Scientific: Phalaropus fulicarius

Cymraeg: Llydandroed Llwyd

Uncommon migrant.

1 found dead after strong South-west gale, had only 1 leg, Pont Henri, 29 September; 2, Burry Port, 3 October with 1, 20 November, 1 Ferryside, 7 October.

Three or four individuals at Burry Port, 1, 7 Sept; 1 on 15 September and another 15 & 16 October, followed by an immature which spent most of its time in the harbour, 20-24 October.

1, Laugharne, 5 October; 2, Burry Port, 9 October with up to 6 there late October.

1, 1st winter plumage, Cydweli Quay, 8 December, a late date.

1, Burry Port, 9 January 9; Pembrey Country Park, 27 March.

Singles, Cefn Sidan Sands, 17th and 23 September; brought home alive by cat and safely released, Llanelli, 19th; 2, Burry Port, 21 September; St.Ishmael, 5 November; Burry Port, 25th & 27 December.

1, Cydweli Quay, 20 September.

There were 2 records of single birds at Burry Port from 7th – 10th January and at Penclacwydd from 2nd – 9th November. These were the first records since 1990.

The only record was of 1 at Penrhyngwyn Pond from 12th – 20th September.

There was an influx of this species in October, with birds recorded from 6 or 7 locations. The earliest to be seen were at Burry Port – 2 on the 1st. The maximum number for this site was 4 -on 2nd. The last bird was there on 6th. At Sandy Water Park a single bird was seen on 2nd. Llanelli Beach hosted the greatest number seen together – 7 on 4th. The first had been noted on 2nd, and the last 3 were there on the 10th. At Cydweli the first, and maximum number of 3, were present on 2nd. The last bird was seen by the same observer on 3rd. A sick individual was picked up at Nevill’s Dock sluice and released at Pendacwydd, on 14th. There was one reported on the Tywi, at Dryslwyn on 9th. The Loughor estuary, at Penrhyngwyn, provided the only other site for this species, with one there on 5th.

1 at Llanelli Beach on 10th November.

Two juveniles Machynys Golf Club Ponds August 27th and a single Kidwelly Quay November 18th -21st.

Penclacwydd December 15th and then Llanelli Beach and Penclacwydd December 28th.