Scientific: Gavia stellata

Cymraeg: Trochydd Gyddfgoch

Regular passage/winter visitor to Carmarthen Bay. Mostly recorded September to May.

4, off-shore at Pendine, 30 January

1, seen to fly from sea on to Witchett Pool, 16 January 3, seen from boat in Carmarthen Bay, 15 February 1, injured, Pembrey Forest, eluded attempts to inspect it, 7 & 8 October.

6 divers (species unknown) seen from boat, Carmarthen Bay on arc 3 miles West of Tenby to entrance of Burry Inlet, 14 June, an unusual date.

Offshore Ginst Point – Marros, January, March, May, August October. Maximum 4 Gilman Point 12 May. 1 off Pembrey, 24 February; off Cefn Sidan, 11 May; 1st winter bird off Burry Port, 9 October; 1, Cefn Sidan, 17 October; Tywyn Point, 17 November; Burry Port 25 November.

Ones and two off Burry Port/Cefn Sidan, January-March, increasing during passage to 7, 16 April; 9 off Telpyn Point, singles, Dolwen Pointt, Morfa Bychan, 21 April; 3 off Telpyn Point, ; 1 off Penrhyngwyn, 16 May. 1 off Cefn Sidan, 20 & 21st, 13 on 26 September, 7 on 3rd and 26 October.

1, off Burry Port, 17 January, 5, 6th, 14, 20 February; 1, Cefn Sidan, 1 March. Up to 5 off Cefn Sidan Sands, October-December, 1 Cydweli Quay, 19 November.

Fairly regular off Cefn Sidan Sands (Burry Inlet entrance), January-10 May, maximum, 7, 11 March. 1 found dead in a net, Cefn Sidan, 18 September, then mainly singles, regular October-December between Cefn Padrig – Salmon Scar Point, with maximum 6, off Cefn Sidan, 15 October.

Only one early year record, a single off Burry Port, 13 January; 1 off Cefn Sidan, 16 September; 25 counted in Carmarthen Bay between Pendine/Telpyn Point, 1st; 38 off Cefn Sidan, 20 October; 24 on 4 November, were the highest aggregations recorded off the county coast, the previous highest total being 14 off Burry Port, 20 February 1988.

7 off Morfa Bychan, 13 January; 11 offshore between Pendine/Telpyn Point., 11th, 25 off Telpyn Point, 28 February; 5 off Cefn Sidan, 1st, 4 on 27 March, 25 on 16 April, 4 on 1 May. 2 off Telpyn Point, 6 October; Morfa Bychan 28 November; 1 off Burry Port 20 November; 3 off Cefn Sidan 8 December.

Recorded up to 8th May with 1 at Cefn Sidan and from 20th September with 6 at Telpyn Point. Other records included, at Cefn Sidan: 66 flying east on 23rd Jan., 37 on 7th February, 40+ on 21st February, 8+ on 21st March, 10 on 2nd April, 5 on 29th October and 4 on 19th December. The January figure represents the highest count recorded in the county. Also regularly seen in smaller numbers between Pendine and Telpyn Point, where the highest count was at Telpyn Point: 9 on 4th October.

In the first winter period records from Pendine were 6 on 7th February and 10 on 13th February. The highest count of the year was of 27 between Pendine and Telpyn Point on 23rd February. At Cefn Sidan there were 13 on 14th March and a late passage bird on 5th June.

The first records of the autumn were from Cefn Sidan: 1 on 17th September with 3 on 18th. The only other records from this site were 3 on 3rd October and 2 on 17th. Records from the west were 6 at Telpyn Point on 10th October and 1 at Marros on 15th October. There were 9 between Telpyn Point and Ragwen Point on 2nd December.

Records for the early winter period included at Pendine-Telpyn Point: 8 on 5th March; 26 on 20th and 20 on 17th April. Late spring records at Cefn Sidan were 6 on 22nd May with 2 on 23rd being the last until the autumn.

The first of the autumn were 2 at Cefn Sidan on 17th September, with 5 on 24th. The highest count was 6 at Telpyn Point on 8th October. This species was much scarcer at the end of the year than in recent years with the highest count being only 3 at Marros on 20th December.

Records for the west in the first winter period were 2 at Telpyn Point on 3rd January ; singles at Pendine on 8th January and 26th; 3 between Pendine and Telpyn Point on 4th February and 1 at Telpyn Point on 26th March. Singles at Sandy Water Park from 17th – 19th January and Lower Lliedi Reservoir from 23rd January – 4th February were the only records for freshwater sites. At Cefn Sidan counts were 4 on 11th March; 2 on 16th April with 5 on 20th constituting the last spring record.

The first autumn record was of 1 at Cefn Sidan on 23rd September, with 5 at Telpyn Point on 1st October being the best count of the year. The only other records in a poor year for this species were of singles at Tywyn Point on 19th November and at Marros and Telpyn Point on 9th December.

There were 21 records. In the first winter period the best count was of 5 between Pendine-Telpyn Point on 11th February, with 4 at Cefn Sidan on 4th May being the last spring record.

The first autumn record was of 1 at Telpyn Point on 1st September. The best counts of the autumn/winter period were of 5 at Cefn Sidan on 15th September, 11 between Pendine-Telpyn Point on 16th November, 7 at Marros on 8th December and 8 at Cefn Sidan on 29th.

Only small numbers were present in the first winter period, with the highest counts being of 5 at Telpyn Point on 16th March and of 2 birds at Cefn Sidan on 2nd January, Pendine on 3rd February, Marros and Telpyn Point on 23rd March and Cefn Sidan on 31st March. The last spring record was of 1 at Cefn Padrig on 7th April.

The first autumn record was of 1 at Cefn Sidan on 4th – 5th October, with 24 there on 6th, 2 on 19th and 9 on 31st. The only other records were of 2 at Telpyn Point on 26th October and 1 at Ferryside on 21st December.

Records for the first winter period were of 14 at Telpyn Point on 31st January, 7 at Morfa Bychan on 1st February and 21 at Telpyn Point on 18th April

The first autumn record was of 5 at Telpyn Point on 27th September, with 22 there on 1st November and 1 off Penclacwydd on 25th November.

Records for the first winter period were of 6 at Telpyn Point on 10th January, with 10 on 7th February and 2 there and 1 at Marros on 7th March and 1 at Cefn Sidan on 17th April. The first autumn record was of 6 at Cefn Sidan on 13th October, with 1 there on 30th. In November there were 2 at Machynys on 6th and singles at Pembrey Harbour on 14th and Cefn Sidan on 21st. December records were at Cefn Sidan: 2 on 14th, 7 on 15th and 1 on 19th and at Telpyn Point: 2 on 28th.

Only 2 records were received: 5 at Cefn Sidan on 20th February and 85 between Pendine and Telpyn Point on 21st.

Seven records for this species compares well with the previous year – 2 only – and confirms its status as the most frequent diver to be seen in the county. In the first winter period 1 was at Ginst Point on 1st January. Telpyn Point had 7 on the same date. At Penclacwydd 1 appeared on the estuary at high tide, and 7, presumably the birds recorded in January, were present at Telpyn Point again on 19th February. October yielded one report, with 1 at Cefn Sidan on 1st. 1 was on the Gwendraeth estuary, below the Carmarthen Bay Holiday Camp on 22nd December. Finally, on 23rd December, there was 1 at Pendine and 4 at Telpyn Point.

Only three records this year, compared with seven for 2001. 4/5 were seen at Telpyn Point on 6th January, followed by 2 there on 18th February. The third record was of 12 at Cefn Sidan on 10th October.

Reported from Burry Port Harbour January 2nd, Penclacwydd estuary January 27th, 7 Cefn Sidan April 8th and 2 Telpyn Point November 28th.

Three Telpyn Point January 31st, 2 Morfa Bychan February 2nd, single Telpyn Point February 15th and 2 Ragwen Point and a single Pendine September 18th.

Singles at several sites in Carmarthen Bay through both winter periods but 3 Pendine Beach Oct 4th and 10 at Telpyn Point December 19th were the exception.

All records as follows: Some could of course relate to the same birds. 2 Morfa Bychan January 25th, 2 Telpyn Point January 25th, 3 Pendine January 29th, 3 Salmon Scar March 12th, 3 Cefn Sidan April 16th & May 1st, Cefn Sidan September 11th, 4 Pendine October 7th, Pwll October 13th, 3 off Pembrey Country Park November 3rd, 3 Ginst Point November 18th, St.Ishmaels November 24th, Burry Port December 4th & 10th, 3 St.Ishmaels December 9th, 2 Pwll December 11th and a single Cefn Padrig December 20th.