Scientific: Fulmarus glacialis

Cymraeg: Aderyn-Drycin y Graig

Confined, as a breeding bird, to the small length of western cliffs. Also occurs offshore at other seasons.

Small numbers breeding on suitable cliffs Pendine-Amroth. 1, dead, near Pontyberem, 11 March.

Breeding in small numbers on cliffs West of Pendine, and Telpyn Point, Amroth.

13 on cliffs near Pendine, 27 near Amroth, 17 February.

15 on cliffs near Pendine, 13 January, 6 on 6 May.

c7 pairs “nesting”, Telpyn Point, 23 April; c22, Dolwen Pt, 1 May; 1 appeared to be prospecting the former Carmarthen Bay Power Station, Burry Port, 14-29 April; c50 off Cefn Sidan, 2 July, regular off-shore July/August.

Nested at Telpyn Point and cliffs West of Pendine. Two pairs nested at Wharley Point, a new site.

Nesting, Pendine cliffs – Telpyn Point Regular offshore, Cefn Sidan, summer, in small numbers.

Bred on cliffs, Pendine/Amroth. 23, Pendine, 5 August.

40, Pendine/Telpyn Point 11 February.

No census of breeding pairs was made between Telpyn Point and Pendine.

Other records included at Morfa-uchaf Ferryside: 1 on 2nd and 11th September ; Cefn Sidan: 1 on 20th April and 15th June and 6 on 12th August.

Birds had returned to their breeding cliffs in the west of the county at Amroth: 7 on 15th February and Pendine: 7 on 13th March. Further east at Cefn Sidan there were 7 on 1st August and 16 on 3rd.

The only records received were: 3 at Dolwen Point on 6th April; 3 at Cefn Sidan on 23rd April with 8 there on 23rd May and 31 seen from a boat between Telpyn Point and Ginst Point on 21st August.

The only counts received were of 4 at Pendine on 8th January and 50 at Cefn Sidan on 8th September.

Bred at Pendine and Telpyn Point, but no counts were made.

The only counts received were of 2 at Telpyn Point on 20th February and 10th April, with a pair there on 28th June.

2 at Telpyn Point on 6th January, 2 at Cefn Sidan on 28th April and nesting observed at Pendine on 27th May were the records received.

Two displaying at Telpyn Point Jan 31st and one there May 15th. A single at the mouth of the Burry Inlet April 27th.

Only reported from Telpyn Point where 35 had gathered December 19th.

A blue phase was reported off Penclacwydd January 10th & 11th. Elsewhere birds were said to be “on the cliffs” at Pendine December 27th.