Scientific: Columba livia

Cymraeg: Colomen Y Graig

Common resident breeder, as Feral Pigeon, in urban areas. Birds showing characteristics of pure Rock Doves can be found on western cliffs.

1, closely resembling C. livia, Top Castle Cliffs, Marros, 25 April .

4 or 5 showing Rock Dove character, Pendine Cliffs August/September.

Birds presumed to be of feral origin bred at Dolwen Point, Pendine.

Seventy Feral Pigeons were counted at Peoples’ Park, Llanelli on 10th September.

The only record received was of a bird taken by a Peregrine near Top Castle, Marros on 27th July. The bird escaped whilst the subject of a ‘food pass’ and fled into a nearby cave.

Several hundred frequented Carmarthen town centre.

‘Birds in Wales’ by R.Lovegrove, G.Williams and I Williams explains convincingly why, and states categorically that, with reference to birds which show characteristics of pure rock Doves that may still be seen on the western cliffs of the county ‘… there is no possibility that any of them are of the original pure wild stock…’. This could explain why Rock Dove/Feral pigeon gets short shrift in, or more accurately, omission from ‘Bird in Wales 1992-2000’ by Jon Green. Be that as it may, we might as well study the birds we have because, as Christopher Feare says in ‘The new Atlas of Breeding Birds in Britain and Ireland: 1988¬1991’, …ornithologically the species is surprisingly poorly known… ‘.
See Eric Simms’ The Public Life of the Street Pigeon.