Scientific: Fulica atra

Cymraeg: Cwtiar

Resident breeder and winter visitor. Requiring larger water bodies than the Moorhen, the Coot is consequently more restricted in its distribution.

Early year maxa, 200, Dinefwr Ponds, 6 January; 96, Dryslwyn, 16 January; 40, Talley, 25 January; 20 Bishop’s Pond, 18 February Late year, 90, Dinefwr, 28 November; 50, Talley, 12 December; 28, Lliedi Reservoirs, 14 November

Late year maxa, 150, Dinefwr Ponds, 20 November, peaking at 170, 29 December; 160, Witchett Pool, 18 December.

Breeding was adversely affected by dry summer. 2 pairs successively failed at Pwll Gwaith, Castle Woods, Llandeilo. None seen, Witchett 13 August. Maxa at wintering localities, 160, Witchett Pool, 15 January; 120 Dryslwyn, 26 January; 56, Talley, 15 January. 18, Lliedi Reservoir, 15 January & 12 February; 29, Llyn Pencarreg, 24 February; 35, Blaen Wysg (Usk), 17 November; 120, Dinefwr Ponds, 28 December.

131, Dinefwr Ponds, 2 January; 56, Dryslwyn, 26 January; 25 Talley, 27 December; 19 Blaen Wysg, 12 October, .

Breeding on suitable waters. Winter maxa c100, Dinefwr Ponds, 26 January 85 on 8 February; 24, Blaen Wysg Reservoir, 11 January; 26 Pownd Twym (Old Castle Pond), Llanelli, 3 January; 18, Dryslwyn; 12, Talley, 12 January.

Breeding on suitable inland waters. Winter maxa, 32 River Tywi, Dryslwyn, 17 January; 53 Witchett Pool, 15 March c40 December; 14, Talley, 20 March c30, 31 December; 15, Lliedi Reservoir, 15 February; 35 Dinefwr Ponds, 3 January 58, 27 August.

Nesting on suitable waters. Early year maxa 30+ Dinefwr Ponds, River Tywi, Dryslwyn, Talley, January; 100+ Witchett Pool, 17 February. Late year, c60 Talley 23 October, c70 15 December; 54, Dinefwr Ponds, 8 December.

Winter maxa, 166 Witchett Pool, November; 154 Talley, December, 50+ Llyn Pencarreg, December, and Dinefwr Ponds, February.

Winter maxa c.80, Dinefwr Ponds, 14 January 78 Talley, 25 February. c.60 Llyn Pencarreg, 18. c.90 Witchett Pool, December.

Winter maxa, 90 Witchett Pool January 95 December; 83 Penclacwydd January 58 December; 37 Talley January 55 December.

In the breeding season there were 5 pairs at Machynys Pond on 9th May.

First winter records included Witchett Pool: 73 on 7th Jan, Talley Lakes: 24 on 17th February.

Second winter records were Dinefwr Ponds: 49 on 28th October, Llyn Taliaris: 8 on 30th October, Talley Lakes: 27 on 20th November falling to 11 on 22nd December and Witchett Pool: 83 on 27th October.

The highest count of 143 in December at Penclacwydd followed a cold weather influx from Machynys Pond where there was a maximum count of 92 in September.

No counts were received from Bishop’s Pond, Abergwili, and although a satisfactory number of records are given above, more information is required on the number of breeding pairs at these – and other – sites.

The breeding population of Penclacwydd was estimated as around 10 pairs, at least 5 pairs bred at Machynys Pond and 6 pairs raised only 6 young at Sandy Water Park/Old Castle Pond Coots were known to have bred at the Witchett Pool, though no estimate was made. One pair bred at Bevan’s Pond, Cydweli .A minimum of 1 pair was noted on the North Talley Lake on 11 May and a pair with one juvenile was present on Llyn Taliaris on 10th August Two pairs nested on Kymer’s Canal Pond, Cydweli.

At Machynys Pond, an influx was noted in July, possibly of failed breeders from other local sites, whilst the freezing-over of most of this pond in late November resulted in a temporary reduction to 75 birds, with birds possibly utilising the non-frozen main lagoon at nearby Penclacwydd, with which there is probably a regular interchange of birds. Considering the oligotrophic status and deep profile of the site, Llyn Pencarreg supported a substantial number (81) in December. Ashpits Pond, Burry Port, once an important wintering site for Coot, has now deteriorated due to reed invasion.

It would be useful to receive more breeding season counts and data from recently-uncounted sites e.g. Bishop’s Pond, Tywi valley, fish farms etc.

Monthly maximums were: Dinefwr ponds 77 in November and December, Kymer’s Country Park 19 in September, Llyn Pencarreg 81 in December, Machynys 107 in December (106 in October & 104 in November), Penclacwydd 143 in January, Sandy Water Park 93 in January, Talley Lakes 56 in October and 95 at Witchett Pool in January.

Bred at Ashpits Pond (1 pair); Danfforddgaer (1 pair); Llanarthne (1 pair), Old Castle Pond (4 pairs); Bevan’s Pond (1 pair), Kymer’s Canal Pond; Dinefwr Ponds and probably at a new site near Pentre Parr.

The only other counts received were 20 at Usk Reservoir on 7th January and 90 at Llyn Pencarreg on 24th January.

Monthly maximums were Dinefwr Ponds 70 in December, Kymer’s Country Park 5 in November and December, Machynys 150 in October (146 in November and 137 in December), Penclacwydd 67 in November, Sandy Water Park 60 in October and November, Talley Lakes 65 in November and 36 in November at Witchett Pool.

Breeding was noted at the following sites: Penclacwydd (at least 12 pairs); Danfforddgaer (3 pairs -1 successful); Llwyndrissi (4 pairs); Talley (at least 4 pairs); Dinefwr Ponds (6 pairs, but only 2 young); Bishops Pond (2 pairs); Castle Woods (2 pairs – failed); Old Castle Pond; Kymer’s Canal Pond and Machynys Pond. Single pairs bred at Llanarthne; Capel Dewi; Maesydderwen Pond; Dryslwyn fish pond; Taliaris Lake; Pentre Parr (failed); and Ashpits Pond.

Monthly maximums were Machynys 104 in November (103 in January), Penclacwydd 112 in December, Sandy Water Park 36 in January and 37 in January and October at Witchett Pool.

At Penclacwydd at least 19 pairs bred. Also bred at Witchett Pool (7 pairs), Kymer’s Canal Pond (2 pairs – 8 young), Bevan’s Pond (1 pair – 7 young), Ashpits Pond (2 pairs), Old Castle Pond, Machynys Pond and Dryslwyn Fish Pond. See also pages 42 – 47.

Monthly maximums were Dinefwr Ponds 50 in January, Llyn Pencarreg 28 in November, Machynys 102 in September, Penclacwydd 207 in December, Sandy Water Park 91 in January, Talley Lakes 33 in December and 62 in October at Witchett Pool.

At least 15 pairs bred at Penclacwydd, but only 5 pairs were successful. Also bred at Llyn Taliaris (3 pairs), Witchett Pool, Dafen Pond (1 pair), Old Castle Pond, Machynys Pond (8 pairs), and Garnffrwd (2 pairs).

Monthly maximums were Machynys 78 in August, Penclacwydd 210 in January, Sandy Water Park 190 in October (170 in November) and 24 in December at Witchett Pool.

At least 2+ broods were noted at Machynys Pond on 26th July, there were single pairs at Llyn Pencarreg (2 young) and Bevan’s Pond, 2 pairs at Kymer’s Canal Pond (with at least 4 young) and 3 pairs with young at the Ashpits Pond.

Monthly maximums were Llyn Pencarreg 29 in December, Machynys 48 in July, Penclacwydd 112 in February, Sandy Water Park 98 in January and 21 in December at Talley Lakes.

At least 5 pairs bred at Old Castle Pond and 1 pair at Glan Tywi, Llanarthne.

Monthly maximums were 101 at Penclacwydd in February and 201 in September at Sandy Water Park.

Breeding records were received from Ashpits Pond, Sandy Water Park and Machynys Pond.

The only other counts were of between 90 -102 at the Ashpits Pond in the early winter period and of up to 30 at Witchett Pool in the second winter period.

Monthly maximums of Machynys 32 in October, Penclacwydd 105 in September (104 in December) and 309 in September at Sandy Water Park.

Apart from the regular counts, 42 at Dinefwr Ponds on 3rd February was the highest first winter period total. At Sandy Water Park there were 84 on 15th August. Ashpits Pond held 150 on 3rd November and there were 36 at Penrhyngwyn Pond on November 23rd.

At Penclacwydd 17 pairs bred in the Millennium Wetland.

Monthly maximums of 15 in January at Machynys, 188 in January at Penclacwydd and 165 in September at Sandy Water Park.

The earliest reports were not until the breeding season, on 1st June, when a pair were at the north Golf Course Lake; 2 pairs and young at Machynys Pond and 3 pair and young at Ashpits Pond. A pair with young was at Penrhyngwyn Pond on 21st July. Highest count came from Sandy Water Park: 87 on 5th July. 74 were at Penrhyngwyn Pond on 6th October. The only report from elsewhere came from Llyn Pencarreg. with 47 on 19th December.

At Penclacwydd at least 17 pairs bred in the Millennium Wetland, the monthly maximum there was 147 in September and 147 in August in Sandy Water Park.

One first winter period count, of 43 at Llyn Pencarreg on 6th February. Breeding confirmed at Dafen Pond on 8th May, when a pair and 4 young seen. 6 pair at the National Botanic Garden of Wales on 11th May; 2 pair at Penrhyngwyn Pond on 12th May and 3 pair at Ashpits Pond on 29th May. There was a maximum at Ashpits Pond of 132 on 23rd November and 77 were counted at Sandy Water Park on the same day, Penclacwydd had a maximum of 132 in January.

Five families at Ashpits Pond in June and 16 pairs at Penclacwydd. Elsewhere 10 pairs found at 6 sites. At Penclacwydd counts reached 80 in January, 83 in November and 92 in December

At least 12 pairs bred at Penclacwydd, a pair fledged 4 young at Kidwelly May 15th and a pair fledged a single young at Dinefwr in August. Sandy Water Park produced counts of 87 January 5th and 97 November 30th.

20 at Dinefwr Ponds was the only record from the Tywi whilst at Penclacwydd there were 57 January 15th, 63 February 15th, 62 November 15th and 67 December 15th.

8 pairs nested at Penclacwydd. An impressive gathering of 93 Sandy Water Park December 29th.