Scientific: Somateria mollissima

Cymraeg: Hwyaden Fwythblu

Winters in small numbers at the mouths of the Burry Inlet and ‘Three Estuaries’ complex.

Regular offshore & estuaries. Maxa: 56, offshore Burry Port, 16 March; 32, off Salmon Scar Point, 7 October.

Regular, most months, offshore and estuaries. 10, Salmon Scar Point 26 March; 19+, on 12 December; 5 Tywyn Point, 4 February 30 on 8 May, 18 on 22 May, 23 on 28 December; 2, Ginst Point., 19 February; 2, Reagwen Pt., 16 April.

Highest numbers ever recorded in the county, all off Salmon Scar Point, 68, 8 April; 80, 13 May; 71 approx equal sexes, 3 November; 78, 11 November; 88, increasing to 109 (56 males), later in day, 2 December. Previous highest totals were at same site, 57, October 1976 and 56 April 1982.

Recorded, Gwendraeth/Tywi ests, all months except June-August maxa 101, Salmon Scar Point, 30 March, 94 on 4 April, 2, Ginst Point, 24 February; 43 Salmon Scar 18/10, 8, Burry Port, 24 March.

Present offshore, most months, except summer. Maxa, off Cefn Sidan Sands, 16, 21 September, 32, 4th, , 34, 19 October; much reduced c.f. to those of recent years.

Offshore all year except Summer. Monthly maxa, 30 off Burry Port, 2 & 11 January; 34 off Salmon Scar Point, 15 February, 3 May; 54 off Burry Port, 12 April. 12, 4 oct; 10, 1 November; 3, 31 December, all offshore, Burry Port/Tywyn Point.

58, Burry Inlet, Penclacwydd, 17 April; 11, Salmon Scar Point, 18 September; 20, Tywyn Point, 6 December.

20 off Penclacwydd, 10 April 17, 6 May, 15 regularly, June; 4, off Machynys, 17 August; 23 off Tywyn Point, 2nd; 21 off Salmon Scar Point, 10 April; 40 off Cefn Sidan, 20 June, 10, 3 November, 1 off Salmon Scar Point, 30 December.

Small numbers, January and March and September/October, off Burry Port/Pembrey and Gwendraeth estuary, maxa 12 off Pembrey, 4 March. 8, Salmon Scar Point, 27 September.

Maximum 32, Salmon Scar Point 20 April occurring only in the Burry Inlet and Gwendraeth estuary Fewer than usual.

A poor showing this year with 7 at Salmon Scar on 6th April being the largest count. The first of the year was a lone male off Cefn Sidan on 23rd January, with other single males at Burry Port on 8th February and Salmon Scar on 26th February. Three males were at the latter site on 14th March, and the only late year record was of 2 males at Burry Port on 5th September.

Only two records, but involving 36 birds. At Penclacwydd 24 on 6th April was a typical spring record. On 19th November 12 were seen off Salmon Scar.

As in the previous few years numbers were considerably lower than those recorded in the early/mid-eighties. The only records were: 22 off Penclacwydd in April; 7 at Cefn Sidan on 24th April with 8 (1 male, 7 females) there on 26th. Fourteen were at Tywyn Point on 12th October and at Burry Port in November there was 1 on 20th, 4 on 26th and 2 on 27th.

The species continues to decline: the only records were of single males at Burry Port on 29th March and Cefn Sidan on 27th April; a female at Cefn Sidan on 13th – 14th May; 2 males at Tywyn Point on 19th November and a male and 2 female s at Burry Port on 17th December.

Records in the first winter period included 16 (2 males) at Burry Port on 27th Jan, 17 (4 males) at Pembrey Harbour on 17th February, 32 at Burry Port on 21st, with 28 on 29th and 2 (males) on 3rd March and 4 at Penclacwydd on 11th April.

The only record for the second half of the year was of 23 at Salmon Scar on 6th October.

The only record for the first winter period was of 4 at Burry Port on 19th January. Spring records were of 16 (5 males) off Penclacwydd on 6th and 11th April with 20 (6 males) on 21st and 1 on 5th May and 7 at Cefn Sidan on 19th April.

The only other record was of 2 males at Cefn Sidan on 5th October and a female at Penrhyngwyn on 6th December.

The only records were of 2 (females) at Salmon Scar on 24th January and 6 at Burry Port on 25th .

There were 3 records: 5 off Penclacwydd on 15th May and single males off Burry Port on 11th December and Cefn Sidan on 15th.

Records of birds amongst the Carmarthen Bay Common Scoter flocks were of 5 on 26th October, 4 in November and 2 on 23rd December. Elsewhere, there were 11 at Burry Port on 15th October.

Both records from Burry Port: 30 there on 28th January and 1 on 7th April.

At the estuary off Machynys. 4 on 22nd March was the first record. The next two in the same area – 1 on 3rd April, the other on 14th possibly concerned one bird. Penclacwydd registered a count of 32 at the start of April.

A duck at Ragwen Point on 2nd March; 15 birds, off Pembrey on 29th April and 4 – including a drake – at Salmon Point Scar on 14th December.

34 Llanelli Beach May 1st 36 Burry Inlet same day and a female Salmon Scar Point December 6th.

17 off Cefn Sidan April 28th.

Recorded regularly in small numbers offshore with 15 Penclacwydd May 20th being a significant count.

All records as follows: Male on the beach Tywyn Point April 13th, 29 flying out of Burry Inlet April 14th, 15 off Cefn Sidan April 16th, small flock (too choppy to count) Burry Inlet April 26th, 8 Burry Port May 13th, 12 off Burry Port July 20th, 10 distantly from Burry Port August 3lst and 6 Cefn Sidan December l2th.