Scientific: Loxia curvirostra

Cymraeg: Gylfin Groes

An irruptive species which has benefited from the planting of conifer forests. Breeding has occurred in the Pembrey and Crychan Forests, the Brechfa – Abergorlech area and elsewhere.

Pair present at Crugybar, March-May

Pair at Glanrannell Park Hotel, Crugybar, March-May, is the only breeding season record received, but breeding season may being in January 12, Pembrey Forest, 27 November; 7 on 30 December; 5 (3 male), Pembrey Country Park, 6 December; 7 Brechfa Forest, 2 December; 6, Crychan forest, 28 October.

Bred in Crychan Forest and possibly in vicinity of Blaen Wysg (Usk) Reservoir. Up to 20 regularly seen January/February in Brechfa area. Party of 17, Glanrannell, Crugybar, April. Also presumed breeding in Pembrey Forest, where recorded regularly, January-April Maximum 22 on 16 February. Late year maxa, 12, Crychan Forest, 27 October; 13, near Blaen Wysg Reservoir, 17 November.

Present, Pembrey Country Park, 9 February; 2 singing males, Crychan Forest, 2 March; 23, some in song, near Blaen Wysg Reservoir, 17 March; bred in forestry near Gwenffrwd Reserve. 1 bird, Pembrey Forest, 18 June. Late winter maxa, 5, Pembrey Forest, 28 August and 28 September and a flock of 36 on 15 October; 9, Mynydd Du, 15 October; 30+ Gelli Aur Country Park, 17 November.

Fewer breeding seasonsightings than usual, 2 pairs, Crychan Forest, 15 March; none noted at usual haunt near Blaen Wysg Reservoir; 1, Castle Woods, Llandeilo, 25 April; juvenile Stradey, Llanelli, 23 and 25 July; 1, Pembrey Forest, 26 June; 2, 23 July, flock of 32, 11 September 6, 2 November; 3 (2 male) Pembrey Country Park, 12 November, 4 (3 male), 8 and 23 December; 2, Ystradffin, 12 November.

33 (11 pairs and groups of 5 and 6) with males displaying, females carrying nesting materials, Pembrey Forest, 28 January males still singing, 11 April. Family parties of 4-8 regular, Glanrannell, Crugybar, April/May; 1/2 pairs bred Crychan and Tywi Forests. Male in song, Taliaris, 11 & 25 April.

Only one sighted at Pembrey Forest where regular until recently. Family party c8, Crugybar, several dates in April.

Notably scarcer, 3 Cwm Crychan, March 2 males on county boundary, Crychan Forest, 26 July, where no confirmatory breeding records; pair, Brechfa Forest, June; absent Pembrey Forest.

Mostly seen in family and larger parties late summer and autumn/winter but 2, near Blaen Wysg Reservoir, 14th; 1, Penbre Forest, 27 February and 28 March and thought to have bred, nant Rhyd Ivor valley. c.70, Pen Arthur Forest, near Pontarllechau, 30 July, an evident irruption. c.50, Crychan Forest, 30 September; c.35, Blaen Wysg Reservoir, 27 October.

Widely distributed through Llandovery Forest District. Singing at 4 separate sites at Cynghordy January all away from large coniferous plantations; 6 including juveniles Pembrey Forest 26th; c20 including juveniles Gelli Aur Country Park 28th; 25 Taliaris 30 April; 10 near Blaen Wysg Reservoir 31 May; 40 Pembrey Country Park 26 December.

A pair almost certainly bred amongst mature Scots Pines north of Cencoed Bach, Stradey Woods, where a male was seen courtship feeding a female and singing on 16th February

Up to 26 birds were regularly seen in Pembrey Forest from the New Year to 9th May. A group of 25 on 1st January included an individual with two wing bars. Also seen at Crychan Forest on 13th June. The only late year record was of 5 at Pembrey Forest on 15th November

The only spring record was of 1 in conifer plantations on Mynydd Llanybydder on 11th May. From early August to the end of the year there were 10 other sightings – from Taliaris; Rhandirmwyn; Cynnant, Cynghordy; Pembrey Forest; Foel (North-east of Ffarmers) and Llyn Llech Owain. The max recorded were c.20 in pines on Pembrey Mountain from October to December and 25 at Taliaris on 1st November; whilst 12 were at Llyn Llech Owain on 13th December.

A good number of records were submitted with the species present during the breeding season at Taliaris; Usk Reservoir; Pembrey Forest; Brechfa Forest; Penlifau and Crychan Forest; Felindre (Llanwrda), ; Llanllawddog; Cynghordy and Allt-y-Parc, Llansadwrn. Breeding was confirmed at Llanllawddog, where juveniles were heard calling parents on 26th April.

Bred at Usk Reservoir. The other records were a pair at Llyn Llech Owain on 13th March; 12 at the Sugar Loaf on 14th June; 2 near Cwm Duad on 20th July; 3 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 30th August, with 12 on 30th October and 10 at the Crychan Forest on 21st September.

In March there were 17 in the Crychan Forest on 3rd (BJ) and 2 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 24th. A pair was seen near Usk Reservoir on 2nd June. Autumn/winter records included 3 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 25th October; 2 at Llyn Llech Owain on 22nd November; up to 6 at Usk Reservoir from 1st December; 2 at Bethlehem on 26th and 10 at Cae’r Blaidd, Brechfa on 30th.

A pair bred successfully in the Crychan Forest below the Sugar Loaf. Other early winter records were of 3 at Usk Reservoir on 15th February, with 9 there and 2 at Rhydcymerau on 21st.

A series of summer records reflected an influx nationally. Records included 2 in a garden near Brechfa on 1st June, 3 near Rhydcymerau on 17th, 25 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 4th July, 6 in Pembrey Forest on 4th August and 50 at Cynnant, Cynghordy on 20th.

Good numbers were present in Pembrey Forest in autumn/early winter with monthly maxima of 11 on 22nd September, 34 on 28th October, 50 on 3rd November and 30 on 18th December. One at Penclacwydd on 5th November was the first record for the centre.

There were 19 at Pembrey Forest on 12th January, with 8 pairs noted there – singing and courtship feeding on the 27th January, where on the following day, 28 individuals were counted. Two were seen at Cynghordy on 25th January and 5 on 3rd February, 2 were seen at Rhydcymerau in March and June with 4 at the same site on 2nd July.

Records came from all the main forest blocks with the exception of Brechfa Forest, with the largest numbers most obvious in Pembrey Forestuary Adults and juveniles were noticed from August through to December commencing on 30th August when 1 juvenile and 6 adults were seen, with only 2 immatures noted in September but 32 at the Country Park pond on 30 October November saw flocks being registered at Pembrey Forest on 4 dates, (some at nearby Penybedd Wood with 13 here on the 12th); however, the best total was 30+ on the 27th. In December, the maximum number seen was 25+ on the 12th, with flocks also noted on 4 other dates including 2 groups of 10+ on the 4th and 14th. Elsewhere in the county, records came from the Usk Reservoir with 4 on 10th January, the Sugar Loaf area of the Crychan Forest where 2 pairs were recorded on 25th March and at Cynghordy on 2nd November when 3 were seen. The Caio Forest also had birds present in the breeding season.

Records from Pembrey Forest early in the year were of 43 on 20th February, 7 on 9th March and 11 on 28th April. The only other record was of 3 at Fwng Forest, Cynghordy on 26th November.

Recorded in late June and early July only, the records were: 2 or 3 at Gallt-y-gyrnig on 23rd June; 4 at Usk on 1st July; and 8 at Cwm y Rhaidr on 3rd July.

Breeding pairs were located below Sugar Loaf and south Crychan Forest.

Two January reports, 9 on 10th and 14 on 11th, both from Pembrey. A pair there on 4th March. Another breeding season report featured 2 females at Usk Reservoir on 4th May. A pair ‘…probably bred…’ south Crychan Forest. 3 were near Sugar Loaf on 22th’ July and 2 at Llyn Brianne on 28th August. Second winter period birds: a maximum of 36 at Usk Reservoir, on 9th November; 20 and 10 there on 17th and 1st December.

About 20 at Usk Reservoir on 5th January, 1 there on 24th. At Dorlan, Brechfa Forest, c25 on 5th March, smaller groups elsewhere in January & February. Birds calling at Usk Reservoir on 9th March and Cwm-y-Rhaiadr, Cilycwm on 23rd May. 2 at Pembrey Country Park on 9th November. 13 there on 28th December.

Four Pembrey Forest February 1st and 6 there March 26th. 14 near Usk Reservoir December 9th and 12 there December 28th.

8 Abergwili February 20th, up to 5 Usk Reservoir February 20th -26th, 6 Taliaris July 12th and 16 Pembrey Country Park November 19th. At the Crychan Forest 31 left the roost at 5am on July 14th and additionally 2 pairs at least were at Llyn Llech Owain December 4th.

Recorded regularly at significant forestry sites such as Cynghordy and Pembrey. Most groups were single figures but c100 were at Pembrey April 12th.

Regularly reported from upland conifer plantations and also at Pembrey Country Park. Evidence of potential breeding with birds singing was reported from Taliaris and Llyn Llech Owain. A male at Penclacwydd April 3rd & 4th was well away from normal habitat.