Scientific: Oxyura jamaicensis

Cymraeg: Hwyaden Goch

A rare breeder and winter visitor; Witchett Pool being its favoured locality.

1 male, River Teifi, above Newcastle Emlyn, 27 January was 3rd record for county; 1 female, Lliedi Reservoirs, 25 February; 3, Witchett Pool, 4 July.

2 males, Witchett Pool, 7 May

Female + 7 young, Witchett Pool, June, male, female & 1 young, 14 July. First record of breeding in county.

Single pair nested for successive year, Witchett Pool and raised at least 1 young.

Pair, Witchett Pool, April but not thought to have bred, also 1 there 26 October

2 drakes, Witchett Pool, 22 March, pair, 4 May, but not subsequently seen.

Singles, Witchett Pool, 31 January and 16 October.

The only records were from Witchett Pool: a male on 22nd September and female s on 12th October and 22nd December.

The only records were from Witchett Pool: singles on 5th June, 2nd August and 12th December; Sandy Water Park/Old Castle Pond: female from 2nd to 4th June and Dinefwr Ponds: 2 on 6th November – the first recorded in the Tywi Valley.

The only record was a female at Witchett Pool on 26th November.

The only record was of a male at Witchett Pool on 11th January.

The only records were of a female at Upper Lliedi Reservoir on 1st January, with a male there on 2nd; a male at Sandy Water Park on 9th January and 10th – 11th February and 2 female/immature at Penclacwydd on 23rd October.

All records were from Penclacwydd with a female on 3rd, 11th – 17th and 30th June and 6th July and a pair from 23rd July – 1st August.

All records were from Penclacwydd with a male from 28th March to 14th May together with a female from 10th April to 14th May. Single pairs were also seen on 28th May and from 4th to 18th June.

There was one record, from Penclacwydd: a female from 29th September to 5th October.

At Penclacwydd female January 4th, 2 July 3rd, 3 (2 males) July 8th, and then singles August 18th and 29th.

Female at Penclacwydd May 1st and another or the same Lyn PenCarreg December 4th

Female Sandy Water Park September 24th — October 13th