and subsequently died in captivity. A single bird flying east over Penclacwydd on 11th October was the last record.

A single bird was seen on 5 occasions at Ffairfach between 3rd July and14th Aug but no evidence of breeding was observed. The only other record came from the Usk Reservoir on 11th September.

There were two records of single birds; at Ffairfach on 9th July and at Llandybie on 31st July .1997: Hobbies were seen on 4 occasions at Penclacwydd between 8th April and15th July. There were also 4 records from the Llandeilo area in July and August. Other records were singles at the Tair Carn Ridge in late June, over Garnffrwd fishing lake on 9th July and Pentrefelin on 27th July. An immature with an adult on 11th September at Llangadog was too late to be proof of breeding within the county.

Very few records in 1998 with 1 at the Usk Reservoir on 1st May, 1 at Ffairfach on 2nd August, and 2 at Llyn Brianne on 8th August.

There were four summer records from the Tywi Valley: two sightings at Dryslwyn in mid May, a single at Ffairfach on 11th Jul and another at Dinefwr Park on 22nd July. These were followed by two autumn passage records of one at Llanfihangel-ar-arth on 6th September and one at Machynys on 23rd October which equals the latest ever date.

Singles were seen Penclacwydd on 24th May and 27th June. There were 4 records from the Tywi Valley: a juvenile. at Rhosmaen on 11th July, a calling adult at Dryslwyn on 27th July and singles at Llangunnor on 11th September and Dinefwr Park on 29th September. Another bird was watched being mobbed by Swallows at Pembrey Country Park on 21st August and there were 2 juveniles at Ashpits Pond 2 on 30th September, with 1 remaining to 1st October.

The first record was from Cynghordy, on 20th-21st June, closely followed, two days later, by 1 at Dolauhirion Bridge, Llandovery. A single was at Garreg Lwyd on 5th August and another, carrying a prey item and being mobbed by swallows, at Glan Du on 22nd August.

First incoming bird was at Dryslwyn on 18th April. A second, presumably, at St Ishmael on 28th. Thereafter, over Ffosddu on 6th May; Penclacwydd on 15th (Migration Watch); Llandeilo on 23rd; Pwllau, Taliaris, a new species for the place, on I8th June and Cilsan Bridge on 6th August.

From the 10th May at Rhosmaen, singles only also seen at the following localities: Penclacwvdd on 20th and 24th May: Glynea Pond, Bynea on 15th June: Pwllau, Taliaris – only the second record here – on 16th June: Pontardulais Bridge on 18th June: Maesteg, Capel Seion on 4th July: Ashpits Pond on 15th July and Cynghordy on 26th August.

Singles at Dryslwyn May 26th & 28th, and Capel Seion, Drefach August 21st and Penclacwydd October 10th. A pair at Abergorlech may have been breeding.

Singles at Pentre Davis May 29th, Dryslwyn July 14th, Talley & Dryslwyn July 24th, Barley Shoal, Tywi August 1st, Llangunnor September 3rd and Llangadog September 9th. Two pairs at Cwmifor and a bird chasing Sand Martins at Dryslwyn and Pentre Davis in the summer suggest evidence of breeding in the area.

One pair fledged one young in the Tywi Valley. This is the first proof of breeding in the county.

Two pairs located breeding the Twyi valley and singles seen elsewhere in the area during the breeding season. One pair definitely produced one young. Elsewhere migrants were noted at Penclacwydd August 26th.