Scientific: Charadrius morinellus

Cymraeg: Hutan Y Mynydd

Annual spring and occasional autumn passage migrant in small numbers to the Mynydd Du area. Recorded April to May and August to September.

Spring passage records from Garreg Lwyd were of 3 (1male, 2 females) on24th April, 9 (2 males, 7 females) on 25th, 7 on 4th May and 8 on 9th. There was 1 at Tair Carn Isaf on 4th May and 3 east of Garreg Lwyd on 25th .

Autumn passage records from Garreg Lwyd were of 2 adults on 29th August and3rd September, 3 (2 adults, 1 juvenile) on 17th, 2 (1 adult, 1 juvenile) on 21st, a juvenile on 22nd and an ad. on 23rd.

2, Bannau Sir Gâr, 10 April an early date; 2 trips of 12 and 5, Tair Carn Ridge, Mynydd Du (Black Mountain), 2 May, only previous record was, 2, Bannau Sir Gâr, 5 May 1923.

Male, Mynydd Tair Carn, 4 & 5 May. 4th record for county.

3, Mynydd Tair Carn, 2nd, 5 on 15th, 4 on 8 May.

4, Mynydd Tair Carn, 26 April; 5, Fan Foel, Bannau Sir Gâr, 7 May were just over the border in Breconshire.

2, Mynydd Tair Carn, 29 April, 1 on 22 May.

3 (2 male), Mynydd Tair Carn, 12 & 13 May.

Tair Carn Uchaf: 5 on 9th April, the earliest ever record, and 3 on 14th April. Tair Carn Isaf: 2 on 26th April and 3 (1 male, 2 females) on 3rd May; records have been annual at this site since 1987.

Recorded annually at Tair Carn Ridge since 1987. Records involved 9-13 birds in 1992, the first being a single on Tair Carn Isaf from 25th to 28th April, 6 there on 29th and 3 from 1st to 2nd May. Two others were seen on Tair Carn Uchaf on 2nd May.

A juvenile on Tair Carn Ridge on 16th September was the first autumn record for the county.

The only spring records were from Waun Lefrith, above Llyn y Fan Fach:4 on 1st May and 1 on 2nd. One at Tair Carn Isaf on 26thSeptember was only the second ever autumn record.

All records were of birds on spring passage with 4 at Tair Carn Isaf on28th April; 3 at Tair Carn Uchaf on 30th and 11 at Tair Carn Isaf on 6th May. Recorded annually since 1987.

A record spring passage started with 6 at Tair Carn Isaf on 24th April. The main passage was noted in May with 16 at Garreg Lwyd on 5th, increasing to 24 on 6th and 32 on 7th, with 15 remaining on 8th.. Other records on 7th were 4 on Garreg Las and 2 on Foel Fraith and 1 on Tair Carn Isaf giving a day total of an exceptional 39 birds.

In September, 7 at Garreg Lwyd on 9th and 3 on 12th were the 3rd and 4th ever autumn passage records.

Spring passage records were of 3 at Tair Carn Isaf on 27th April, with 12 there on 29th, 1 at Garreg Lwyd on 30th April with 4 there on 3rdMay .

There was a record autumn passage with 13 at Garreg Lwyd on 4th September, with 6 there on 8th and 3 at Pen Rhiw-ddu on 8th .

All records were from Garreg Lwyd with 2 spring records of 7 (3 male, 4 female) on 24th April and 3 (2 male, 1 female) on 16th May and 1 autumn passage record of 3 (1adults, 2 juveniles.) on 28th August.

Spring passage records were of 8 at Garreg Las and 3 at Garreg Lwyd on 5th May and 3 at Garreg Lwyd on 7th. Autumn passage records were of singles at Garreg Lwyd on 28th August and 22nd and 24th September.

The only reported sighting was of 2 on Garreg Lwyd on 28th September.

Two sites, three reports, all spring passage: Garreg Lwyd, where 3 males and 1 female on 9th May and 1 male on 11th, and Foel Fawr with 1 male and 2 females on 12th.

The bulk of sightings from May: 1 at Tair Carn Uchaf on 6th: 2 males and 4 females, Garreg Lwyd, 9th; 10 there, 10th: 7+ same place, 11th and 3 remaining on 14th. 2 at Garreg Lwyd on 11th October was the first record for this month by the observer.

All records from Garreg Lwyd: 9 April 25th, single May 4th, 2 ads. & 2 juvs. August 15th and still 2 ads. Aug, 16th.

Four males and 3 females Garreg Lwyd May 10th.

All records from Garreg Lwyd: Two April 15th and then 4 up to April 30th. On return passage a single August 24th

An outstanding year for this species with the first 2 being located on Garreg Lwyd April 14th. Larger numbers were seen over the next week or so with April 20th being the bumper day with two groups of 11 and 18 being located at Garreg Lwyd. The last of the best spring since 1996 were 2 Garreg Lwyd and 4 Godre’r Garreg Las May.20th.