Scientific: Circus cyaneus

Cymraeg: Bod Tinwen

A regular winter visitor, most often recorded along the coast, but also occurring at other areas where rough semi-natural vegetation dominates.

1, Llansteffan, 27 January; 2, Morfa Cydweli-Tywyn Point, early 1982, probably the 2 seen, Pendine Burrows. 1 male, Pembrey Burrows, 30 October, 9 & 17 December., and individuals seen, Machynys, Witchett Pool and Pembrey, in November, probably refer to more than one bird, confirmed sightings of 29, Llansteffan, 1 November.

A male and female regularly seen Tywyn Burrows – Morfa Cydweli, January – end March Singles at Llangain (female), 2 January; Salmon Scar Point, 15 January; Llansteffan, 19 January; Ginst Point – Witchett Pool, 23 January 13 & 27 February may refer to the same 2 birds above. Passage birds seen at Rhandirmwyn, 25 and 29 March and Middleton Hall, Porthyrhyd, 3 April 12 November – end December. 4 (3 male), Morfa Cydweli – Tywyn Burrows, 27 November.

Several sightings coastal strip Machynys – Laugharne in January-March all single male, female/ringtail birds except for a male and female, near Laugharne 24 February & 3 March. Otherwise male, Gwernogle, 15 February; near Rhandirmwyn, 21 August. Several sightings male bird, November-December, Pembrey-Laugharne. Female near Hermon, Cynwyl Elfed, 9 November.

Several sightings coastal strip, Llangennech – Wharley Point in January-February of single male, female/ringtail birds but 2 female/ringtail, Pembrey 13, male and female, Pembrey Country Park 21 February. Llanwrda, 22 May; Betws, 17 July. Only late year sightings, female, Pembrey 17 October; male 26 November, ; ringtail Tywyn Point 29 December.

Early year, up to 5 individuals (2 male, 2 female, 1 ringtail) seen on coastal burrows and marshes. Pembrey, Cydweli, Llansteffan, Witchett Pool, January – 11 March Female or immature, Mynydd Betws, 12 January. Late year, probably up to 4 coastal hinterland, 20 September-December. Ringtail, between Cynghordy/Rhandirmwyn, 13 October; male, Gweunydd Cochion, Tumble, 23 November. Rhos Pwll y Gawnen, Trelech, 22 December.

Pair present in Northern upland and moorland district during breeding seasonAt least 2 Ringtails regular on coastal strip Burry Inlet/Tâf estuary, early year – 18 April Ringtail, Mynydd Llanllwni, 7 July and 25 August; adult male, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 6 and 12 August. At least 3 present, Pembrey/Gwendraeth estuary, late year from 26 September

Single, Mynydd Du during breeding seasonMale near Derwydd, 10 April; near Dinas NorthR., 4 July. Several winter November/apr sightings along coastal lowlands Pembrey/Laugharne Burrows; 2 Morfa Cydweli, 26 November. Elsewhere, Pontarsais, Mynydd Ystyfflau Carn, Rhydargaeau, February.

Singles, Gwynfe, Llansadwrn, Penclacwydd WWT, and Morfa Cydweli in February Male, Coch y Barlys; 29 November; up to 2 Morfa Cydweli and Pembrey Saltings November/December.

Pair bred just over county boundary in Brecknockshire. One’s and two’s widely dispersed throughout county January-March and October-December. Ringtail Pontynys-wen 23 August.

In the first half of the year, in February adult males were recorded atPembrey Salting’s on 22nd with possibly the same bird at Tywyn Point on23rd. At Penclacwydd a male from 1st January was joined by a second on12th, with both remaining to the end of February and 1 to 10th March ‘Ringtails’ were seen at Ginst Point on 7th January and 4th March; Pembrey Burrows on 12th February, Bynea on 21st February and the Gwendraeth Estuary on 14th March.

In the second half of the year adult males were seen at Gwenffrwd/Dinas on29th October, Mynydd Llanllwni on 8th December and Pembrey Salting’s on 21st December. At Penclacwydd an adult male arrived on 13th November and was seen irregularly up to the end of the year. An immature male at Gweunydd Cochion, Tumble on 12th October was wing-tagged and had been ringed as a nestling, in the summer of 1992, near Pitlochry, Perthshire; a distance of 550km. A single bird was at Ginst Point on 18th October.

A typical set of records from both coastal and inland sites.

There were 19 records (15 in 1992). There were 4 sightings of a single male in the Pembrey Salting’s/Cydweli area between 17th January and 20th February. A male was at Ginst Point on 27th January, 28th February and 4th March, with a female /immature at Witchett Pool on 9thFebruary. A male was at Drysgol, Mynydd Du on 19th March.

In the autumn, the earliest sighting was an immature at Pembrey Salting’s on22nd October. Males were at Ginst Point on 16th November, Coedbach Marshon 17th November and Llandeilo-abercywyn on 26th December. Ringtails were at Salmon Scar on 9th December – a wing-tagged individual and Bynea on 10th December.

Males were seen in January, March, and November/December at Penclacwydd. Of 15 records at Penclacwydd in the last 4 years, 14 have been of males (although these records may have only involved 4 different individuals).

There were 16 records for the year, down from 19 in 1993.

A male and ringtail at Penclacwydd from January to March were joined by a second male in February and March. Another male and ringtail were at Ginst Point throughout January. Otherwise singles were at Cydweli Marsh on 2nd January, Ashpits Pond, Burry Port on 3rd January, Pembrey Burrows on 8thJanuary, Cydweli Marsh on 15th February, Tywyn Burrows on 19thMarch and Pembrey Salting’s on 30th April.

In the autumn, a male was at Pembrey Burrows on 5th November. A male and a ringtail were each seen on two occasions in the Witchett Pool/Ginst Point area in November/December.

All the Penclacwydd records were of males. A male at Ginst Point on 24th January was the first record away from Penclacwydd. There were two records of a male at Cydweli Marsh and Pembrey Salting’s on 1st & 15th February. A male at Spudder’s Bridge on 12th March and ringtails at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 1st Mar and Usk Reservoir on 13th March & 12th April completed the sightings. Singles at Penclacwydd Feb, Mar, Nov and Dec, two in January.

In February a ringtail was at Witchett Pool and a male at Broad Oak on1st; males at Pembrey on 3rd; Usk Reservoir on 14th; Cynnant, Cynghordy: on 15thand a male at Penclacwydd on 8th and 21st and a ringtail from 21st – 3rd March. A ringtail was at Cwm Pedol on 11th April.

In September a ringtail was on Mynydd Mallaen on 4th, with 2 there on 5th. In December there were records of a ringtail at Pembrey Salting’s on 1st and Ffrwd Fen on the 5th and 8th when the bird was caught, ringed, and discovered to be a second winter female.

In the first winter period there were single ringtails on Pembrey Salting’s on 1st January and 18th, Witchett Pool on 13th February and 7th Marchand at Penclacwydd throughout February and March. A male was at Cwm Howfast, Myddfai on 27th February.

The first autumn record was a ringtail on Mynydd Mallaen on 4th and 5thSeptember. There was a male at Penclacwydd in November and then single ringtails at Machynys on 14th December (being mobbed by a Peregrine), at Penclacwydd throughout December and at Salmon Scar on 21st December.

Ringtails were seen at Penclacwydd in January, February, March and December. All other sightings occurred in the first winter period as follows: single ringtails at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 14th January and Cydweli Marsh on 24th, a male at Cynwyl Elfed on 26th and lastly another ringtail at Pembrey Salting’s on 2nd February.

Away from Penclacwydd, there were six records, starting with a single at Cydweli Quay on 4th January followed by a male was at Coedbach on 5th March. A ringtail was in Crychan/Halfway Forest on 10th March with two further records of a male there on 20th and 30th August. There was a ringtail at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 12th December At Penclacwydd, there was a ringtail in February, March, April, October and December

There was a male at Pembrey Saltings on 25th January. Records from Penclacwydd were of a male in March, a ringtail in October and December with 2 in November.

In the first winter period there were males at Ginst Point on 13th January: Cydweli Marsh on 24th February: Commissioner’s Bridge on 10th March and over the A4069 road near Brynamman on 15th March. A ringtail was at Cynghordy on 15th December, and a female was at Ginst Point on the same date. Two days later a ringtail appeared at Wharley Point Black Scar. Penclacwydd fared well with singles in Jan, Apr, Jul, Nov and Dec, doubles in Feb and Mar.

A female was located at Kidwelly Marsh, on 6th January, followed by a ringtail nearby, at Ffrwd Fen, on 24th. Kidwelly again hosted birds, with 2 ringtails on 16th February and 1 on 2nd March. In the north of the county two males: 1 on the Carmarthenshire/Brecon border, near Usk Reservoir, on 9th November, 1 at Brechfa on 2nd December.

First winter period sightings, in January, of a ringtail at Kidwelly on 4th and 12th. A couple of March records, of a male at Tair Cam Isaf on 8th, and a ringtail at Llanllwni on 21st. More or less the same pattern in the second winter period, with 2 ringtails and a male seen at Kidwelly/Pembrey in November and December, and a ringtail and a male at Llanybydder on 12th November and 2nd December respectively. A ringtail slightly bucked the trend when it flew across the A484 near Pibwrlwyd on 3rd November. Females seen monthly at Penclacwydd in both early and late winter periods, an un-sexed bird in August.

Male and female Banc y Lord January 6th, male New Inn January 13th, ringtail Tywin Burrows January 18th, ringtail Hurst House, Ginst February 15th, male and ringtail Tywin Burrows October 10th, male still there November 5th, ringtail Penclacwydd October 27th/28th, male Penclacwydd November 7th, male Coedbach November 28th and May be the same Kidwelly Quay December 12th.

Male Tywin Burrows January 2nd, female Penclacwydd January 1st -30th, male Kidwelly Marsh February 6th, female Mynydd Du March 24th, juvenile Garreg Lwyd, Mynydd Du August 30th and male Brynamman November 24th.

A typical scattering of records: Kidwelly- January 1st, February 21st, March 22nd and November 4th. Cynnant, Cynghordy – January 19th and December 4th. National Botanic Garden – January 22nd. Penclacwydd – January 3rd & 15th, February 15th, March 15th, September 15th, December 15th with 2 November 15th & 29th. Llansawel – March 3rd. Mynydd Du September 1 1th & 23rd. Cross Hands – November 24th. Garreg Lwyd August 9th.

At Penclacwydd male on January 2nd and ringtail January 14th & 21st. Another unsexed was present throughout February and later in the year ringtails were recorded September 16th, October 10th and November 7th. Elsewhere a male was in the Kidwelly area throughout Jan and February 3rd and February 21st, St.Clears ringtail January 28th, Mynydd Isaf October 15th, Banc y Lord/Pembrey Forest male October 26th, male Usk Reservoir November 17th, Pair Tywyn Point November 25th until the end of the year, female Ffrwd Fen November 29th, Llyn Llech Owain male December 12th and Gwendraeth ringtail December 26th.