Scientific: Buteo buteo

Cymraeg: Boda

Resident. Probably the most common breeding raptor, occurring throughout the county.

Widespread reports. 15 nesting pairs known even in the Boda industrialised belt, Llangennech-Burry Port. 1 with jesses, Pembrey Burrows, 5 December.

British Trust for Ornithology Buzzard Survey, 1983, results show ample population throughout county. 31, counted soaring Carmarthen – Abernant area in 3 hour period, 20 April. Poor breeding season in general. A nest on Dinas Reserve, was struck by lightning, female and young killed.

Widespread, 15 simultaneously, near Llandovery, 7 September.

Widely reported, 10 Dryslwyn-Dinefwr, 8 February 2 nests within 300 metres of each other Gwenffrwd Reserve appeared to have raised only single chicks; one very pale, almost white, Pembrey Forest 16 & 20 February; 1, with orange tag on 1 wing, Porthyrhyd (Llanwrda), 8 March.

Widely recorded. Individual with orange tag on left wing still present Porthyrhyd, Llanwrda, 30 March. 1 with jesses, Pembrey Airfield, 29 October.

Individual with orange tag on left wing, Porthyrhyd (Llanwrda), first seen 08/03/1986 still around, 13 February.

Unusually numerous aggregations, late September/early October, ground-feeding, possibly on earthworms in a field or adjoining fields: – up to 30 near Llanybri; 25-36 in a recent-sown field (with 2/3 Herons) near Maenor Deilo; c15 near Gwynfe. A light-coloured individual, with jesses, Dryslwyn, December.

1 with jesses, Dryslywn, January-July.

Aggregations of up to 30 regularly fed in a field near Brook, Pendine October-December. many were very pale in colour, probably imms.

Records from Brook Farm, Pendine, where a group of birds had been feeding regularly on a ploughed field since October 1991 were; 24 on 1st January and 15 on 8th February.

Notable aggregations were: 25 at Llanybydder on 24th February; 6 at Penclacwydd in April and again in November; 9 at Llanybydder on 19th October andon the same day 22 at Aberarad.

The only notable count was at Llwynjack, Llandovery on 19th October when 13 were feeding in a newly reseeded field.

At least 30 were seen over the roost site at Rhydybont, Llanybydder on18th January.

Notable flocks were; 22 at Rhydybont, Llanybydder on 19th January and 13 at Taliaris on 30th March. On the 21st July a bird was seen to take and fly off with a snake at Tywyn Burrows.

The only notable gathering was of 10 on a field at Traveller’s Rest on12th April.

Spring records of groups of soaring birds emphasise how Common Buzzards are in much of the county. Groups of 7, 6 and 8 were seen in Taliaris in a three-week period from 17th March. Eight were at Llangadog on 5th April and 10 at Garreg Lwyd on 24th April The one autumn gathering was of 17 at Cwm Hiraeth on 7th September.

There were no records of large autumn aggregations. However, 12 were seen over Cothi Bridge on 28th March; 8 at Pwllau, Taliaris on 16th April, and 9 in a field near Goetre Wen on 5th May. 1 was seen taking frogs from a garden pond on 22th January. Maximum of four at Penclacwydd in April, two most other months.

8 was the largest number, at Pwllau, Taliaris on 5th March. A pair displayed at Pumpsaint on the 25th: ‘… at one stage they interlocked talons and spun for about 3-5 seconds
as they fell towards forest…”. A pair bred in hedgerow at Cwm Clyd Farm, Myddfai, noted on 15th April. 3 were pursued by House Martins at Ffosddu on 15th July.

Bred for the first time in the Millennium Wetlands, Penclacwydd: 2 young fledged. Maximum of four seen at Penclacwydd in August and September.

9 at Cilsan on 3d March; 5 Bancyffordd on l2th: said to have attacked a cyclist, between Talley and Llansadwrn on 28th May and remarkably. 80+ in a field beneath Paxton’s Tower on 3rd November.

There is an article on ‘Exceptionally aggressive Buzzards in North Wales’ by Julian Driver, in Welsh Birds, Vol 4 No.1 2004.

Two seen all months at Penclacwydd except July when only one was seen.

Twelve together at Forge Quarry, Cynwyl Elfed May 3rd and 8 Banc y Felin November 17th.

Many reports received from all over the county.