Scientific: Oriolus oriolus

Cymraeg: Euryn

1, Pendine Burrows, 30 April.

2, Pembrey Forest 1-8 May independently, 29 April.

One, possibly, two, near Pont Cilsan and Llangathen, 3 July. Third record for county.

Two reported at Dinefwr Park on 24th June. Subsequently, a brief sighting of a single bird claimed on 8th July. Unfortunately, the details of the second sighting are inconclusive. This therefore means that the first date report is unconfirmed. Although there have been several previous records none have met with unanimous approval, ‘Birds in Wales 1992-2000’ even stating that ‘…all of these are now thought to be unreliable…’. By whom and for what reasons they are thought to be so is not evident (from the book). It is important to stress here that in a case like this – a possible first county record – supporting evidence/documentation, such as British Birds requires for national rarities, is essential. This information would provide the basis for any future research or review, without which the record could not be viewed as anything other than a bold statement.