Scientific: Turdus pilaris

Cymraeg: Socan Eira

Regular winter visitor from October to April; flocks tend to occupy the semi-upland heaths.

Winter flock maxa, 1000+ Crugybar, 29 January; 550, Dryslwyn, 5 January. First arrival and maximum 350, Gwenffrwd, 25 October.

Early year maximum, 400+, Llandeilo, 7 April. Last seen Rhandirmwyn, 27 April. Moderate night passage of Fieldfare and Redwing (over Llanelli), 21 October. Late year maximum 129, Llandovery, 23 December.

Early year maximum c650, Porthyrhyd, 29 January. First of autumn, 12 Gwenffrwd Reserve, 28 September movement of 100+, next day.

c375 on passage Tywi valley, 9 February. Singles, 23/24 March were last seen, Gwenffrwd where first of autumn were c60 on 30 October. c100, Llanglydwen 29 October; 100+, Dryslwyn 23 November; 150-200, Llandeilo, 28 November; c300 Betws, 22 December.

c150, Dryslwyn/Gelli aur, 8 February; 110, Gwenffrwd Reserve, 7 March; last seen, Llandovery, 19 April; first of autumn, 3, Pontyates, 19 October, ; c140 Gwenffrwd Valley, 3-12 November.

Last of spring, 35, Rhandirmwyn, 7 April, first of autumn, Llandovery, 24 October. Winter maxa, 3000+, Pembrey Burrows, 19 January; c60, Pontyates; Rhandirmwyn; 186, Upper Llwchwr estuary, 21 November

Early year maxa, c150 near Llyn Brianne, 5th; 120+, Tumble, 10 January; c200, fairly regular, Pontynyswen area Feb-17April; 500+, Ffairfach, 4 March; last 2, Castle Woods, Llandeilo, 29 April. First of autumn, c25, Llanarthne, 11th, c400 there 22 October, c250, 12 December; c150 Rhandirmwyn, 8 November; c800 Cynghordy, November.

Last of spring, Llandovery, 8 April, first of autumn, 15, Pontyates, 22 October Maxa winter flocks, c.400, Llanegwad, 8 January; c200, Bryn Saron, 27 February; 110, Rhandirmwyn, 14 November; c.150, Dryslwyn, 14 November.

Last and first, Rhandirmwyn, 30 April and 9 October 1500+ passed through during the course of half and hour on 25 October. c1000 roosting near Bethlehem, early November; 300+, Morfa Cydweli, 2 December.

Last, 19 Maenor Deilo, 20 April. First Llandovery 4 October. 500+ Dryslwyn 10 November; 200 Rhandirmwyn early November.

Numbers were rather low in both winter periods. Counts for the first winter period were 100 at Cydweli on 23rd January and 107 at Pembrey on 26th February.

Recorded from 29th October in the second winter period with 7 near Efailwen. Other counts were 100 at Pembrey on 6th November, 18 at Pendine Burrows on 25th November and 65 on 11th December.

In the first winter period small numbers were seen at Ginst Point: 37 on 4th January, 60 on 8th February and 46 on 5th March, but the largest flock was 70 at Ffairfach on 10th February

The first individuals of the autumn period were 35 at Ginst Point on 13th October. Subsequently many sightings were made in late October of birds arriving for the winter, the largest flock being 140 at Llanpumsaint on 14th October

Noteworthy aggregations in the early winter period included 180 at Pembrey on 26th January and 140 at Cynghordy on 20th February. The last of the first winter period were 60 at Llangadog on 14th March.

The first of the autumn were 20 at Tumble on 15th October, with maxima of the later winter period including c.400 at Cwmffrwd on 9th November, 300 at Dinefwr Ponds on 27th November, c.500 at Llandeilo on 29th November and c 300 at Ginst Point on 2nd December. In this period, the arrival pattern was typical, with the main arrival coming at the end of October and particularly at the beginning of November, by when they were widespread.

The larger flocks in the first winter period were 160 at Ginst Point on 9th January; 150 at Dryslwyn on 12th February, 300 at Llandeilo on 19th March and 400 at Pembrey Forest on 20th March.

Second winter period records included 50 at Cynghordy and 150 at Llangadog on 10th November.

In the first winter period there were flocks of 450 at Cynghordy on 24th January, 350 at Pembrey on 28th, 500 at Cilsan Bridge on 27th February and 400 at Llangadog on 13th March. Much larger numbers were noted near the coast during cold weather, with 3000 – 4000 at St. Ishmael on 7th February and 300+ at Pembrey Airfield on 11th. The last spring record was of 67 at Maesybont on 5th April.

In the second winter period there were 500 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 21st December.

The first autumn record was of 6 seen amongst Redwings near Cross Hands on 13th October. The only notable counts were of up to 200 at Gwenffrwd/Dinas Reserve on 14th November and 220 near Witchett Pool during December.

Flocks included 50 at Tywyn Point on 9th January with a late group of 8 at Esgairdawe on 20th April. 300 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 5th rising to 600 by the 10th November.

The only sizeable flocks reported were of 100 birds at Cilsan Bridge on 15th February and in the second winter period, of 100 at Glan Ddu, Broad Oak on 8th November.

Counts for the early winter period were of 45 at Cilsan Bridge on 26th January, 200 at Carreg Cennen on 18th February, 50 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 17th March, 25 at Taliaris on 1st April, with 10 there on 17th being the last spring record. The first autumn record was of 19 at Taliaris on 5th November. Other counts were of 50 at Carreg Cennen on 6th, 600 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 11th, 300 at Llangadog on 20th, 100 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 25th, 23 at Llyn Pencarreg on 26th and 100 at Dolfallt, Cynghordy on 13th December.

In the first winter period c100 were near Pibwrlwyd on 14th March. On 24th March 30 were recorded at Mynydd Du. At Cynnant there were 100 on 26th March. The first sighting of the autumn was on 17th October, at Cwmllwyd, Gwynfe. 30 were at Cwm Hiraeth on 21st of the month. The next day there was a report from Pwllau, Taliaris. Counts of 50 or more birds included 150 at Mynydd Du, near Trap: 100 from Cynnant on 13th November: 250 at Dollfallt on 14th and 50 at Cynghordy on 10th December . Although not normally scarce at Penclacwydd only one bird was noted, in December.

Only one early record, of 100 at Cynghordy on 4th January. Last seen at Pwllau, Taliaris on 27th March. Later, at Cwm Hiraeth, on 6th April and finally, on 14th April, 80 at Carmel (Migration Watch). The first of the autumn was logged at Pwllau, Taliaris on 30th October. No others noted.

A first winter period count of 33 at Commissioners’ Bridge on 3rd February and the maximum at Pembrey Airport Road, of 101, on the same date. 40 at Bancyffordd on 20th February. In March, 100 at Cynghordy on 12th. April had 3 flying South, the last of the spring at Pwllau, Taliaris. Last birds at Rhydcymerau on 15th and last of all, at Cwmhiraeth, on 23rd. At the other end of the year c300 were the first, at Rhydcymerau, on 13th October. Over 400 were harried by a Kite – ‘…a most peculiar spectacle…’ – near Clogau Mawr, Mynydd Du on 15th. First returners at Cwmhiraeth on 19th, and at Pwllau, Taliaris on 20th. 100 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 24th October. 16, Cynheidre, 31st. At Penclacwydd ‘… several hundred passed through…’ from 2nd to 4th November, near the sewage works, Kidwelly, c80 on 3rd November, c20 there on 5th. ‘Scores’ flying east along the coast for c2 hours early morning, at Tyrwaun, Pwll on 7th and 8th. 12 Pembrey Country Park, 26th December.

100 Commissioner’s Bridge January 11th, 138 Gweunydd Cochion February 14th, 25 Cwm Gwenlais, Cilycwm April 12th, 70 Taliaris November 1st, 100 Tywyn Burrows November 5th, 100 Cynghordy November 7th, 15 Kidwelly December 6th and 50 Penclacwydd December 16th.

70 Cilsan Bridge January 10th and 36 there February 6th. Also 43 Carway February 1st and 122 Ffoslas on the same day. Finally c80 Pembrey Country Park November 19th.

Significant counts included 138 Cilsan Bridge January 8th, 100 Cynghordy January 22nd, 200 Cynnant, Cynghordy November 3rd, 200 Marros Mountain November 16th and 200 Mynydd Fygin November 25th.

A late bird was at Nantgaredig April 8th. Large counts included 150 Cynghordy January 1st, 120 Brest y Fedw October 24th and 110 Pembrey Country Park December 2nd.