Scientific: Chloris chloris

Cymraeg: Llinos Werdd

A resident breeder in shrubby or bushy situations – e.g. suburban gardens, farmland and wood edge. Post-breeding flocks build up along the coast from June onwards and occur throughout the winter.

Maximum aggregations from WAS counts, 28, Cydweli area, 5 January; 20, Llansteffan, 11 December.

Maximum aggregations, 20, Llanfynydd, 28 February; 46, Llansteffan, 22 November; 56, Pembrey Harbour, 28 November

Flocks of 38, Gwendraeth estuary, 5 January; c40, Llangennech, 12 February c70, Pembrey, 11th, c80, Tywyn Point, 17 November.

c100, Pembrey, 12 November; c200, Bertwn, St.Ishmael, 4 December.

Flocks of 57, Pembrey Beach, 16 January; c60, Llansteffan, 25 June; 45, Penrhyngwyn, 2nd; c30, Salmon Scar Point 10 November.

Possibly more localised than formerly. c40, Cydweli Quay, 29 October, ; 32, Pembrey Harbour, 22 November.

Flocks of c50, near Llandeilo, unusually July/August; c35 Cydweli Quay, 29 December.

c50 near Cydweli, 31 January, 17 December.

The only count received was of 40+ at Penclacwydd on 5th July.

Hardly any records submitted: a flock of 50 on stubble at Llandeilo-abercywyn on 19th September was notable.

Noteworthy winter coastal records included 45 at Pembrey Salting’s on 19th January; 24 at Ginst Point on 2nd December; 36 at Llansteffan on 3rd December and 25 at Felinfoel 24th December.

The only notable count was of a flock of 80 at Pembrey Harbour on 19th October.

The only breeding records received were 6 pairs at Llanmiloe and 5 pairs at Witchett Pool. Post breeding flocks included 40 at Llangennech on 17th September; 80 at Three Lords on 13th October and 35 at Penclacwydd on 3rd November.

The largest flocks were of 200 in a stubble field at Broad Oak on 6th September and of 200+ at Penclacwydd in September.

The only sizeable flock reported was of 30 at Llansteffan Beach on 19th January.

Around 250 feeding amongst stubbles at Hafod Neddyn, Broad Oak on 5th August.

The only notable flock was of 80 at Cefn Padrig on 9th January.

About 100 birds were present at Pembrey Harbour on 3rd November.

Ffosddu fielded the normal two broods. In the autumn at Cefnilwydcoed, Penybanc up to 16 were in evidence. 10 at Dolau Fan on the last day of the year.

The maximum of c120, at Kidwelly on 4th January. 30+ at Felinfoel on 7th February. 3, Bancyffordd and 5, Pontyberem, on 20th February and 29th June respectively. Rhydcymerau with 6 on 28th July.

A potential 54 pairs identified at 27 sites.

100 Penrhyngwyn October 23rd, c400 Old Harbour, Pembrey November 6th and c200 Brechfa December 22nd. A possible 37 pairs reported from 17 sites.

120 Kidwelly Marsh and the same number at Ferryside on January 3rd were the most notable records.

Small numbers reported with 16 at Afon Lleidi December 12th being the highest.